Tuesday, December 30, 2003


feeling very tired out for now, but just a short blog abt things?

got a digicam (thanks to my mum!)...trying out for now still, but some of my shots still a bit fuzzy when i take, but will con't to practise?

have been going for IBS (Inductive Bible Study)course, conducted by the FES, for the past few days, very very good course, but will need more practise on the things taught. Really thank God for the opportunity to be able to learn abt things in such a way too man. Thing is that have not been able to get enough erst somehow, so very tired..

a dear friend's in need again, or conflict, or whatever, not sure what's the thing's that really wrong. thing is that i'm already starting to be at my wit's end, not knowing how to help other than pray liao...damn tired liao...but y am i still doing this? in love as He commanded? or what? i dunno liao...really really dunno liao what to do, except for, yes, pray

my mei's in need of prayer too, will pray for her

not talking properly liao, gonna do stuff first, and clear my backlog of stuff to do (which is y i came back here too), and yeah, will try to post some of the nicer pics online? =) my dog nice? (look at the top) *woof*

Friday, December 26, 2003


It's interesting how God cheers you up when you're feeling depressed, through your friends, family, dog, etc. Thanks CFers...though you may not know it but you've helped somehow too last night!

Went to Merchant Court Hotel for high tea with mum yesterday too...had so much food... =P

Hope everyone had a blessed day yesterday; Well, next week's new year week!

Prob will be getting a digicam later...? See first lah.

Hahaha...my friend's coming back tml? Hehe...

Oh yeah, and thank God for WB n his sis, I'm using their comp now (again)

Later frente~

Monday, December 22, 2003

Christmas @ Hope

Just came back to hall tonight to prep for tml's subject registration and stuff, and to blog, and to clear my mails. =)

Helped out in the student care centre's evangelistic christmas event targeted at the children's parents, and though I never turned up for any of the days they had the rehearsals and anything (busy ah...), had a good time helping out and stuff still hehe...

Before the kids went off to the community centre for the event in the late afternoon they had a nap, and one of the kids woke up with some sort of rash (they called it feng1 mo2, not sure what it is in english...), really really bad itch: apparently she had gotten it already the night before and did not see the doc cos it sort of subsided in the evening so her mum didn't send her to see the doc. So when we found out she was really suffering, cos of the itch and the pain from scratching (oww...had developed a very bad beer rash last time overnight, and the feeling was NOT good...). After watching her groan that it was itchy and she wanted to scratch and all that, something sorta prompted and we (some teachers and I) prayed for her healing with her. She was told, Jesus will heal her, she only had to believe, and that she WOULD go and perform that evening. And to cut the crap, yes she DID turn up in the end to perform, totally okay! And all she had was a wash with dettol only? Praise Him man...dunno whether she really understood the implications of that and/or whether she really believed, but if anything, it's a seed sown I know =)

Know that that prob wasn't very much, but really, it did get to me (okok, it touched me ok), so yeah, just sharing with ya guys, and hope that it'll encourage you all anyways somehow =)

The event turned up pretty well, even though there were the hiccups (putting on the mikes for the people too late, a kid crying from the stress on-stage, equipment supposedly not being brought to the place, timings not being met and all that) and probably even snafu's along the way haha...it's good to know that the Lord was overseeing the entire event all the while! =)

Have to plan and prep for the subject registration tml...all the best!

Friday, December 19, 2003

Merry Christmas!! Till then...

Will be out from hall again, dunno when coming back again...but anyways


to those who read this =)
God bless


Am i mistaken? Or am i not?
Dunno lah, am shaken a bit, but dunno what that means...
But anyway just take things one step at a time lah

"Boat come to bridge head, naturally cross" (is it that?)

the present present

the present is nice
so it's easy to accept
but pray that when the lessons are tough
the attitude will still be the same: thankful


hmmm...today's the first yr anniversary since i've passed my driving test too! means that no need to put p-plate (or worry abt that) when driving liao? lol...but still no car lah! *wake up!*


