Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Am worried for my CG members, somehow, like the rest of us, all bogged down with school work. Today only 1 freshie turned up, though it (still) was a good time of learning together, and wrestling with the text...not too sure abt my ability to manage team dynamics though, hmmm...

The solution to my worry? Pray...
(somewhere in Philippians I think)

Still thinking through about music min in church, and also my church, and now also where some of our (or my own, whichever you call it) beliefs come from...think my 68000 processor cmi liao, anyone got a 8086 to spare?)

Friday, August 27, 2004

My comp is dead... but, I still thank God

My comp got "killed" by me yesterday night, so much for my itchy-backside in trying to patch Windows with the WRONG release of SP2!

But even so, thank God, because it presented the chance to talk to my roomie and to get to know him a little bit more by talking. Ended up sleeping at 3am (FAR later than I originally intended to!), but if it takes this much for me to do what is needed, then by all means, till I rid myself of my over-reliance on my computer, may my comp "die" everyday!

Only thing now, is that I have my comp (in the morgue) and Ian (in the ICU) to take care of now, hope that I get the time to tend to them along the way...

Having people jio'ing you to have meals together, and talk, etc, just makes my day, don't ask me why, but it does. Was grinning away like an idiot (when I was in JP yesterday night finding a present for Gao Jun) when S jio'ed for lunch. Though a seemingly simple thing lunching with them (with HQ), but it's definitely something I look forward to: the talking over meals, the company =)

HQ shared, today after thinking of BS questions for the next CG, about the happenings when TYC challenged someone else, in reading and understanding the word. Am greatly encouraged by his faith, and HQ's faith too. Have a lot to learn...

Went for CG (HOPE's) today, at Christina's place: turnout was good, even with some pple not being able to join us today. Had one newcomer, June, (Shannon couldn't join us today) and the sharing and updating then was good, good for planning, and thinking through.

Tomorrow we celebrate Gao Jun's birthday. Though he's not a christian like the rest of the PRCs, but he's just as important as everybody else: to get to know, and to share our lives here on earth, whilst giving them the thing that everybody NEEDS for sure: the gospel.

What with Tree's grandma's rebirth, the encouragement by fellow brothers' and sisters' faith in Christ, being of the the same mind in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the roomie's comp that he's so graciously let me use also even, and many other things that I can't remember offhand now, even though we're still stretched like mad for time, how not to thank God?

The weekend draws near (it's here already actually), my friend's getting baptised this sunday, and my family's meeting my bro's fiance's family for dim sum: the busy life(style), won't be ending within these two days for sure

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

The forgetful one

Forget forget forget...

Thank God, if not for Charmain's asking (and prodding), I'd never have remembered, and started to whack up about the Fun Day planning!

Something needs to be done about this super bad memory that I have

Went for the Teacher's Aide programme briefing at A*Star building beside MOE today, to see what's it about. And surprisingly, saw Mel there too. But pity, I didn't get to talk to her..


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"You can blame NASA for the peculiar weather"

Cheboygan Tribune: You can blame NASA for the peculiar weather

I dunno what to think of this man...

There's something...weird...

I think I...I...I...

I think...I'm having a crush? lol..not the time to even think abt pursuing this one even.

Crap..study! =S

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Taiwan to produce a new type of memory storage device

Wah....2TB of storage, in a SD sized card....


"Hi, I'm from NTU Christian Fellowship, and I'm here to let you know about the series of supper talks that we're having on sunday evenings..."
Distributed flyers again today, this time at hall 4, after our (really) short CG (just shared, due to timing constraints).

Talked/quarrelled/tried to reason with/debated/whichever it was(but not known to me) with X today: it saddens me, really.

The irony of it all...one side easy, but busy, whereas the other area, not easy at all, but not that much time that can be committed to it, and the people, per se.

Monday, August 23, 2004


This morning's sermon was from Phillipians, on the topic of unity in Christ, in the church. Am really glad, to see Pastor Kay Leong preaching faithfully, being true to the Word, and edifying the church. =)

Have been challenged personally, about the status of the church being united, in Christ, as there certainly are people I don't treat in a proper manner, as much as I somehow would like to, but don't anyway...it's like having the relationship with your parents, whether you like it or not, whether you're hating this moment, or loving them the next, they're still your parents, and likewise, these people are my/our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Have had a short hanging out session at Olio Bishan after celebrating Chik Liang's bday over lunch @ Swensons. And the second half of the time we spent there, discussed/debated/tried to convince (dunno how to desc.) about some things which I really had hoped for them to come to understand, but...regret is that have forgotten to, or stopped short of, challenging them (those who went to Olio) to read the bible properly for themselves, that hopefully someday, the points I've made, would not remain as my arguments only, but what we can learn from His Word (what I've been convicted of as I learn too).

