Tuesday, March 30, 2004

22nd Executive Committee

Just came back from our Annual General Meeting, and yeah, got elected into the committee as a member...

Topic of the short talk was taken from Titus 1:5-9, about the leaders in the christian body, not only living lives worthy of the gospel (which all christians are called to also), but also protecting the gospel, teaching and handling the gospel well.

Not to say anything about myself, but I think the previous ex-co has done a good job in preserving the gospel and nurturing the others too, hence, people such as we (the new committee) are even able to mature and grow to serve in the ex-co, and that it was a fruitful year where the members grew in their understanding of the faith too...

Hence, now with us being the next generation CGLs and ex-co, certainly hope to be able to continue the Lord's work in the CF, along with us growing too lah!

And as usual, the weird phenomenon with cameras begun shortly after the AGM came to an end... lol

Monday, March 29, 2004


We go church to encourage one another, reminding each other of the hope that we have in Christ...

But it's not good for our own spiritual growth if we stay in such a place that doesn't teach the gospel as it is, properly?



The (sun)day

Having the message delivered by the Youth Director of the Youth Ministry today at our service sure was as interesting as it is impacting! Continued on the "How to be a contagious Christian" series, topic on "Follow me"

Did a (very very) fast/brief runthrough on the letter of Phillipians, and did 19 points on the geists of the letter, on who's example to follow/whom will pple follow, etc (will put up the 18/19 pts that we managed to get someday later..)

Totally agree with that points he brought up, all on context! Gosh...it's really encouraging to see someone in church not only actually preaching the gospel (in context!), but also not being apologetic for telling the truths on some of the possible implications is can have in our singaporean context!

Have been doing an in depth on Philippians for the past few weeks liao, and this sermon has served to reiterate/remind of the pts that have been constantly coming up.

Got to talk to B during the day abt church, and HZ too abt church during the evening...

Oh yeah, got the album "Cry Holy" by Sonicflood on saturday too, thanks the song posted on tree's blog! hahaha...good advertising I'd say, and have been listening to their old album too... =P

Saturday, March 27, 2004


Went for EBS (evangelistic bible study) today in the afternoon, after teaching Eu how to use fotopic.

Only had one "newcomer" (though Eu and I were rightly the newcomers, having missed the first session last week), the non-christian, GL, an chinese exchange student from CEE/3, and yeah, it is amazing how quickly he understands the passage being read, and asks questions, some of which even christians may not ask. And he read 5 chapters of the bible all by himself, without any "assignment"... Only thing left is as he does the EBS and learns/understands, that the spirit will give him the faith (someday)..

Had CG after dinner...was ok...but wonder who comes up w/ the materials? Or where does it come from..?

Friday, March 26, 2004

Late for tutorial

Today was late for tutorial...cos my hair was being messed up by someone...

See, this is how it looks like now...

Even have the culprit's name card...


Thursday, March 25, 2004

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Taking a break from my insane data structures lab work, and just flipping through my notes on the summary of Philippians that we did some time ago; am reminded that Paul was only Christ-centered(furthering the true gospel) and others-centered; only two traits, but he definitely knew what he believed in and really was sincerely all for the interests of others, that they (both christians and non-christians alike) will be saved/grow in the faith..

Looking back, it's been really a time of growth, and change, but sometimes, looking at the situation/circumstances/state of things around me, it just looks like a lot more things to change, like my already-defined attitudes/reactions to some, but...really really damned hard ah...

Thank God there're like-minded pple around me too, at least can all encourage each other in the right direction =P

Okokok...back to programming!

Monday, March 22, 2004


Friend's (From SMU) friend died this afternoon while playing ultimate frisbee: fainted in the midst of it, and before they knew it...the fragility of life? How to encourage him? Yeah, know that Jesus is still Lord, no matter what, but..the grief was so bad, and to think it's not even someone that I know...

Jesus same to die for our sins, so that we can fellowship/be reconciled with God and one another; for God, no matter what emotions you're feeling, cos it definitely doesn't depend on that, and what you do either; for your fellow bros-n-sis' in Christ: same thing applies?

Something pretty obvious has changed over the weekend, my friend's attitude/reactions toward me, but why? Or what reason? Not saying that I don't like this, but, such a sudden change must mean something has happened right?

Questions questions questions...but answers, where to find them all?

Friday, March 19, 2004

The anvil hanging over us all

Exams coming + tutorials to catch up on + project + insane lab work = stress

OT: Thanks to all (esp. S. and my brother) who have replied regarding my previous post...have also given me different viewpoints to consider in addition to your encouragements...

Monday, March 15, 2004


Am starting to wonder why am I attending this church that I'm in, not that I don't know why should I go to church, but WHY am I attending this particular one?

Yes, in another one of the thinking moods, but, this one's different by itself even.

