Wednesday, March 30, 2005


There's a difference when out of tacfulness we don't say certain things, and out of whatever reasons we don't say anything that we should say for ourselves, or for the good of others.

I think I need to stop being a mouse.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Seems like my perception of a lot of things are really warped, and it's certainly there, from the way I react to particular events.

But how on earth did I reach such a state, or whether I really need to change in the first place, I still don't know.

There's something seriously wrong with my brain *knocks*

Saturday, March 26, 2005

New Firefox Version Heightens Debate Over Browser Security > March 24, 2005

New Firefox Version Heightens Debate Over Browser Security > March 24, 2005

For those who believe that firefox is invulnerable. It's not.

But nevertheless, I'll continue to use firefox, reason being that they do a better job at producing a browser as compared to Microsoft, heh heh.

Friday, March 25, 2005

For The Love Of God - March 25

GOD’S LOVE IS SPOKEN of in a variety of ways in the Bible.

In some passages God’s love is directed toward his elect. He loves them and not others (e.g., Deut. 4:37; 7:7 - 8; Mal. 1:2). But if we think of the love of God as invariably restricted to his elect, we will soon distort other themes: his gracious provision of “common grace” (Is he not the God who sends his rain upon the just and upon the unjust? {Matt. 5:45}), his mighty forbearance (e.g., Rom. 2:4), his pleading with rebels to turn and repent lest they die, for he takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked (e.g., Ezek. 33:11). On the other hand, if this were all that the Bible says about the love of God, God would soon be reduced to an impotent, frustrated lover who has done all he can, poor chap. That will never account for the loving initiative of effective power bound up with the first passages cited, and more like them.

There are yet other ways the Bible speaks of the love of God. One of them dominates in John 15:9 — 11. Here the Father’s love for us is conditional upon obedience. Jesus enjoins his disciples to obey him in exactly the same way that he obeys his Father, so that they may remain in his love: “If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father’s commands, and remain in his love” (15:10).

The context shows that this is not telling us how people become Jesus’s followers. Rather, assuming that his hearers are his followers, Jesus insists that there is a relational love at stake that must be nurtured and preserved. In exactly the same way, the love of the Father for the Son says nothing about how that relation originated (!), it merely reflects the nature of that relationship. The Father’s love for the Son is elsewhere said to be demonstrated in his “showing” the Son everything, so that the Son does all the Father does and receives the same honor as the Father (John 5:19 - 23); the Son’s love for the Father is demonstrated in obedience (14:31). As my children remain in my love by obeying me and not defying me, so Jesus’ followers remain in his love. Of course, there is a sense in which I shall always my children, regardless of what they do. But there is a relational element in that love that is contingent upon their obedience.

Thus Jesus mediates the Father’s love to us (15:9), and the result of our obedience to him is great joy (15:11). “Keep yourselves in God’s love” (Jude 21).

Copyright 2004 D.A. Carson


What's this thing about attention?

Many times we see mindsets that say "Those that give me the attention, then I'll reciprocate" (I myself still think like that even so sometimes)

In itself, definitely we recognise it as being self-centered, wanting to be god ourselves in relating to others.

But on the other hand, considering ministry, it definitely is foolish to try to meet up with everybody that you know, and also it's not good to die die hang on to one setting, even when it's not the best to stay on at times.

So, what exactly is the deal about "attention"?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Gumstix - gumstick computers

gumstix - all things small

Quite an interesting device on the market, would be nice to be able to do a project that uses it in my final year, if I do reach there.

Ok, back to my year TWO modules....

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I not only "feel" it, but more importantly, I know it's happening, ie. this is not how I should be carrying on.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The plank in my eye

How blind can I get??

As a third party, seeing my friends going through a similar thing, I can be objective and all.

But when I'm in it myself, that's the last thing I ever realise, since my perception of things have changed in relation to that.

Sigh...if only I could've talked about this, probably a lot of this rubbish wouldn't be happening, or would it?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Almost there

Out of the six projects/labs that needs to be done, two are done, the rest are finally going to be over!

-Marketing: Meeting up to do up the presentation.
-Professional communications: Just did my speech presentation today, although I regret not sticking to my previously intended topic, but had to change since I'm an incoherent person. =P
-Digital Communications: All labs over.
-Microprocessor Design: Almost all over liao.
-Software Engineering: Almost all over.
-Computer Graphics: Left the last lab to do.

