Saturday, February 28, 2004


Hahaha...or at least the equivalent of it!

Panasonic released the firmware upgrade for my camera model (FZ1) to the next model (FZ2), and with the power of the internet and forums, I have upgraded the firmware for free!!! hahahaha...

This means better quality pictures natively (less JPEG compression) and more functions unlocked, esp shutter and aperture priority, meaning more things to be done with the camera! haahha....

Only thing is prob I've voided the warranty on the thing...but oh well, they weren't intending to release the firmware upgrade outside Japan so I won't be able to get it anyway...

Thanks to Lytefunk for helping me out~! =D

Friday, February 27, 2004

Meeting up

Met up with an old friend from JC, talked abt stuff and such, and shared

Gosh, we've all really changed a lot ah...but then again, there's so much that still remained the same =P
(example of a contradictory statement)

Happy Birthday~

Went to one of my friend's birthday dinner today, initially a bit paiseh, cos I was the only one from NTU there...the rest were SMU pple...thank God the CFers from there arrived not too late, else sian like dunno what ah

Really happieeeee to see them again, though it's not all of them, but it's good to talk to them again...

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Learnt a LOT from today's discussions with our staffworker and a few other CFers, am super challenged abt a lot of things...

Had the third session of ESC today, turnout for today wasn't that good, though that wasn't the thing anyway, still had discussions in the groups, topic went on to the topic of the gospel (sin, the need for salvation, The Answer), and of the two PRCs, one asked qns and talked, the other kept pretty quiet throughtout that part, though both had the viewpoint that they were pretty ok (and hence no need for a Saviour and Lord, etc.). Dunno who was ready to be talked to more, or whether they're ready at all (initially my conception was when they ask qns regarding abt it, when they looked more convinced/convicted? but after this dunno liao...), but anyways, it's good that the gospel's shown to them somehow, though I dunno whether they were offended in any way or not? Aiyah...guy ah, not THAT good at reading expressions?...yet?

Too many things in mind, need to go shower, just ignore the part above if you don't understand, I probably dun even understand it myself if I were to read it again

=P (siao liao)

*Gan3 Dong4*

Hwah...first time my friend treated me leh, just for helping him out with his programming codes? Lol..nv see him treat pple before since JC time, even though it's only a 2 dollar lunch (I think I'm too easily appeased...hmmm...) but can tell that he's either really grateful somehow? Or just that I'm deluded ah haha

Had corporate meeting today with the CFers, and's good to meet up! =) and learn together!

During supper my shifu told me to "move on" me thinking, have I really ever moved on since then? Or I've been just as stupid all this while? Hmmm.... *stupidstupidstupidstupidstupid*

ICQ Virus

Virus Encyclopedia

More info on the thing so far

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

ICQ Virus

There's some virus running rampant around, uses some bug in IE and ICQ together to send itself out, am still looking out for info on this, but so far, only have this.

Don't click on the link if you get it thru icq, it's the page that pple get it from

Info I have on it so far:

Monday, February 23, 2004

I want!

Cute right? It's Tree's...but....but...but...

I miss my friends

Met so many of them at the funfair in ACJC last saturday, but no time to catch up with them...
really miss talking to a lot of them ah...

Wonder whether will (ever?) hae the time to talk?

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Long weekend

Had a long weekend, not the long weekend of rest that army guys are used to, but a seemingly long, eventful weekend

Tired...still haven't recovered from my lack of sleep on Friday night, but did do a lot of stuff: Fun-o-rama, meeting up with friends, house church, frisbee(!!!)...

Am uploading pics soon I guess

Saturday, February 21, 2004

It is done!!!

The obscene crazy lab is done!!!! And working!!!

At 5.45am...ZZZZzzzz....

Friday, February 20, 2004

God + Anything = God

Pass/fail quiz or not, or whether I actually somehow manage to finish my insane lab by this weekend:
He's still the Christ, no matter what!

Thank God

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Headache + Lab not done + Quiz tml = Not good


Catching up

Cause: Not able to wake up on time for lectures
Result: Having to catch up on CRUCIAL portions of the syllabus...of which some parts totally catch no ball...


Oh no...SNTR...

Found this piece of bad news as I was surfing around...Hope it's not true? =( Couldn't find any other news online anywhere else abt that though...

Sixpence Calls It Quits
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
According to the March 2004 CCM Magazine, Leigh Nash (lead singer) and Matt Slocum (guitar/cellist/songwriter) announced in a letter that they will no longer continue as the band Sixpence None The Richer.

So what will the members be doing now that Sixpence is over? Leigh will be concentrating on being a mother to her new child and Matt may to go back to school.

