Saturday, February 26, 2005

The thing at hand

Talked to WS a bit today after service.

Not much answers, not that I expected any then.

But glad to get some advise on this a bit, am really stuck and sian abt this.

But would rather share this with someone whom I can be accountable to for about.

Things that have no right no wrong, are the most troublesome kind of things to think about


I must be careful when I talk.
I must be careful when I talk.
I must be careful when I talk.
I must be careful when I talk.
I must be careful when I talk.

Oh yeah btw,
I must be careful when I talk.

We're all changing, but I cannot keep regretting things that I say, or do.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Going nuts

Meeting up with people (online or in person, like-minded or not) is important, because we can talk, share one another's burden, and more importantly, to encourage one another to look forward to the Day itself.

The pressure's getting really great: a lot of questions, but no answers yet. A lot of uncertainty, but no confirmation.


(But thanks A, for talking online)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mind reading

Sometimes people seem to know what I'm thinking about, even when I don't know it myself, or haven't revealed it.

Looks like knowing psychics can be pretty interesting in itself.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

20 scoops of ice cream

Went for the ice cream buffet in the afternoon, ate more ice cream than I could ever want in one session.

Ahhhhh....really makes you sleepy man, all those ice cream...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Part Time

Anyone has any part time job openings?

I think I'll need to buy almost a completely new computer...and I've a feeling that I'll need to spend a whole bomb on it this time (it's still spoilt).

And the fact that there're things that I'll need money for, in the short term, doesn't help at all.

Feeling and Thinking

Really demoralised now.

Really FEEL like saying that I want to change church just like that, counting so many push and pull (supposedly) things that are current.

But I refuse to base the decision on feelings.

Carrying on with reading the book 'Spirit of Truth', and have realised that a lot of my attitudes have degraded into misdirected objects of love, namely myself. Not only in terms of my brothers and sisters in church and school, but even my family, and those who don't profess to believe in Christ also.

Of course I can blame me being distracted probably and stuff like that, but in the end, it's still my acting out of my sinful nature.

Am in a big dilemma now, with a whole lot of grey areas around: I want to continue to learn, and grow, but should that be the reason that I change? We should be seeing how we can serve one another wherever we are, but isn't it "stupid" if we carry on in a situation where we definitely know that we'll fall back in the same pattern of past sinful living again?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The healthy ain't need no doctors

Mark 2:13-17

Imagine: if a holy person came to our country, who're the very last people we'd expect him/her to mingle with? Who're the people we'd expect him/her to interact with most if not all the time?

What we see happening in this portion is Christ mingling with our modern day equivalent of traitors, prostitutes, corrupt officials and probably even lawyers (ok, stupid joke), as referred to as 'sinners'. Not just visiting them to gain publicity or popularity for himself, but really interacting with them over a meal at his house all together.

Pretty much different from what we'd expect in general...and it did shock me...

The Pharisees' response: "If He's really from God, He won't fellowship with the sinners!"

But Christ came for the sinners, which means you and me, for all have sinned, and the only solution to the grave situation we're in is to turn, and trust in the gospel, which Christ came to earth to preach.

Some implications: Given our tasks as citizens of the Kingdom whilst here on earth, who're the people we interact with? Are there people whom we avoid for the wrong reasons, mainly because they're non-christian, or are living lives that are not holy enough?

PS: Just sharing my thoughts whilst thinking abt this, that's all.

No computer, no technology

Checked my computer, it may be a lot worse than I thought, that I may need to spend money on a new motherboard &/or a processor....

And with my handphone being sent for repair, and my Palm IIIxe (which was given to me) losing ALL it's data due to a flat battery, I'm totally stranded in terms of organising my time.

Already have had TWO clashes with my activities, all just because I forgot what I already had on, both tomorrow (family dinner and hall related activity) and this saturday (a meeting and a canvassing event).

Crap, I think I should learn to use pen and paper more often, especially when I will need to scrimp and save on whatever I can.

Monday, February 14, 2005

No hands

Look Ma! No hands!

Computer's down...again

As said above.

This time, it's a lot more serious than the previous one, as in I'm not sure what's wrong with it this time.

Hope I don't lose any data...that's all I hope for the computer being down, that's a good thing =) for now...

Friday, February 11, 2005

When...if ever?

How much longer will this carry on, or is this one thing ever going to end?

One more thing I've concluded from tonight's talk: that I'm horrible at communicating verbally, really really horrible.

But no matter what, I'm going to continue to learn. We've not been redeemed to sit down and say "I give up!", when we're not at the destination yet.

Chinese New Year

It's been a (good?) time of resting and relaxing during the Chinese New Year period, although I didn't get to do as much work as I intended to (brought my textbook home to try to read...).

Spent the last two days visiting a few relatives (and relatives-to-be) and friends. Really miss the times (or do I?) where I could be idiotic and all smiley ALL the time, like most of the time spent with friends; but now, it's better not to be, for when the time calls for it, it's better to be serious and not a joker.