Why? Have been in this church for 7 yrs liao, but seems like I've only been learning, since sunday school (seems like eons ago), is now, when I'm in school? If that's so, prob really have been neglecting my growth...

Realised also in my conversation with my friend, that we really do not have any really close friends in church apparently, and yeah, she's in the faith for 2 yrs, me, 7

So many things...wished I had a confidant at times, cos some things, yeah, can only be shared with so many pple (at the most), but yet, dun haf, dunno since when either...and yeah, even in church, it's sometimes hard, almost rare to hold a good conversation, cos a lot are abt "normal" stuff, etc...gosh, prob I'm looking at the wrong places anyway

With all these, yeah, come the qn whether to move on to find another place to move on, but...what abt encouraging the pple around me in there? and in the other services? I know I'm gonna miss them for sure...and I just about don't see them other than on Sundays already, and yeah, I'm also so deep in one of the teams liao

Probably I'm even deluding myself that I'm even an encouragement to some, and that I'm just a statistic in here; probably I'll regret posting this blog out once it's out, but heck, this IS what's in here, and trust me, I've already censored a lot of what I really wanted to post initially, cos it's not going to help anyone in any way anyways

Think I shld go sleep, good nite

IT fair!

Went to IT fair with my friend today, initially wanted to only go look see look see only, but ended up wanting to get some stuff for my digital camera, of which buying all three then would've totally killed my bank account for this month, so got a camera bag (Serie Silver 2003: Astuccio Digital I) instead only! haha...but after buying the bag, and walking around, started to feel like getting the other two...haha...tempted ah, anyways I didn't kill me bank account today, so you can guess what I didn't do ;)

Nearly wona Palm today at the booth too...man...so wasted! =( so only got a stylus, which I don't have a PDA to use on, so gave it to my church friend =)

Nothing much very spectaclar though, and prices weren't that great either, damn tiring ah...and didn't manage to get my photos that I wanted to take...sigh

Friday, March 12, 2004


Got my first 'F' of this course...

Lab couldn't compile, so the marker didn't even bother to mark it, and gave an outright 'F'...oh well, so much for that 2 hrs of coding in there...and such a dumb system... =|

Thank God some things are not dependant on dumb systems like this

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

*bleary eyed*

It's 3 plus AM in the morning

Having coded for the past 2 hrs or so, having finished the tougher portion of this week's lab, the rest is for tml to finish...But the next lab's a REAL killer~

Ouch...think I'm starting to realise the real gravity of the situation, and my course in general...lol

Sunday, March 07, 2004



Came back from ultimate frisbee in the afternoon, and damn tired now

Thank God it rained just now, nicer to sleep...


Saturday, March 06, 2004

Genesis Project Notes

Genesis Project Notes

Really really idiotic...though not to be taken seriously of course, as with all jokes =P

Friday, March 05, 2004



Not thinking straight...and still as impaitient as ever...crazy idiot

Thursday, March 04, 2004


My mandarin totally cmi ah...lol..think it'll be good to start (to try) to improve it...hahaha...

Else, cannot really talk properly to the PRCs ah...

Today had dinner with one of them, learnt quite a bit about them (and our customs and traditions too) too =P

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


We meet to encourage one another, reminding each other of the hope we have, due to what Christ has done, and in the future of His second coming...

Simple conclusion, but yet, means another whole lot of wrong reasons we meet up/go to church for...


Monday, March 01, 2004

The funny day

Sunday, church, frisbee, home for dinner

One after another sundays are always seemingly the same itinerary, but somehow it's always different week after week?

Service: The message, as always, had tied in with all the things learnt from the BS'es (Bible Study, NOT Bull **** pls!) I've had so far...

Frisbee: Someone joined us for frisbee, and he was too darned good, so good that we had to rearrange teams TWICE for more balance of skill ah...not sure whether he'll be joining us for frisbee again, but would be great to train w/ him again...

Went home for dinner, but E and L came over to chat up with my mum, got some (seriously bad) miscomm with the superiors in the student care centre...end up in a lot of pain, and broken relationships...but after the talk, and praying, I realised some things:

1) I need to have more paitience with the pple ard me: have lost my paitience unecessarily with my friend before liao...then my mum before when discussing this w/ her, just because she doesn't seem to want to listen/learn...

2) Army's just a kid's sandbox as compared to the "working world" outside, be it in a Christian context or not, guess it's cos of the structure they adopt (almost always hierachal, but with other systems I know diff sets of probs will arise, why? SIN)

Now am more concerned abt the mgmt, only can pray that they'll learn and move on from this mistake(s), and that yeah, no bad blood (so to speak) btw anyone...

Mum's resting @ home for now, have already quit the job, so prob will not be working for now, so also have to save a bit ah...

Was thinking a lot on the way back to hall, so that explains the crappy sms'es some of you got, but pls, it wasn't an advertisement!!! i really meant what i said in that sms lah! =P