Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Page of Links

Well, my sidebar was getting really really cluttered, so I thought I'd organize the links properly. I'll be sharing the links that I found to be helpful here. I'll repost this whenever I add to or update this page.


Technical/Developer Resources




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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Far from perfect... Really, really far.

When will I stop doing others a disservice? How soon is soon?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gave Fen a big shock/surprise today. Turned up at her lift lobby as she was going home, and we were smsing one another all the way, so she thought that I was on my way back home.

The look of great shock was the first I've seen on her face. Should have taken a photo of her at that time :-D

Gave them fruits that I bought from office today. Nice fruits. (why am I writing like this?)

The nice part about giving surprises is seeing the reaction of the person. The hard part is that surprises cannot be repeated =S

Have to keep reminding myself not to take her for granted, I'd think that this is one of the things that need to be done in loving her...sacrificially.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling just panicky, worried, troubled, stressed and whatnot all rolled into one. Doesn't mean that I'm the only one facing this though..

Trust God? Trust God...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Just came back from PTBC. Here're some of the lessons learnt from it and other events these few days/weeks:
  1. Greed/discontentment/covetousness is idolatry. Because we do not trust God to take care of us in this world, and want to rely on the abundance of money to get our security.
  2. Generosity has much more meaning than being a good person when put in perspective with things like Luke 16. The money/resources given are meant for us to handle wisely: for bringing people into the Kingdom.
  3. (Looks like the laptop/spanking new WiFi-enabled handphone that I'd really love to get can wait.)
  4. Suffering and identifying with Christ go hand in hand. Don't ever forget that.
  5. Three grown men can be very afraid of one small cockroach.
  6. I have forgotten to treat my mum as I should be recently.
  7. I have forgotten to treat Yifen as I really should be recently.
The list could go on I guess, but stopping at the number 7 would seem to be perfect for a Christian list.

Yeah right ;)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Note: What follows below is just a "core dump", don't expect 100% coherence or sense in it.

Sometimes we do get uncomfortable when common friends are only able to talk about certain personal things with the other party (with whom are of opposite genders) rather than with us. And in serving our fellow brothers and sisters, we do find ourselves in such situations more frequently.

There are some inherent dangers with this. One is that of adultery (just talking from an assumed point of married couples). Though perfectly healthy and upright relationships can and do happen, as people living in a fallen world it is also equally possible for things to go overly close.

One plausible solution to that is for the open sharing to be done whenever there has been such a session, in order to keep the party accountable, and to support that party in keeping unhealthy practices in check.

Another is for guidelines to be drawn up as to how we'd interact with people of the opposite gender, so as to avoid overstepping each other's comfort threshold in the first place. I'd guess that as the relationship between a couple grows and changes, this would be one of the things that needs to be revisited and revised along the way, simply because the guidelines would vary based on the contexts, and the relationship at that point of time.

But what if there was a history? And one that might have been messy even? The same thing applies: we do what's best for the other party in love.

Finally, it would be important for all not to take this as the indicator of how good a person is, that the partner is able to show love in this way to the person that others cannot. This not only breeds jealousy, but also is the wrong way of looking at maturity anyway. And it is really unloving towards both the partner and the other person.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Being at the "young" age of 25, I've already seen or experienced things that just makes me feel regret whenever I remember them. Regret, because I simply was not blameless then. Regret, because the painful consequences simply carry on and on and on. Regret, simply because I've done wrong.

I don't know whether the wrong I've did will ever be rectified in this world. True, all our transgressions against God had been completely and finally dealt with at the cross. But sometimes there are other consequences of our actions that we'd need to contend with whilst in this body.

Whatever the case, there still is reason to rejoice! Simply because the fact, and the reality of full forgiveness doesn't change once we come to trust in Christ for forgiveness from God.
The send off for G was a crowded affair. Many had the chance to talk and enjoy being together.

Though only for a short while, I hope and pray that she'll be able to find a church that teaches the word faithfully, continue to grow in all ways, and ultimately be shown to be righteous on the last day.