Meanwhile as I think/rethink about things, regarding my church (yet again), time to continue thrashing it out about the unity issue I have.

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Finally cleaned up my room, along with my roomie, and yeah, more (cleaning sessions) to come in the future. Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Intro to God's love

Another reason why I want to be a taxi driver in the future: Can share the gospel =)

Took a lift from Dandan out from school today, to go Jurong Point, on my way to Suntec (the Rock). The thought about giving others a lift, since we have space, and it's raining, and it's peak hour (meaning most of the buses that come past are FULL), and of course, good chance to share the gospel, if not enc others with it, and to get to know pple even =)

Well, we picked up 3 pple from hall 4 bus stop, 2 ladies from NIE, PGDE, and 1 guy from MPE, final yr. Two were christians from FCBC, the other non-christian. Managed to talk to them a bit more, as I took the train out from Boon Lay...hope to be able to invite them to supper talks or smth sometime..Well, one thing for sure, it certainly can be pulled off =P Just have to refine the response and reactions I think.

Went to the Rock (New Creation Church) today, supposed to be a bible study, sermon style, but i think it's more of a sermon =P No more of "prosperity gospel" thingy, cos of the blatant declaration of it NOT being a prosperity gospel preaching (by the preacher), amongst other declarations along the way (think there've been a lot of feedback about those "rumours" about them...hence such declarations). As a sermon, was pretty fundamental, but good(it's still the gospel wat), though the jumping from hebrews to other passages (even proverbs!) confused me quite a bit, counting his speed, and his adding in of examples, which sometimes, the phrasing is a little lame =). But as a bible study....I think it was not that... -_-::

One thing pretty worrying thou..the congregation laughs at ALL the preacher's jokes (lame or not), even when they're really not funny! Think it's sort of a conditioned response, well, at least from counting that the lady sitting beside me says "amen!" and "ummm!" (yes) every half a sentence or so of his, even when he hasn't ended/concluded his point! And of course, she laughs (along with some others) when his tone changes when he's trying to make a joke, before he even completes it (good for keeping pple alert, but sometimes threw my weak mind off track =P)!!!

That, makes me worried, and sad, cos it suspiciously looks like a very ready ground for a me-centered gospel...but that doesn't stop me from praying for them, as well as my dear BASIC that I went with too

Friday, August 20, 2004

1 thought, 1 plan, 1 christian

What's the definition of a christian to the rest of the world? Someone "holy"? Or what?
One thing for sure, a christian, is still human, like the rest of us all, for now. The difference then? Ask me, I'll gladly tell you ;)

Had planned out my days on my way back to school from church music prac today, and yeah, intend to follow =P Those who wanna "help" me keep to it if no changes, thanks in advance lol~~ (Stalkers and wannabe-stalkers need not apply, if they exist in the first place for my case... -_-:: )

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Scared to see girls cry

That's the thing that I really don't like to see, as real as the reality is...somehow it makes me feel terrible...

Yesterday was a day of MANY things: Did the BS qns for the next CG with Huiqing, met Kelvin (from ACJC, another case of extended friendster) on my way back, distributed flyers, etc

Seems like a lot of seniors in CF are very very stressed....think I'm starting to understand why...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Time mgmt

So many things to be done...and so little time seemingly...Or am I not managing my time properly? Seems so, so far...Pray that will be able to somehow get my time planning in check, before my studies start into a downward spiral, and my plans for campus ministry...

Have had our Corporate Meeting today, along with CGLG3. The turnout was okay, but could've been more, since the more that come, the more that will hear the gospel being preached, and to encourage each other in the faith too...from talking with Derrick, realised that there's so much more to be done...

Have to start getting my timings right asap...one of the reasons being that it's not good to be led by the nose (literally) through the CGLGs from lack of studying the passage beforehand, though will go thru after that, but understanding could've been sharper as a result of proper preparation beforehand...not only for my own good, but also for the people around me, and for my CG members too.

Our prev-prev chairman dropped by today, super surprised, though didn't get to talk to him much...and went for a run with Guofeng and Derrick before we dropped by Grace's place for supper (super late), and ended up gg back hall at 1.30am: another instance where good time mgmt could've resulted in a bit more work done before we ran, and fellowshipped over supper (just crapped there most of the time). Big crowd in a small room: Wong Yongjie, Ann, Grace, Charmain, Guofeng, Derrick and myself

In hoping to do things for the sake of the gospel, I certainly hope that I'll be able to manage all these things, and be a good steward of the 24/7 that I/we all have for starters (anyone wanna teach me how to plan?? =D )

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

First CG!