Had the last session of the Gospel Relay Training today...On knowing and telling the gospel...Have learnt quite a fair bit from it, including the urgency that when Christ comes again, it's all over and those who've not accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Lord AND Saviour will be judged, meaning death and destruction...And we do not know when He is coming again? Also have been challenged (as usual, when it's the staff workers) too...Hope that we all will not forget the lessons we learnt from this, and yeah, I would want to carry on from here too...Oh well, the best way not to lose something, is to use it!! Right? =)

will miss the rest of the (wonderful) brothers and sisters in Christ I've met, mostly during the camp one, wonder when will we ever meet to encourage one another and/or fellowship..? But it's been great knowing them too so far, and encouraging too =)

a LOT of ACJ pple in SMUCF too...hahaha....So funny...Small world... =P

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong

la la la~~~

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is La vie en rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And tho I close my eyes
I see La vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

And when you speak...angels sing from above
Everyday words seem...to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Results are out~~

the results are out!!!

and really realyl thank God man, they're a lot better than i expected for them?

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Holidays (Xmas)

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Holidays (Xmas)

Therefore...X'mas is legit! lol... =)

Love Me If You DARE =P

Love Me If You Dare (2004): Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard

Just saw the movie today with my friend, nice show lol...but must view it with a pinch of salt I feel, as the story has some very wrong values in it, like really bad promiscuity and stuff like that haha...but all in all it generaly was quite a touching story man *sniff sniff*...haha

Reached late to the meeting place, ended up going into the cinema the moment the show started...felt really bad abt it ah, but also wonder whether my friend minded really, even though supposedly was okay? But not nice ah to be late...

Cineleisure has some new theatres! At the fourth level where the arcade used to occupy the entire floor along with the pool table area? Yeah...pretty big theatres too, even though sat at the front..hehe =P

Met my friends from army in PS too in the evening by chance, and spent some time catching up with them too, miss them too ah, the times we spent together...and also caught another CG "sister" (in-Christ) in PS too along with her mum...small world huh?

Come to think of it, today really met a LOT of pple that I know? From army and church, hwah...all in one day? Hmmm...really a lot of pple ah...

...have to confront some things face on too? Yeah...hope not to run away or avoid the topic anyways totally like I've always had last time...ended up with a hell lot of crap...but of course have to think of things objectively lah!

I think I'm crapping again, time to go bathe

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

how picky are you? crap quiz

channel4.com - health - how picky are you?

Got a score of 32%..hehz =P

Could be pickier! Your willingness to look
beyond the surfaces for other qualities shows
that you are grounded in reality when looking
for a relationship. Just beware of going with
the flow too much and settling for "OK" instead
of "fantastic".

Monday, December 15, 2003


Results are coming back on this Friday, and though I'm sian'ed from the wait, but still can't help being a bit excited abt it, esp. with others getting their results already and all that. *shivers in anticipation*

Do pray for me yeah? That I'll be able to accept whatever I get and thank God still (really).. =)


Went bowling with my friends today, hehehe....nice time fellowshipping with the CF friends...then went to Marche for dinner (to me lah)...lol...learnt quite a few things:

1) I'm over-react when people wear glitter, prob is cos nv see before (suaku) haha

2) sinfulangel's a pretty good bowler sia, and it's really nice to see him laff =) =)

3) i can't really bowl for nuts (for a guy)

ahhh...... =)

Which LOTR Character are you??

Hobbit Personality Test

You are most like
Gimli, Son of Gloin

Gimli engages in a friendly slaying competition with Legolas, showing his mastery of his instrument of choice, the axe.
You are good with tools and instruments. You are not shy at telling others what to do. Time alone is important and solitary activities refresh you. You have good observational skills. In your desire for clarity in life, you may have the tendency of being remote or even "heartless". You like keeping your options open. Closure is probably not one of your strong suits.

Like Boromir, you are not content to sit on the sidelines while the action takes place around you.

Traits: Open minded, easy going, persuassive, optimistic about the future. On the dark side you could be exploitative and an opportunist.