Got a lift back from W to school (thanks!), got to talk to him about some issues. Although not really settled there and then (didn't expect them to be), but thankful that at least there are friends who're willing to discuss things properly and listen too, contrary to my past impressions. But the opportunities are still few (be it created or not), and few as they are, they're not taken all the time...

Back in hall for tomorrow's lessons... blah. But at least got the chance to read some more.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

It is time... to open all the ang pows that have been collecting dust over the past FEW years in my drawer... very few hor? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Christway Media - D.A. Carson's For The Love Of God, Volumes One and Two

For The Love Of God - Volumes One and Two - A Devotional Bible Study by Dr. Donald Carson

Some have heard a little bit about the devotional by D.A. Carson, you can suscribe for it to be sent to you via email on a daily basis for free, although it's the previous volumes. Take note though, I think it's a bit different from the normal devotionals that we get in terms of format, although I've not read many devotionals myself(!).

Just send any email to to start the sign-up process, which is the Normal Suscribe address as listed in the page. The link to the page has also been added into the list of links ;)

"Messiah Syndrome"?

I must be very careful in what I do, it may have undesired consequences...

Especially when I start living the lie about myself.

Handphone spoilt

My handphone's spoilt, and I've sent it for repair... =(

That means please identify yourself initially when you message me especially...sigh

Monday, February 07, 2005



If you want to waste a few minutes of your life, here's something for you.

Sydney Anglicans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sydney Anglicans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stumbled upon this whilst trying to find out about some stuff. Makes for an interesting read, on a bit of the background on some things. =)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ministry Matters

Ministry, does matter.

Be it in regard to non-believers, or professing christians.

Ministry, does matter.

There's really a lot that I need to improve on, but thank God for His work in us.

Somehow (although I know it's just my sinful self), I've stopped loving people, friends and relatives in almost all of my circles, and have become a present day Pharisee, loving only truth in itself, but unconcerned with what God truly is concerned about.

So, if you want to help me, do ask me how am I in this area from time to time, ok? ;)


Thank God for a lot of things: PT, John Chapman(section on Influences on Sydney Anglicanism), Vaughan Roberts, the talks, the wonderful people who went for various reasons, and Christ, without whom many things, like this post will not exist.

The weekend was really wonderful, not only hearing God's word being preached, but also the chance to talk to a few about ministry, and to get to know people.

May we all continue to remind one another of the things that do matter, till the day He arrives, that we may continue to be vigilant in keeping the gospel that has been passed down to us, fulfilling the task given to us all.

Friday, February 04, 2005

EE, then now MM

Just went for the third day of the talks today, am looking forward to MM.

Also may give me the much needed break...away from my computer.

Gmail Invites

Errr....I have 50 invites...yeah, FIFTY. (goodness)

If anyone wants any, just drop me a mail at gunblad3 @ gmail . com

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wooden Army: My creation for my SC208 (computer graphics) lab Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Went for the Evening Expositions tonight with A, TYC, M, ZY, GV, talk was by John Chapman on the parables of Jesus, where he talked about Luke 12:1-21 ansd 22-48. Met (up with) many many people there also, including a "long lost friend".

First time hearing parables of Jesus being preached in such a way (thank God!), although I'm still pretty much interested to read up more about the part about (verse 10) blaspheming the Spirit meaning constantly denying His call to repentance to believe in Christ.

Am looking forward to going there again tomorrow... ^^

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The world on marriage

If cute/pretty/handsome/smart (choose any combination of it), it makes the person a "natural" choice for a spouse.

Where fidelity is sidelined and promiscuous behaviour is increasingly being accepted, even here in Singapore.

Such is the ideas that bombard us all in this fallen world, and no one is spared as long as you're alive, whether male or female, young or old, even christian or not.

The results? Far too many to list...really too many. *sic*

Not condemning anyone, since we have no hope of our own, if not for God seeking us out, and also looking at where we came from, which exactly was this: our outright rebellion against God's rule, be it consciously or not.

But'd be a wonderful thing if everybody lived our lives as we should be....from that day of judgement.

I myself am still trying to find out about and work out God's idea in terms of marriage, etc, that I may be able to continue to grow. But you who read this, single or not, if you've already given your lives to Christ, do try to find out if you've not already learnt yet (it certainly is very DIFFERENT from what we see, even today), and to continue in it if you've already had, giving thanks to God for the ability to trust in Christ in this area whilst being vigilant. If you're not a christian, do seriously consider the claims of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the bible, for yourself. Nobody knows how much time we all have left, before it's too late.

Appointment troubles

Even a handphone planner can't stop me from time planning clashes.

I conveniently forgot my school time table when it come to planning on my things to do for tomorrow, and hence, another thing to undo.



Thank God for the chance to talk, and the dinner today...

For it really put me back in perspective on what's important, not only in word, but also in my actions these past few weeks.

My cutting down of DotA starts now.