Friday, December 31, 2004

Phone archive

Archived most of my camera phone pictures, can go take a look if you're interested heh heh ;)

You can find them here.

Btw, happy new year in advance to all.


I don't understand many things, not even myself, really.

And the only reaction I can have toward that is still ignorance.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just a reminder of how wide's the scope of the fall, and also how futile man's efforts are to avoid this. But in the end, ALL will have to face the music in the time of the second coming of Christ.

If you'd like to help out the relief efforts, there're plenty of ways you can help out, just read around, can either donate stuffs or even just money to help out.

The end of the beginning

The PRC Student Union camp just ended today, with not too much fanfare and stuff, only the ending concert where the groups presented their items to the whole camp, and also the cheering competition (which became too rowdy at times, was a bit scared that they'd actually start to get physical), with talks given by the SU pres. and the SU PRC pres. respectively.

After that, going for a short supper with some committee members, had some fun getting rid of some food that we didn't want to eat initially ;)

In the duration of this camp, I spoke far more mandarin than I had for the past months or so I think, with the usual fare of blank looks whilst trying (really hard!) to understand what each other it trying to say.

(Continued post, after crashing for 13hrs straight)

I must say that those who helped out were pretty brave, even though massively outnumbered, and the problem of language still exists to a certain extent for different people.

Didn't get to interact with all the people in the group (20 of them, with 4 AGLs and the GL), but at least managed to talk to some of them, and to establish a few friendships.

Well, to those in the partnership, thanks for your effort; although the camp's over, in more ways than one, we've only just begun ;) press on, continue to build up the friendship with them~

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

PRC SU Camp Day 1

First day of PRC Student Union Camp...

Tired...a lot of things that can be improved, like some of my habits when it comes to such things.

Anyway, it was a good time of talking to some of the group members, even with the language barrier (the different slangs), a pity that I couldn't talk to any of them properly, yet.

It's been a tiring day, and a trying day, for many of the GLs (for many reasons), but don't be discouraged my dear brothers and sisters, remember what we're there for ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


A lame riddle I thought of while being crazy:

Q: Why were there only 25 alphabets left during Christmas time?

A: Because there's 'noel'.

Monday, December 27, 2004

The significance of Christmas

(Note: this post may offend people, although that's not my intention, you've been warned)

Over these few days of the weekend, I've come to realise (further) how important Christ's arrival on earth is.

I nearly cried (yes, serious) during dinner today, seeing the state of each and every one in my family...not only my mum, but also my brother and myself, how through the actions, and the attitudes that show from it all.

The sinful family, one that does a circus performance once every now and then, showing visitors that everything's nice and dandy and stuff, not that I advocate airing all our dirty linen to everyone that comes along our way, but with people that are going to be part of the family (in a human sense)? It becomes really saddening, really.

Not that I like to be like this, disrespectful, disobedient, avoiding home so as not to be annoyed sometimes, how long does this list go? Not that I enjoy doing these, but it still is a damn big struggle.

There's really no way ANYBODY could have come to realise about the only way to become right with God, the way we see society continually going down the dumps (even morally) in an ever going downward spiral.

(Coming back to hall, read the news about the earthquakes and for the first time (I think), tsunamis in the south-east asian region? If you haven't realised, we're continually losing control of our planet as the years go by, even though we're certainly trying our best to preserve it.)

Seeing all these happen, I can only thank God that He's willing to forgive us, on account of what this Man has done, because, there's absolutely nothing I can ever do in this lifetime, nor the next few hundred (even IF there ever were such a thing as reincarnation).

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The allure of acceptance

It seems that no matter what I do, in whichever context or group of people, there's always the factor of acceptance involved.

Not referring to accepting others, being others' centered in thinking, but that the more comfortable I am with any particular group of people, the more I'm tempted to throw my principles and focus out of the window; focus on what is the important thing, showing people the truth about the world in love, and the truth about Jesus Christ, not any other god or form of religiousity, but The God incarnate, come to earth to set us free from our sins, in full obedience of the Father's will; principles, in standing up for what I believe to be the right thing to do, and not to be ashamed of what I believe in.