As far as music, Word records will be releasing a collection of songs that didn't make it on "Divine Discontent" (their latest CD).

Monday, February 16, 2004

Who is God?

Today was the first day of a series of 3 evening talks, beginning with "Who is God?" as the topic for tonight

Passage taken was from Acts 17:16-34

Quite encouraging to serve with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and to see some PRCs turn up, and even ask questions regarding the faith! (oh btw one of them has the same english name as I have! lol)

Went for dinner after that, but some jokes got carried a bit too far perhaps? But hope things will be better yeah~

As usual, pics are up already!

Thanks Jache!

Thank you sister!

Thank God...

Saturday, February 14, 2004


I'm a total Ass I tell you, one with a capital A

Today went with some of my church CG pple to KKMC to see a visiting Korean missionary team perform some items, sort of a cultural night, one of my friends gave us all (guys) flowers, one of us was quite touched even, but I was quite indifferent to it, like, "it's nice, but yeah, like that lor" that was part one, and the whole time during dinner and after the thing, was like quite laid back, but why? It's like I've had this wall up, and not as if these are unfamiliar pple, we've all known each other for years even? Not been behaving like myself, but like someone else, someone who is not me?

The flowers were nice, and the intentions were good, just that this receiver's a bit screwed up. I don't like this, I don't have walls up for God knows what reason when I'm with my school friends? Why this?

Anyways, the Korean team were pretty good, sort of like a missions trip team, a lot that we can learn from them perhaps?

Friday, February 13, 2004


Had the prelims for this competition called the Rat Race today, pretty fun, we played CashFlow, some board game

Very fun~!
but very long to play too lol =)

hahaha...and my friend won the prelims for my table! lol damn proud of him ah!

Monday, February 09, 2004

Souvenirs from Bike Rally

Sunburn!!! ouch ouch ouch...also gonna fall sick lydat....not good not good...


Sunday, February 08, 2004

Bike rally!

Didn't go church today, went for bike rally, round island cycling, 100 km. Power ah, first time probably I cycled more than 10 km and we go for 100! Was really a great experience, going to places which I've never gone to before, or familiar areas like the training grounds which we were "killed" during army haha

Thank God got my friends who went too, else I'd never have completed the entire event, one way they helped was psychologically, and also the drafting which we helped each other in too (the reason why migrating birds fly in a formation, to make use of the disturbed air to let the rest go further)

Teamwork? Teamwork!

Only thing was that we all left with sunburns, which already started to hurt when we showered...ouch ouch

Damn tired ah....and sleepy too...yawn.....

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Stuck on you

Just watched Stuck On You with C and G, pretty decent show, a few stupid jokes here and there (of which I seemed to be the only one to get for a few....), and a great lesson to bring home

Together is better, people work better in teams!
then again...only reminds me abt.....


it's a good show nevertheless!

Aiyah...come back to room feeling v lazy now ah...supposed to walk somewhere else to play sparklers later? lazy.....ZZZzzzz~~

Oh yeah, met S (from my church) for lunch today, nice of her to jio me got special mention here too =)

Yuan xiao pics are up! Go see! And comment! lol

Friday, February 06, 2004

Yuan Xiao

Just came back from our yuan xiao gathering, was really really good, even though it was only a small group, but truly appreciated the few hours we spent together (till almost 1 am!) and each and every one of them who turned up and contributed in their own ways =)

Will be uploading the pics soon, but meanwhile, shower!

Sad thing was that I had to forego the dinner with my cg...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

(New?) Definition of the idiot user?

But with viruses increasingly well-hidden, Hypponen said the responsibility for protection ultimately will come down to technology firms because people have proven they cannot resist clicking on mysterious attachments.

"I've lost my faith in education. It never helps, people will never learn... They will click on everything," he said.

"We really have to take security to a higher level, and take the responsibility away from the users... (People) have to be automatically secured by someone else," he said.

lol...taken from here.



Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Just came back from my friend's wedding dinner, and yeah, they DO look so happy!

Many many things happened over the weekend: the wedding, chingay, the house visit (great time spent with my chrch friends there~), the crematorium visit, and the wedding dinner...anyways too many things to blog in here ah (lazy~)

So many things learnt too...

"Beneath whose branches are you refreshed? And who rests beneath yours?" List them. Give thanks for them. Pray for them. Think of some small way to encourage each one, and get it done before the good intention fades.

Think the answer for me (for now?) is none? sigh...but heck, thinking of this would only drag me (and probably others around me) down, so don't care liao, even if really dun haf then dun care, still can bless others wat!

And meanwhile, may God reveal more...?

Aiyah, btw check out the pics! Got more than one album added in =P if you're interested lah~