Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Write a composition about your worst day in 400 words or less"

Don't know how many things can go wrong in a day, but today's one of them where quite a few did.

>Woke up late
-> as a result didn't give the wake up call I was supposed to
-> and didn't go for the event I agreed to go to
>Mum and bro quarrelled (some things are postponed, and my mum naturally wasn't really happy)
>Made an idiot out of myself leading songs lol...probably is from the lack of practise, or just that I'm not really cut out for this

Then again, what more can go wrong with humanity in real trouble due to sin?

But on the flipside, if even that is solved by Christ on the cross, there is really nothing more important to worry about...

But not to say that I'm not concerned though..

(PS: the subject topic has absolutely nothing to do with the content.)

Frappuccino, anyone?

If you want, just click on the picture and print out the full sized one for the voucher.


Was really encouraged by the sermon today on 1 Peter 4...

(1 Peter's about the new perspective Peter is trying to give to this group of christians who were facing increasing persecution in the first (or early second?) century. And these christians were being tempted to respond in various ways which were seemingly normal for a human, but apparently are not for God's saved people. This new perspective is to correct and encourage them, and definitely has many things to say, in these times also.)

It is expected when we face persecution in these last days, since the values we hold on to are contrary to what this world holds on to. But it get's really saddening when we see that sometimes the source are fellow christians...probably that's where the phrase "The worst oppositions can come from Christians sometimes" came from...

As Ronnie preached the sermon, I was also reminded of some similar incidents that I am familiar with...and also of my shamefully bad response to that which was to give up at that time.

Back then, I really didn't know...but then again, don't we all? Until more gets revealed to us.

Things have since "cooled down", but the relationships definitely has changed to something non-existent now, much to my regret, and pity...

Mistakes and their consequences, sometimes take a very long time to be rectified. And I hope it's soon in this case, by God's...errrr, plan.

Friday, May 27, 2005


I passed all my modules!


It is the time of the morning...

When I check for my exam results every 3 minutes at 1am, even though I have a feeling I'd sort of regret checking so soon...

Sensitive-soul? Or subjective reasonings?

Regarding the "church" changing issue:

Is it really happening? Or just my own subjective thinking that people's reactions are changing, now that the possibility of changing is high?

It is really going to be quite a sad thing, if the opportunities to meet up (in any way) are totally cut off just because of this.

This is really stupid...but I wasn't counting on this to happen, if it really is.

Probably I really didn't think some things through carefully enough, or I am just deluding myself.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Advent :: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Advent :: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

The next CG movie to look out for, provided they release it worldwide.

Strangers and Aliens

2 Peter 2:11-12
11Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul, 12having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Strange? Or are things really that different?

May 6-8 Strange Injustice (1 Pet 2:13-25) | Outline Chris Chia

Listened to it today on my way to Boon Lay, made for one of the longest sermons in a long while (they usually are around 40min or so).

Not the length that made it hard to understand, but the content was really...strange.

Looks like I'll be listening to this again to try to understand the points more carefully.

(Taken from here.)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Download your brain onto a computer

Download your brain onto a computer

The key to "immortality" may be right before our eyes: the computer.

Lol...what a joke.

(Warning: long picture postings!) Two become one

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Another pair of BASIC leaves their families to become one in this world (Gen 2:24).

Had been a really long time since I've played the bass guitar, up till yesterday's wedding ceremony, and probably will not for a long time to come...

Attending the wedding dinner tonight, was a mix of joy, and also sadness, at what is to come..

(PS: Long time never take photos already... =P so pardon me for the crappy shots taken by me)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Linux robot fliers take to the sky -

Really really interesting, but also reminds me of this book.

Encouragement and shame

Talked to lao shi (teacher in mandarin) whilst on the train to Changi Airport today, was both encouraged, and saddened, by what kind of rubbish I have been doing more recently.

Was a little shocked initially when I realised that the way that I treat my mum at home, is certainly far from being filial, and godly is out of the question.

Filial not as in the type that just "meekly says yes to everything as obedience", but truly loving the person both in action, and in words.

Was reminded of how ministry is not just some official thing we do only when in a church building, but how we live our lives in a godly manner which is how we should be living as believers, both as a testimony to others and also as an encouragement for people to trust in Jesus Christ in every part of their lives also.