In ALL my circles of relations (if you'd call it as that), I see it happening... my DDP (the recent project I had to do during the holidays which just ended this morning) church friends...and more recently, even the group I've been doing campus ministry with for the past 1 1/2 years.

So much for following the herd far as I can remember over the years I've been terribly ingrained in it, from my decision to move with my church friends to target our efforts at the Punggol area, to it being one of the reasons for my active participation in the CF here, being the exco, and even up till now, it affecting my decisions on what to do as an exco member in the light of the current situation. The pattern throughout all these is the same: as long as I'm accepted within the group somehow, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that I continue to be accepted.

The only difference now, is whether I realise it, and am aware of it, and hopefully continue to battle it, as compared to the past when I was totally unaware of it.

Why battle it, you'd say? Because it is self-centered, doing what I want, even if it contradicts how we should respond to God, or others; the essence of sin itself.

Back to the thinking board.............

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


This is things change like mad...

Have a hell lot of thinking through to do, and that takes time, which I may not have anymore.

I probably am not fully clear on this, but we'd better make up our minds soon, else things are only going to become more unstable...or was it an delusion that things were ever going to become stable?

Would staying to give them all time to think be a better choice really? Or the kick in the ass would be the thing they need?

Looks like there's a lot more I need to understand before I can truly say that my stand is truly clear, but...will that ever happen...on time?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More meetings

Tomorrow there'll be another exco meeting...

I really wonder what it'll be like, since I've never experienced such things happening before as an exco member (also my first time in an exco)

Not that I'm looking forward to it, but if some things have to be done, it has to be done, since I've already decided on what I'd do.

A lot of things running through in my mind especially recently, after the carolling on Sunday (and Saturday) evening, but no time to write them down yet, nor the mood...

Looks like things are coming out to light soon, but just have to see how things turn out....meanwhile more thinking through to be done....

Friday, December 17, 2004

Busy Weekend

Finally managed to register for my subjects, even with the server literally going down within 2 minutes of the next time slot opening. Got most of the subjects that I wanted to, with the exception for one, but it's ok. Will be starting on my business minor, even though it's quite late into my course...

Am going home over the weekend, with a massively busy weekend awaiting:
- practise tonight
- carolling at two locations tomorrow: Chesire Home in the afternoon and Novena Square in the evening
- carolling this sunday evening, at Punggol

And goodness knows what else that I've forgotten...

Meanwhile, just to leave you with the pics I took for the inter-hall games, if you're interested to take a look at my horrid photo-taking =D


Got back my results yesterday, and I passed most of my core modules, except for one...

The most irritating module (to me) to have to retake: Engineers and Society
(if some of you remember, I was quite disturbed after reading through that textbook)

Oh well, at least I got pretty decent grades for the cores, which I was prepared to fail for some already, so not too much time wasted in that sense.

Tomorrow's the time to register for subjects, and I've yet to decide on whether to start to take up the business minor or not.


Just thinking about the issue at hand, already makes me feel sick, although it's a reality that it has been happening throughout the times, and it's happening, and it WILL happen in various forms in the future (the bible has talked about it), but still, it's sickening to see lies (subtle or not) being propagated around, and worse, people actually falling for it, and the inevitable fact that more will fall for it, even ourselves, if we're not vigilant.

Accepting this fact is not easy (probably because I tend to think of people as nice and good, unless proved otherwise), but we have to learn and move on from here, because there is a WAR out there compared to this battle we fight, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

La la la

Presented our carols that we'll be singing to the campers this evening after the talk, and it was horrendrous =S Think we need a lot more practise together...

Lucky it's just "our own people", whom we are familiar with, can't imagine the aftermath of singing like that in public, heh heh.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Missions in China, anyone?

Joined them at the camp again after DDP, waited for A first in a way, ended up reaching there just in time (again) for the talk and workshop to start.

Talk's on the aim for missions (Rev 7:9-14), and the agenda(the why) for missions. Not just overseas, cross cultural, not only when we're specially "called", or when we feel the prompting, but every christian, for that's how God intended it to be passed on, and how He intended people to be saved, by His people prophesying (telling God's revealed Word to others) His fully revealed word in Christ.

Did some profiling and strategising of the PRCs that are coming into NTU, since there're vast implications and advantages of evangelising to them, now that they're literally at our doorstep...many suggestions and considerations heard, which is and will be a great help in planning for the PRC students' good.