Have had a long day....but it was good =)

Had our first CG today, first time really leading a CG today, wasn't as stress as I thought, but seeing the freshies, and doing the bible study, made me realise all the more, the importance of passing on the gospel in it's wholeness to people too even..

The gospel, is for all, why so?
Non-christian: for their salvation
Christian: for edifying them

There's work to be done, and for tonight, preparatons for my lab =S

PS: Do check out the new CW section on the sidebar! Share share =)

Monday, August 16, 2004

3 days, 1 chalet

Had our CG, house church gatherings including a bbq, at a chalet that we've gotten, on friday, saturday evening, and even on sunday.

Not very sure what I think about all these, but it's certainly been a very weird three days, eating too much snacks (and drinking like 7-8 cans of coke in that span of time I think), hanging out, playing card games, bowling, and just chatting.

Today was bad, frisbee got cancelled (sian), it rained (cold), did NOTHING productive, though I'd have wanted to go back to revise my work, but ended up not having the discipline/whatever-you-call-it not to join them for the last part(idiot), where I coudld've gone back earlier, and got irritated with no end in sight, since not too sure when(irritated), to top it all off.

I don't know what to think of all these, have certainly hoped to be able to interact with the rest more properly on all 3 days, instead of bumming around until everyone has nothing much better to do which happened one or two times.

The new week starts, and it's time to move on to pia'ing my backlog of work, and on things happening on in school, though I pray that I won't fall sick from all that "junk" ;P

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Weekend! ^^ Relax...?

Looking around school on a Saturday afternoon, somehow relaxes me, not seeing people here and there scurrying around, and the crowds too.

But am reminded that as we all have more things to prepare for, and do, I can only continue to thrash out my time management, whilst continuing to do my work, and to continue what we've all been called to here on this planet: proclaim the gospel in whichever ways that are wise, and worthy of the gospel.

Pity cannot go for Alex's bday dinner celebration tonight, got house church gathering overnight at SAFRA resort there, but hope to be able to encourage the pple there in the faith, if not correct some misconceptions, when the opportunity arises.

My room-mate's somehow skipping lectures a bit to casually nowadays, with work to be done and all, am worried for him, and am praying for his salvation: not to add numbers to whichever organisation or to my ego even, but in accordance to His will and timings, that he be saved.

Weekend's here! I wanna studyyyyy.....

Friday, August 13, 2004

The tired post(er)

S***..shouldn't have said what I did...baaaad move, even if it's made with right motives

Now I suffer the consequences, and suffer~~


Had our hall polling this evening, and helped out as a general helper, tallying the votes, etc. Quite an interesting experience..having missed it last year...and the atmosphere there was of anticipation, though not bursting with it or what.

Still, standing for 2 hrs odd was certainly something I've not done in a long while, since army? lol

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Moments of boliao

Just being boliao. Sharing one of the shots from my image store. No description needed, just an insight into the context of this picture: Insecticide is harmful to insects Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Romans, my ACGL, and Lindy Hopping

Starting my (very first attempt at) reading and study of the entire letter of Romans, has me entirely convinced that 1) the NIV version is of terrible help when it comes to understanding Romans, and 2) (yet again) I'm convinced that I have a LOT of practise to do when it comes to understanding bible passages in context, thank God for the understanding which comes from the HS, not any other means, else I confirm gone case one.

Had our our very first Corporate Meeting yesterday, along with the second CGLG (Care Group Leaders' Gathering) yesterday (had to miss Princess' bday dinner...sorry!!!), where we studied the second passage of Romans together. It was good, the turnout (initially), and that's counting the fact that we haven't gotten all the freshies to come down yet. The CGLG was stress like the first, with the attempt at doing an in-depth study on the second passage (1:18-32), with us either not having prepared in advance (like myself, haven't prep yet), or simply not understanding it yet. Was a little discouraging actually, but must press on, to adapt to the timings change and lifestyle change too, to make time to read and study the passages for myself.

Met up with HQ (my co-leader, or ACGL in the CG) today @ IMM to "revise" on the first passage, and to prepare the questions for the BS along with other details. Have to say I'm really encouraged, both because of the study of the word, and also by HQ's ability to grasp the points REALLY fast, thank God.. =) Think GF's correct abt her on this pt.. Well, pray that the first CG will be fruitful too even.