Two down, four to go. At last......can concentrate on studying all the way soon....

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another 40-day course

Before any of you groan "Oh no, more fourty days??" (for whichever reason), do take a look. A good church resource, for those who're looking out - 40 Days With The Risen Lord.

The sermon outlines are there, and there's a childrens' programme also included. More info here.

Cardinal says 'Da Vinci Code' filled with lies | Cardinal says 'Da Vinci Code' filled with lies

Mmm? Hmmm....At least someone's trying to say something here, rather than just keep quiet? I don't know whether anything else has been said by others yet anot lol...oops =")

Wednesday, March 16, 2005



It's all (as it always had been) in the hands of God liao...

Although it's a little funny to compare the speeches given during the last AGM and now, and to see where things are now, on the serious note I do hope that this issue will not have to be fought over again.

There's no point fighting over this case, although I hope that this will get people to think (though it may or may not happen).

It's over, time to move on, with the things that are really important.

My "gift"

Quoting my friend, I have the "great" ability to make people laugh, even without doing anything or saying anything. All I have to do is just sit there...
and get suaned (teased) by them. =S =S =S

Monday, March 14, 2005

Hope? HOPE? HOPE's hope?

Really thank God...yesterday's sermon was really another improvement in terms of content...the only thing now is hope that that doesn't change (the improvement).

Must remember to email pastor sometime to encourage him a bit.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Physicist Is Awarded the Templeton Prize in Spiritual Matters

Taken from this article.

Quoting from this:
"Dr. Charles Townes, a physicist who shared the Nobel Prize for helping to invent the laser, added another and most unusual prize to a lifelong storehouse of honors yesterday. In a news conference at the United Nations, he was announced as the winner of the $1.5 million Templeton Prize, awarded annually for progress or research in spiritual matters.

Dr. Townes, 89, a longtime professor at the University of California, Berkeley, has long argued that those old antagonists science and religion are more alike than different and are destined to merge.


Dr. Townes, who described himself as a Protestant Christian, said there was no reason to expect that the Bible would be all correct. Asked about his beliefs, he said, "I have enormous respect and adoration for Christ and what he did," but he added that he did not know whether Christ actually was the son of God.

"He's closer to it than anybody else I know of," Dr. Townes said."

I don't know whether to be worried or to laugh at such things.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Finally got my laptop, but from the IT fair at Suntec. Will be looking forward to studying again~~~

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The computer engineering student without a computer

It's quite restrictive to work on public terminals with my computer spoilt. I hope the laptop that I ordered from Eight Flags comes on time next week. =S

Ordered the Acer 382TCi...
Image hosted by

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Ephesians 4:7-16

By the grace of God, the church has been saved (and the work of saving is still continuing) by Christ's redeeming work on the cross.

As for the believer, He gives different gifts to different individuals, as decided by Himself.

However, the ones that he mentions in this passage, those that are directly related to the Word ministry, (in today's context would mean be it teaching it over at a rally to 1000, or at the pulpit to 100, or at a person's house leading a bible study to 10, or even one to one) have a great responsibility to fulfill even as they carry out their ministry because this is how the church will continue to be edified and to mature: each member of the body being equipped for ministry as they come to know more about Christ, and respond in an appropiate manner.

The end state in mind? Until when the church is wholly united in the faith and the full knowledge of Jesus Christ, when we as people of the kingdom of God become perfect ourselves(when He comes again and we're bodily resurrected).

The thing that definitely could happen if the word's not being faithfully taught: the body suffers, with no grounding it gets tossed about in every wave of (different) doctrine that comes our way, following every new trend that seems to work without being able to discern properly, or falling for the plots of evil men who only wish to exploit the situation for their own gain.

But instead of this happening, rather we should be carrying on growing, able to speak the truth in love, edifying the body as a whole by doing our part in ministry.

The continued work of saving people and the growing of the church is sovereignly God's, but we have our part to play whilst the judgement day has yet to come. Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us be mindful of why we do what we do, even as we try to improve on how we do things, and especially those involved in handling the Word: it's no joking matter, for with the great honour that comes with us all being called to participate in God's plans, comes responsibilities that we shouldn't conveniently shun also, even more so when it has a direct impact on the growth of the church.