I'm most like that dwarf!?!!

Back in hall~~

Once again, I'm back in hall for the week...

So many things happened since I last blogged, and so many things to share...lol...but hope I can capture as many as I can before I forget... (old liao?)

Where to start ah? hmmm...
Oh yeah!

Last Friday went to hike up Bukit Timah Hill from Macritchie Reservoir with the SCC kids (student Care Centre), had fun with them as usual (since when have anyone gone there and not had fun with the kids? lol), but one thing happened that got my attention: For some reason there's this group of younger ones that always wanted to hold on to my hands/arms/fingers/shirt/whatever during the duration of the walk lol, but that's not the point, one part there were two of them who were pushing away another younger kid from getting near me for some reason, and ended up the younger kid cried when he was pushed. The results were expected, the two were told off, and they apologised, though I didn't know whether they meant it or not, but one thing: from such a young age people have been in a culture where they learn to be selfish? Even up till now I do admit I'm like that at times, but it's quite sad when so young already grow up in such a (selfish)culture...?

Saturday, was nice, had dinner with my CG friends, so nothing much to say, except for the fact that I made the mistake of sitting in the front seat of A's car when he was driving, think my hair stood up a lot more after that trip home...lol...but anyways the fellowship was nice thank God.

Today had carolling prac,...so funny, a lot of the parts most of us still remember from our last carolling, so no need to go thru so much..haha...had a great time going thru the songs... =) after that went for Integrity Music's warehouse sale, bought a Darlene Zschech CD, Kiss of Heaven, have yet to listen to it properly yet =P After that went to watch movie with church friends...strangely, for a while was feeling quite left out of the conversations going on, dunno whether it was because of the topics or anything or just the fact that wasn't online for some time(?) or anything else, but was quite surprised that it has happened again after so long...lol...either that or just didn't really have anything much to talk about the topics lah!

Know that there're people here reading and all that, but whether you know who I am or not, this is one of the places of output, or consolidating of thoughts, or to complain (lol), or whatever, so anyway, whoever's reading, whether known or not, I guess I shld be honest to both myself and those who read for whatever reasons anyways, would be weird to upkeep an image online even right? And that doesn't even mean that reading this would let anyone know me inside out (haha you'd have to try harder if you really wanted that for some reason!)

A friend forwarded some crappy msg about thinking of u, dreaming of u and all that, then tml will think of v, w, x, y, and z...hahaha....seems that I'm stuck at the letter u too myself...lol...???

Drove back to hall today! Thank God for my bro lending and the time of interaction with both his gf and my ACGL whom I sent to hall just now too...lol...and of course, the experience of driving which I was severely deprived of! =) =) =)

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Who am I?

Did this personality test, i think the four words don't really describe me, but the description? hmmm....

You're an ISFP


You're gentle and compassionate...open and flexible...considerate of others and do not for views and opinions on them. Often focus on meeting others needs...pleasant, quiet and kind....at their best ensuring others well-being. Caring and sensitive....modest and reserved..

OK...you enjoy subjects that relate to helping and knowing about people... art ... computers and history classes if these classes are taught with an applied, sensible approach.. and if objectives relate directly to everyday lives....

You're somewhat artistic, aren't you? You could probably post a great poem on the Storm Palace, huh? You dislike structure, because it takes away from your spontaneity and freedom. You like leisure, and seek it out. You savor it...probably say "stop and smell the roses"...You have a personal and humorous approach that is unique...

Patient and flexible..easy to get along with and no need to dominate others. You don't need to lead, and are a loyal follower...good team members... You're trusting and understanding...

Love to you is utter devotion and loyalty... when you first fall in love, you may feel consumed by it...."falling in love with love" ...focus on the romance of it all..you are constantly nourishing the relationship... When scorned, you probably retreat and repeatedly analyze the situation internally....When you let go finally, you can be more assertive again...

You organize things according to their personal and humanistic values. You like a work setting that contains cooperative people... leadership style involves personal loyalty as a means of motivating others... prefer team approach...likes to enjoy life...