The first Lindy Hop class today was fun, though stress. =D Got to meet quite a number of pple in there though, so that's good.

PS: Don't think I wanna rake up old fiasco's again, but if for some reason anyone REALLY want's to know what I mean by silent reader, just ask me. If not, no pt continuing with it. And adrian, thanks for letting me know that you're ard =) Hope to be able to talk to you in person sometime soon

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Many many things

Many many things happened over the weekend:

Some friends got sad
Some friends got happy
Some people suaned me (as usual eh)
Some people shared
A dear brother flew off
We watched fireworks, with cursing @ the cars that drove past where we were standing =D
We celebrated a friend's birthday
Things were discussed
All need to be committed in prayer
Am concerned about those who're undergoing massive change in life
My network pt's disabled, or spoilt, somehow
My roomie's nice enough to lend me his port for tonight =) Thanks!
Have a lot of things to think about for tonight
I'm afraid of letting my emotions getting in the way of my plans

More details/stuff (yes, just stuff) prob in my next post, need to work =)

PS: Anodyn3, yes I know you're reading, and I dun mind, somehow

Saturday, August 07, 2004

The missing post

Here's the post I had when the network was down yesterday:


Had a farewell dinner gathering for A at Marina South today, and even though it was a small group that managed to turn up, had a good time of fellowship there, and also getting to know the rest a little bit more, though I realised that I know them even far less than I thought after this! Some of the things mentioned, very confusing I must say.

Was very very shocked to find out who one of my "silent readers" are, not those that read and don't leave a trace, but those I didn't even know are reading this blog. Not to say that I mind them reading (it's online for everyone to find anyways), but it certainly would've been better (or would it be more accurate to say polite even? Dunno) if I knew somehow who's reading, even if they stumbled upon it by accident, or by the links, etc and are reading around as a result..

Just a small note to those whom I know are reading, and are intending to link to this page, pls ask me first!! =) Common courtesy... But for those whom have already asked me before, no need to ask lah

Another week has passed just like that, and it still feels like it's week 1 only (though it's the end of the 2nd week) somehow, guess time flies...when you're busy

Was talking to y about some things too; dealing with massive life changes, is never easy, and somehow, each and every one of us has our own sad stories in a way to tell. I can only pray for those whom are gg through tough patches at the moment, and hope that even in their circumstances, the good that can come out from this, will be made aware of, and be a learning opportunity, of not only something practical so to speak, but of our God's goodness in everything too.

Too many things to think about, and too little sleep last night..ZzzZzz


Is the thing I can only sense after our SC203 lectures. Have a LOT of reading up to do 8-S

Network was down the whole of yesterday at my hall, hence couldn't do anything much. Prob will post up the post I typed last night at another time.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Welcome Tea

Had a looooOOOooOoOng day...

The four hours straight of tutorial at 8.30 to 12.30 in the morning nearly spelt death for me (in terms of fighting the Z-monster), have to sleep earlier next time liao.

Had our CF Welcome Tea today, had to say that Yongjie and Shaun did quite a good job, in planning and executing the thing properly, along with the rest from the other sections too, even though I believe they had to adapt to some changes along the way I guess.

Somehow, got to change my CG to mondays, even though no one could take over on Wednesdays. Was initially sort of resigned to it, since in those circumstances, not changing would be wise, and better, but when we met the freshies in our groups, for one, all could have it on Mondays, and also that one freshie couldn't make it on Wednesdays too, so changed.

Now that have changed the CGs to Mondays, will be joining Lindy Hop to learn, amongst my other reasons, and I pray that my time there, will not go to waste, counting my reasons/objectives..

Got reminded why I should be taking photos at such events, thanks Ehlana. Didn't take much today, somehow felt odd at doing such things..pity..but next time...

Am looking forward to leading the new CG this year with Huiqing, and learning/growing together.

PS: Thanks to the person who posted the link to google search on sweaty palms, whoever you are =)

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The self-conscious

Had a boring day, spent most of the day myself, other than helping my friend out in the morning.

Went for the Welcome Tea for it today, thanks to Ferg and Grace who "encouraged" me to go.

Really enjoyed myelf there, and the prospect of learning smth new, whilst getting to know more people, made me really want to join; only thing was that am still unable to make it on wednesday evenings, which basically meant that I couldn't join.

A bit sian'ed in the morn, but in any case, have to leave it up to God, whether I get to change my CG days in any case.