Monday, March 07, 2005


Finally got the chance to talk a little to pastor about this issue, thanks to W who brought it up as a CGL, although as yet again, I suspect that he may have gotten some misunderstandings of what I do stand for or am trying to do (yet again as in many of my attempts to communicate with others).

I've come to understand a bit more about pastor, but I'm still worried in a sense.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nanyang Girls' High students join in on casino debate

Nanyang Girls' High students join in on casino debate
By Cheryl Fox, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: You're never too young to join in on the casino debate, and that's what some students from Nanyang Girls' High School have been doing.

It started out as a class assignment responding to the "for and against casino" arguments in MediaCorp's TODAY newspaper.

The students, a group of 15-year-olds, obviously felt strong enough about the casino issue to have written in to the TODAY newspaper.

What are their opinions and why they feel the way they feel?

"Personally I am against because I don't see any obvious benefits that would outweigh the disadvantages of actually having a casino in Singapore," student Sara Adam Ang told Channel NewsAsia's Cheryl Fox who visited Nanyang Girls' High School.

"Unless there is really an urgent need for a casino to be built, we shouldn't introduce the vices that would come along with the casino."
said Michelle Lim, another student of Nanyang Girls' High School.

The girls were mostly against having a casino in Singapore, saying that gambling was a social evil.

They felt the government has a duty to protect people who might be vulnerable to a gambling addiction.

But like most of Singapore, there were also differences in opinion among the girls.

"I just wish to think that we are a country that is pampered quite a lot, we are spoon fed, we are monitored quite closely. I think this is one of the few times that we should take a leap of faith....not everyone who likes entertainment is going to be addicted," student Ng Chu Ting told Cheryl Fox.

"For the longest time, we are known to be a very strict country, kind of upright. We don't have things like guns, casinos. Suddenly, bring a casino into the picture, it changes the country's image," said student Maria Kang.

"There are negative effects but if we don't take risks, no pain no gain," said Chu Ting.

"Maybe we should take risks to find out. But is a casino too big a risk? Maybe, not taking a casino is a risk as well. By not having a casino, we are potentially losing the benefits that a casino might bring. That itself a risk too. But maybe that's the risk that we should take," said Sara.

Whatever their views, the girls agreed that making their voices heard was the most important thing. - CNA

Lol...Don't think there's any point at all if the voices heard weren't heeded, unless....

Looks like CNA has an interesting way of reporting interviews.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Watched this show to relax a bit, pretty much ok, although do not expect your usual happily-ever-after ending from this show ;) Quite liked the way the three siblings behaved in their circumstances, they're really strong, although a bit the unbelieveable at times, like an infant who can really think lol..

Back to studying...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Just talked to my friend, whom I've known since secondary school days.

He just broke up with his girlfriend, and I have absolutely no idea how to console him on this, not that I'm that good at it either. And in our short conversation, I'm reminded about the friends whom go through the same cycles of action which led to nothing better in the long run, as much as it seemed good at the moment of time, and the values I used to have, even as I was a "christian" amongst them, but one whom never knew about what it meant to be in a relationship with God.

Not that I don't believe in consoling him also, even as he certainly is in pain, but the thing that he really needs is to be set free...with the truth.

The real truth, about all the rubbish in this world, about sin, about the horrible horrible consequences of it, both now and in the future, about our hopelessness, about mankind's only hope...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Couldn't help noticing

Read the Couldn't Help Noticing blog on the Matthias Media mainpage, and remembered: that I still don't quite get the link between sarcarsm (seemingly) and acting in a godly manner toward others of the opposition, although I did ask this question before, and tried to think about it.

Could be my character, that still looks at this as contradictory, or just that I don't understand fully yet...

But one thing for sure, I don't think I'm strong enough (or clear) to take on this method now, and still keep my mind on the things that I should.

ARPC blogs

Lol...I'm linked in this person's list, although I'm not really from there so to speak.

But counting it's objectives, I guess it's okay, or is it not?

Cold turkey

Am in the SCE computer room right now, at an unearthly hour of 1.30am, supposed to study, but instead am doing some reading around.

Although I'm really itching for it, but at least there're my friends here, so there's some motivation to continue to stay here to do things still for now.

I'm not really enjoying this, counting that it's a bit of a cold turkey for me, but I know that if this is a start of the end (of this problem), I will be able to start focusing on the things that I should be doing at night properly, again.