Did some talking to the whole group, to encourage them to consider these things carefully, and also to be a GL for the upcoming PRC camp organised by the student union, since it's one of the best chances of building friendships with them. Though I think I (still) suck at public speaking, which made me forget a lot of things that I wanted to say lol, I do hope and pray, that at least this group of campers will come to realise, or remember, one of the implications of the gospel for people: no gospel, no faith = no salvation.

Simple as that, may seem unfair at first, but in the end, God is justified when He judges.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Got lost on my way to NUS this evening (today's the first day of the annual camp), to join the rest for the later part of the evening, and I nearly ended up on the other half of the island, thanks to my stupidly expecting to see a bus stop that never appeared, I got off and changed direction just one stop short of going all the way to the other side of the island (from NUS, all the way to Bedok area).

It's at the opposite bus stop, waiting for the bus to take back to my original intended destination, that I remembered how much I HATED losing my way (so to speak) in the late evenings: tired, "lost", late, and unable to see properly due to the headlights of the incoming traffic.

It's only when I reached there, that I remembered/realised why I always willingly "subject myself to all this", though I certainly could've not gone in the first place, counting that there're still a lot of things to be done, and that I'm still tired: to learn, and to fellowship with the rest, encouraging each other. Though I'd dare say that initially I didn't have these intentions in mind when I came into uni as a freshie.

Upon reaching, the talk had just barely started, which was good (can hear the whole talk). The talk was on Jonah 1, by Edmund Fong (first time seeing and hearing him), which was interesting too, to see how Jonah can be understood in the light of the entire gospel. But of course, it's not just the hearing, but what implications it has for us realised during the last part of the talk, and during the discussions.

Had a second dinner during their supper time (my first was during my LONG bus ride), talking to them, and just mainly crapping actually, heh heh.

Well, am looking forward to joining for the evening tomorrow, though I know that I'd certainly not get enough rest. (as if I've been getting enough rest these few weeks anyway =D )

Hall Olympiads

Finally gotten myself down to doing up some pictures, but they're related to work (sort of). Am one of the photographers for my hall's publications sub-comm, so will be taking pictures these few days, at least related to such things.

You can view the pics here, or using the link to my current gallery to the right ;)

(PS: Comments pls! On the pics lah)

The fight

I've found the thing that is more tiring mentally as compared to exams itself: 3 1/2 hour meetings.

Had our clarification meeting with him (and one more person, whom I don't think what he as there for was really helpful or not), along with most of the exco.

Having to constantly be on the alert to figure out 1) what the person was saying, 2) what the person was trying to say, and 3) what the person was really saying, was absolutely draining, really was quite tired out for the rest of the day.

My conclusion at the end of that meeting: He's either trying to be funny, or is confused, or both...which made me even more convinced of my decision: being in partnership with them at this point of time in such a setting definitely is not too wise, to burn yourself out in trying to hold on to the true gospel whilst learning (which is another problem too).

Now the thing to think about: what next?

Thank God that we're not the only ones in such a struggle, against "truth decay", amongst other things, after hearing about the battles that other faithful people of God are undergoing in these times too.

Be it to stay on, or to leave, either way it's not going to be easy. But of course, I thank God for having saved us with His Word, for the honour of having the gospel being entrusted to us, to pass on.

(Still) tired...even though the meeting was yesterday morning =S

Saturday, December 11, 2004

"Big day"

Tomorrow's the "big day", in some ways for us who'll be going for the meeting(where we'll be declaring our intentions, and giving them a chance to explain, hopefully), and also for my friend who's getting married tomorrow.

I DO hope that the people at the meeting will be clear on what we're trying to do, or at least why we do what we've decided upon..

It sickens me still to imagine the probability of what could be happening in the minds of those people. But be it deliberate or just that they're confused, they still need to come to repentance by the gospel...only thing's when, or whether it'll really happen or not in the future.

Yet another vague post I know, but more will be revealed here in time to come, perhaps.

It's sad to have this happen, but we HAVE been told about this, from the Scriptures.

Friday, December 10, 2004


That's the catch word of these days.