Was really saddened by how much some of these truths have slowly become more and more distant in my reasoning, but I guess it is also expected, when the rubbish that we get in this world is not being constantly checked and corrected by the only source of absolute truth.

I pray that this will change, now that I've realised it....and that this will be one less unnecessary problem that has to exist in a sense.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 - Iraqi Speed demon - Iraqi Speed demon

This, surely will be one thing I'd dream of doing someday in a real car... ;)

But...I think I can dream on liao =(

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Crash Course Dummy

Suddenly, I've got a job.

Not that I was really looking for one, but didn't really want to find one, so that I can learn something new in my free time.

But got an offer from a friend, and now tyc, hq and myself are together doing a project.

And to top it off, it's in php, so will have to learn something new first, and in a really short time also. (which also means I'll have to postpone learning some css crap to revamp this blog)

For some reason unknown to me, I'm quite excited to do this, although this is something we die-die must be able to deliver.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Flash is kewl

A "great" way to waste your life away

Link from TYC's blog.


Busybody: a person who gets himself into undue trouble

Stupid busybody: a person who doesn't even know he's in trouble, till it's too late

Stupid rebellious busybody: one that doesn't talk to the parent(s) like he should

The worst part: this busybody rebels against God himself, wanting to be god of his own life in many ways still


But...there is still hope, at least for the rebelliousness part, but it's nowhere to be found in any normal person.

(Thanks Buzz, for organising the gathering, it really had a hand in keeping my sanity at least for now)

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Dropped by my friend's grandma's funeral today...had the rare opportunity to talk to him since a long while ago...

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Brought my dog to the vet today, seems like he's falling sick from old age.

The diagnosis? Heart inefficiency leading to liver and skin problems all at the same time.

My poor dog, still has to endure being irritated by the younger one.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Something to clarify the post that was meant to clarify my other post.

Think most people (if not all) misread it...thanks to my wonderful(ly bad) writing skills?

Hope this ends this once and for all...thanks.


BGR? MWR! Got diff meh? =P

For the sake of those who cannot make head or tail of some of my posts, and are truly concerned.

(I'm considering getting into a relationship)
Yes, I am currently considering getting into a relationship.

(I'm not for revealing who the person is here in the blog)
If you know who the person is, then you know. Likewise, if you don't know who the person is, then you dunno lah. ;)

(My decision: Not to do anything, as I don't wish to rush into something that I don't really understand yet)
Am really thankful for the suggestions given by my friends, really, but after some thought, I'd rather not rush into this right now; and even if I were to regret, I'd rather not regret doing the thing that won't be helpful for the other party anyway.

(Advice can be given aplenty, but we cannot, and shouldn't, heed all without thinking, keeping our priorities in view)
It's probably easier to just decide on whether I like the person or not or even just whether I can live with the person, but being strangers in this world, there are other views and prioirities that need to be considered. Vaguely put: how we should live as God's people whilst in this world.

(Some questions that I'm asking myself whilst thinking about this)
There's many questions which I'm unsure of (and of whether I need to be sure of them in the first place), like why this person and not this other person, or more importantly is it a good decision to start trying to get to know her better now?

(A little info about her)
Time is running out (regarding her), not that she's terminally ill or anything (duh), but that the chances to even meet as a normal friend/brother-in-Christ is going to be really really slim (*ah-hem*) soon.

(About my decision, and what I think being in a relationship entails)
But till then, I think I'll need to understand more about this before I try to consider this kind of thing, since I know that what I hold on to so far isn't concrete enough for me to make a decision, to serve another person as an expression of our godliness, or for the encouragement of such growth.



The decision's been made already, hope you'll respect it, thank you =)

Project Timothy Bible Conference - God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance

Project Timothy Bible Conference - God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance

The bible con is here, from the 15th to 17th of July. Do go if you can heh heh =)


Project Timothy Bible Conference (PTBC): God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance? Can Christians all away? How sure are we of getting to heaven?

As Christians struggle in everyday life with temptations, sin and difficulties, there may be times when we despair of reaching our longed-for destination. "I'm can't stop sinning, am I going to be
disqualified in the end?" "There's no guarantee that God will accept me into heaven, so I can only do all I can and hope for the best." "What about those around me who have abandoned the Christian faith, haven't they fallen away?"

And even the comforting words from the Bible which assures us of God bringing us to our destination bring on a new set of puzzles. If God is the one who sustains us to our final goal, does that imply that Christians are ultimately mere puppets, being stringed along? What is
our part in our Christian perseverance?