Be careful of the following: you can lose out when you neglect your own needs. because you see others' needs so clearly, and because you're heavily motivated toward meeting others' needs, you may overlook your own requirements. You need to learn how to respect own needs more and to be assertive and direct with others in asking for their help and for time to take care of themselves.

You also lose out when you are afraid of conflict and mismanage it as a result. You take personal responsibility for conflicts and issues that in actuality belong to others. You become hurt and withdraw. Finally, you can lose out when you become self-critical, and do not appreciate your own accomplishments.

ISFP: "I Seek Fun & Pleasure"


Thank God for WB, of whom I'm now using his computer! =)

Just came back to crap a bit, saturday most prob gonna paint my mum's room, does ME=) wanna help?

Sigh...am so sianed...

tml gonna go out with my friends again! lol... =)

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

What the?!

Wow...some things can change really really fast huh...wow...

Everything That Has A Beginning, Has An End

Just watched Matrix today...alone...(awww...poor lonely me...lol joking lah)

was good actually, both watching alone (refreshing change) and the movie story, though it ended in a very weird way, agree with what one of the staff workers said about it, and the world; the story's ending is up to you to decide/guess, and the world does like to deconstruct and reconstruct things, even history. One more thing we have to watch out for in the many forms of the lies that can distort the Truth.

But all in all, action sequences of the movie were disappointing, only thing was the story, just to end the trilogy we've all watched the first two parts of.

Monday, December 08, 2003

I'm back!!! again!

This was supposed to be blogged last night, but blogger was down, so here it is~~

Finally am back to my hall room, with internet access and stuff, friends, etc etc etc...ahhh....for those who know have been itching (badly) to go online to blog & read others' blogs too to see what's up lol...

Have been away for a loooong one week, but it was really really good man tell you

Had my church retreat (or advance?) in Malaysia for 4 days, was really good, learnt more about what cell life should be like, and how it's "supposed" to function, to grow, and to multiply... one funny thing was how people in your same cell were initially called "cell-mates" (akin to being in a prison, like Paul and the initial "cell" groups)...lol...okok it's lame alright, I probably left my leg at home that's why.

Some other stuff happened on the last day when we were about to come back Singapore from Malyasia, not so pleasant, but nevertheless, will have to be settled someday....thanks Princess for helping me out so much already, really!

Had a Christian Fellowship camp on the next four days from the day I reached back SG, was a combined one with NTU, NIE and SMU CFs all together! Funny thing was how I got "arrowed" to be a GL all of a sudden...lol *ahem ahem*...*stares at IceGal*...anyways thank God the the opportunity to have served somehow in that way (if you'd call that serving?)...and also got to know a lot of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ there.. =) though there were at least one that was quite...erm...crazy...hahaha...no lah, there were a lot of different people there, some quiet, some noisy aka playful, some wise in the Word, others with many other giftings too. One of my friends in there quite "on" one too, and perky, though I always call her mad...lol...very bad of me I know, but well...prob that's how we interact lol

More importantly, learnt about the book of Ezekiel, in about 4 talks, although they were very brief, but they were simple in the message of salvation of the Bible, amongst other things like God's simple intolerance of sin because of His nature, but yet for the sake of His name and character and nature, will save His people after judgement even, sounds like what some parents will do huh? After punishing the child for something they'll put ointment on the wounds one...

For today some of my church friends went to watch movie, though didn't go with them, no time, but had a great time playing street soccer with the rest, really a good way of getting to know the Punggol residents in the area, since we ended up playing league with about 5-6 teams of 5 people, that from the time we started playing with only the 6 of us!

A friend of mine touched on one of my issues, of past...issues? Will need to pray and think abt them more first thou...

Just remembered, how come so many people know about thse blogs now ah? Wah...a bit what leh, not really ready to share so many things with them yet? Not sure...but I'm not so comfortable with so many people reading, not that, but the fact that there're already people reading this that I don't know about, not that I don't want them to read explicitly or anything, but I'd rather know who's reading my blog.....