Sin is absolutely disgusting, seen in both myself, and the things around that happen. Really can't stand it....

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Met up with an old friend yesterday (not that the old friend is old, but nevertheless, could have been heh heh), catching up over dinner and stuff.

It's funny to see how many things have changed over the years, yet not that all changes are things to be glad about in particular...

And I'm still not too sure whether some of the things I do, are really the wisest thing to do, especially when other things cloud the mind...and when you jolly well know that you're NOT doing the things you should be.

Hai~~~ The mind is lazy, AND the flesh is weak.


Think a lot of my recent posts have no meaning whatsoever, especially if you don't know what I'm referring to in particular, so...hmm...I'll see what I can do about it ;P

Monday, December 06, 2004

Tired body, tired hands

Had an interesting, but crazy morning today, what with preparing and serving drinks to the marathon runners today.

Didn't really look too bad, until the first (and seemingly only) wave of runners came at around 6 plus, all the way till 9 plus.

Opened bottles and poured drinks till all our hands were sore (and for some, blistered), because of the 14000 odd runners coming in one shot through this drink station, a lot thirsty and in a hurry to get to somewhere else ;)

Not enough sleep...think will need to crash a lot earlier today, even with a few short naps in between during the day. Think my room-mate's damn power, he's still doing his lab work at this time, and hasn't even gotten any rest yet since our commitment ended. But wonder whether he'll crash tomorrow or not heh heh...

Met a lot of people during (and after) the event, a friend from my previous school, Fonz, William and Veron, and Stanley (Ian's brother in law, who hasn't joined us for frisbee in a long time already).

Think its interesting to meet people this way, though if there were to be another of this event, I'd probably want to try out helping at another area (not drinks station again), or run myself ;)

Typing with a cut on one of the main typing fingers is no mean feat, I hope it heals fast, counting that I have a project to do still... =

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The aftermath: VERY tired people Posted by Hello

The aftermath: Badly littered streets (note the "white coloured" pavement....) Posted by Hello

Some were there for fun, literally Posted by Hello

Waiting for the first wave of runners to come Posted by Hello

All set and ready to go! Posted by Hello

The empty road near the Esplanade flag off point, ar 4.30am Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Have decided that will not take too much photos anymore (if at all) for various reasons, and it'll remain strictly as a hobby (and "work"), for now.

Not much point in taking for memory's sake...anyway.

But that doesn't mean that impromptu pictures of "interesting" stuff won't come up from my phone camera in the near future! Heh heh heh...maybe can try it out tomorrow at the marathon too.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yong Chieh's antics: There's no end to what he can do, with whatever's at long as he's trying to be funny of course ;) Posted by Hello

Nothing much to blog about these days

The module we have in school this hols, combined with COUNTLESS other things to be done, are absolutely crazy...

Barely have time to meet up with the people I'd want to...

End up usually with little or no strength to read/blog...

No much strength/time available to think...

It's a constant struggle to think through things, and to be clear about them, mainly because 1) I seemingly don't have the time/energy, 2) I have no idea where to start.

But if being clear about things mean being able not to act impulsively(2 Ti 2:22), especially when it comes to important things, then I'd rather continue this struggle; What else to expect of a person who has somehow been naive most of the time, up till this point of his life?

Then again, how clear is "clear"?

So many things that are vague to my understanding, be it whether I'm aware of it or not(yet I hope).


Frankly speaking, don't know whether I'll be able to hold up under this load for this month, if only I could think up of someone who'd be able to help out (in a sense) for this time....but then again, everyone's gettting more and more busy....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The thing I'll be doing from the wee hours of this sunday morning: Handing out drinks to runners. Posted by Hello

More sermons

Just finished listening to another sermon, on 2 Timothy 2:1-13, regarding the perserverance of God's family, from here. (I know I'm very far behind supposedly lol)

Certainly a very good lesson learnt, and a good reminder, encouragement, when things now seem to look really bad..and the stress' piling up..

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

First try at puppeting

Went for my first practise at puppetry in my church, learning some skills related to that in preparation for the christmas programme we have in mind.

Quite fun to learn, and to try out too, but I think this wou;dn't be one of the things I'd be doing, seeing how "damp" the inside of the puppet became after I practised with it for a while. (oops....)