These are important questions that the Christian needs to understand, with implications on our security in Christ and our perspective on evangelism. Come and examine the Bible's take on these questions and more at the Project Timothy Bible Conference 2005. Join us as we delve
into God's Word to better see how we should understand this issue and how it should impact our Christian thinking, living and priorities in a way that truly pleases God.

Speakers: Ray Galea, Peter O'Brien

Dates: 15 - 17 Jul 2005

Venue: River View Hotel, 382 Havelock Road, Singapore 169629

Highlights of the PTBC Weekend:

1. 4 Bible expositions of select passages from Romans 3 to 8 by Ray Galea, on the issue of Divine Sovereignty and Christian Assurance

2. 3 Thematic talks on what the Bible teaches about Divine Sovereignty and Christian Assurance, by Peter O' Brien

3. 1 workshop on "Principles of Interpretation" focusing on apocalyptic literature in the Bible

4. 1 workshop on "Christian Living Today: God's Fatherhood and Ours"

5. 2 workshops on "Dealing with 'Hot Potatoes' (Controversial Passages)" in the Bible that touches on the themes of Divine Sovereignty and Christian Assurance

Dates and Times:

Check in: 9 am, 15 Jul (Fri)
Check out: 12 pm , 17 Jul (Sun)

Cost and Registration:

Early Bird - Register and pay by 24 Jun: $160 (Adults)/ $100 (Student)
Register from 25 Jun - 15 Jul: $180 (Adults)/ $130 (Student)
Day Trippers (no accommodation): $130 per adult; $80 per student
No Refund after 24 Jun.

Register online at or via post with the Registration Form provided. You will be notified by email once your registration has been processed. For enquiries, please call Kevin Pang at 91870728 or email



After the decision (regarding this)has been made, the "nudges" are all in the opposite direction: to pursue the relationship instead. Not scolding anyone here (really), but it certainly is uncomfortable, especially when the decision's been made already. Unless...the decision made was really that stupid?

Am really glad that there're fellow brothers and sisters in Christ around that I can share my life with...sounds stupid since it should be the case anyway already, but am really thankful for that...I don't know how I'd have kept my sanity these months without such...

Realised something: the ones I share things with are ONLY those that do ask, but those that do ask, almost always are of one gender only. Looks like something here has to

Monday, May 09, 2005


........ .... .. . . . ... . . ..... ............ ...... ...................... .. ...

. . .
. . .
. . .

Sunday, May 08, 2005


For the next few weeks upcoming, I will be starting to visit BTPC before I make my final decision...although my mind is almost made up already, to make the change...

I don't like this, really, the prospect of changing church...but the reasons I have for staying, are simply not strong enough for me to stay compared to the reasons for leaving.

Looks like I'll have to get ready for even more changes in my life soon.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

1 x idiot

Sigh...I don't know liao...

Sian 1/2

Star Wars Lego??


Found this as I was looking for the demo for the Lego Star Wars game that my friend mentioned, and was even mentioned in the news (!!!).

Btw, if you're looking for the game website, it's here.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Trip down memory lane

After the semestral-after-exams-gorging session with the usual group and a few additions to the group (heh heh), went to Changi Airport.

Sent off Minna in the evening with a group of (ex-)CFers there.. (pics will be up soon I hope)

Went back to hall to pack up my stuff, to prepare for my moving back home (my first time seeing home in more than a month I think). A whole lot of photos, and letters/notes, talk outlines, bible study notes, commentaries, articles and dust found as I threw the rubbish away.

A whole lot of things reminding about happier times, and also things that were saddening, or even regretful...

Wonder why do I keep all these notes from my friends after all these years, even though I never read them and almost never know where to find them even if I wanted to unless I'm packing up my room.

It's not that I keep reminiscing about my past and hoping that things were like they were in the past... But I certainly have the greatest resistance to throwing them away either.

Don't worry, I'm not some SNAG or what crap: I'm too blur to be one.

It's all over

Exams just ended this morning, hope I do not have to take any of them again...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Last leg

The last paper's coming this Wednesday, and following which I'll be moving back home, seeing home for the first time in about a month or so?

Plenty of chances to think about my church also, and it seems that I may need to talk to my CGL soon.

Study...... ="|