The problem of my ultra bad sweaty palms, continued to make me really self conscious of it, and it doesn't help when it worsens when I'm aware of it: dancing really challenged me in a way, but I've a feeling that if I continue in this, prob I may come to terms with it, provided I don't scare people away with it first! =D (btw, my keyboard's half wet now, that's how bad it gets)

Pics uploaded

More (recent) pics uploaded in the gallery, do take a look! And comment! =D

See if can upload movie clips taken during our supper, a few crap ones..

Had or CGLG today, looks like it's not gg to be an easy task leading the bible study on Romans...a lot of reading up to do..

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Happy Bday!!!

Happy Twenty-_____ (censored) Birthday Sook Ming! Posted by Hello

Celebrated Sook Ming's birthday today with a simple dinner with the rest, and had a good time talking and crapping with the rest =)  Wanted to also talk to the rest at the other side of the table, but no chance, oh well, guess that's the bad part of long tables.

One shocker (to me) came as we were settling the bills, that somehow we ended up calculating exactly how much each paying person had to pay, which totally astounded me: it's super mar fan based on the way we had to calculate, and the difference we paid came up to a few bucks at the most, which I cannot understand why so nitty-gritty with money?  For one, there've been a lot of people serving others around us, which cost them money in a way, and even (if) they do it to bless others, I guess that's one of the ways we can help/bless them back too what...isn't it?

Then again, I dunno the full circumstances under which this occurred (we were talking before we realised that this was happening) and the context anyways, so this is only from my viewpoint lah.

Had the meeting in the late afternoon to settle the CF website details, hopefully we won't have to go through even more unprecedented headaches (partially caused by my lack of foresight/planning)...but certainly I'm learning a lot more here than I can ever imagine~

Monday, August 02, 2004

It's OK to boil your memory card: official | The Register

It's OK to boil your memory card: official | The Register

"The BBC report does not say why the staff at DCS felt the need to abuse defenceless memory cards in this brutal fashion, but we say it is a job well done."

What do you get when you get a group of guys "testing" out the durability of memory cards that we have today? The confirmation that your 6 yr old brother can never destroy your precious photos by "accident" anymore! =D Certainly a must-read for both the technically uninclined, and the techie!

The happenings

Picture of my (corner of my)  room, due to a request, more to come along soon Posted by Hello

Been quite a bit of time since I blogged, so many things has happened, but dunno whether I'd want to kill people with a 3-page post or not...Well...think I'll post as much as I can rememeber lah. =P

School's started, and with the first week, of lectures only so far, things have gotten along with a slow and manageable pace so far, but the (very high) possibility of things building up in proportion to HUGE amounts of responsibilities and time spent looms, with studies (which I'd REALLY wanna be conscientious from this semester on), Christian Fellowship (am already in the exco, and in the pipeline comes up the possibility of more things to do, and also to continue to learn too, which I want lah of course!), church, and even hall/school activities (need to earn more pts to stay in hall without too much of a hitch for next yr, and also to get to know more people around);  all these with the "resolution" to get to know Ferg and XZ more, prob by spending time together, and talking to them too (I know they read this blog, but it's true what =P )

Helped out at the ECA fair that we had last Thursday and Friday, been good serving in the partnership under Christ, together with the other brothers and sisters: trying to talk to people there at the fair.  Saw quite a lot of old friends there (as usual), and also some other performances.  Btw, got pulled to go for the Lindy Hop welcome tea this wednesday...but...but...I can't dance!!!

Got lifts by Will and G's parents back to hall on diff occasions, damn paiseh...but grateful too.  Paiseh, cos I don't really like the prospect of relying on others for transport to and fro, especially to NTU lor...but yes, I'm grateful, really =)

The Alpha course conducted by my church, has finally ended, and have certainly learnt some things from it, though not as a direct consequence of this course...there's more things to think abt, and see how I can react, that it'll help others ard me too, but it's hard, for many many reasons, but heck, guess bo pian but to keep trying.

Thanks to those (whom I know) who've been reading (contantly or not) this blog, am honoured to share my thoughts with you guys, since I usually act/behave crappy outside, but hope you guys do share your lives/thoughts/whatever-you-call-it somehow too =P

Have to be careful how I act/react towards people, lest misunderstandings occur, and the process for rectifying such things, usually aren't pretty =

It's 1.30 am, and I'm an engineer (in training), hence my incongruent language here, and yes, after hanging up my clothes (which somehow the washing machine has been washing for the past 2 hours), I shall go to sleep, and start to face the week which promises so many things to do, yet with the promise of things which I wish to do too =P  Have a great wk guys