Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Got a "toy" cam (similar to this camera, the category of photography being called lomography) as a bday present from my CG, can't wait to develop my first roll of film used, thoughI have abad feeling about the way the film was loaded....not too sure whether I spoilt the whole roll or not... =S

Have been confused about what I've recently heard about healing, and from what I've seen. Been talking to people about it, seeing their views on this and their reasons, but will have to see what the Bible says about this, for myself, somehow..

Back to school finally! Though will need to see when can I move back to hall...it's great to be able to talk to my friends around again =)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Poll: Do I have a "suan me!" face???

Answers available:
Y) Yes
N) No

Got suaned, or attempts at suaning, today, not once, but twice! By different groups even, crap leh

Anyway, happy birthday Tree!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Back to school

School's gonna start soon, a new chapter in my uni life

Somehow, I'm looking forward to it, miss school life, and the people too =D Serious!

Staying at home somehow drains me though...Think I need to rethink some things

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Ministry Matters

Had our cycling trip to P. Ubin yesterday, got to talk to some of the freshies and others more too, and got to know them this little bit more, while just having fun and hanging out.

BBQ and Afterglow was today too, left house in the morning to help out with preps, and stuff. Had the BBQ, and somehow, didn't really get to talk to my OG, and some others, though I'd have loved to, but something's weird, dunno why either. Anyways just crapped around today, and yes, though didn't really talk to anyone that much in particular, but was still glad to have talked to whomever I did have the chance to.

All these, continue to antagonise my mum, whom for some reason thinks that I'm having fun at all these totally, since the start of the holidays, which of course, given the amount of money spent on food, transport, etc, and the time, and the stress: any non-christian with common-sense would not get himself into, and probably slack off during the holidays, and really relax in a way(I would! =P ).

Have wanted to spend more time with my mum, and my other friends, both from church, and even school(s), but somehow, somewhere, the plans just fell short most of the time; feel bad about it, cos' not only of the plans that fell short, but also, how much can we share our lives with other people, to be able to share/encourage with the gospel, if we don't even get to see them or talk to them when the chance comes up? Priorities..priorities...but really a hard adjustment to make, seeing how easily I fell into this one.

I hope things show improvement on my side, but I know that that'll involve some changes which I may not like/want in terms of preference.


Is it time again to make a stand on things? I don't know, and I don't want to make bad choices that are not good for anyone in the end..heck, I don't even know whether I'm thinking too much into things for now, but there're certainly things which I'm not really up to yet, and yes, I don't want to make bad choices.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Birthday celebration

Celebrated my (belated) birthday today with the CFers after our
meeting and going with Tree to SLS to buy some stuffs.

Got a shock when I saw the number of people at the dinner, about 20
people?! And I was expecting a CG dinner lor...nice and small =P
Still certainly am not used to getting so much attention from so many
people in one shot, especially when the BIG cake came out... Shy ah

Got a lot of presents and cards too, and yes, my original birthday
wish came true, that I can get to spend time with my friends, both
church and CF, but for school friends....nevermind, I'll certainly not
stop trying to see when can spend time with them, they're very
important to me leh (especially when it comes to doing lab work!
hahaha...joking lah)

Got smashed in my face upteem times with the cake, thanks to Andrew
and Charmian, think I'll have to be more careful with them around =P
and shifu, if you're reading this, I remember the one you asked Drew
to smash on my face, and I won't forget! Muahaha...

It's great to see the CFer seniors and freshmen alike: the thought
that we're all united in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that we're
all partners/stewards of the true gospel, somehow it gives me the
strength/motivation to carry on working, seeing that the gospel DOES
change lives and, of course, our status'es before God. Seeing them,
and other non-christian friends, makes me want to learn more, and to
continue to see how we can direct/encourage them to Christ, with our

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Did my first try at event photoshooting during our church's 72nd anniversary last Sunday, one of the pictures I dared to upload/submit amongst the many cmi ones =) (and do remember to smile ok?) Posted by Hello

Monday, July 12, 2004

The Others

Reading others' blogs, I'm even more convinced that pple (even my mum too, though she doesn't blog) do have their share of problems (duh), and that I shouldn't keep thinking of my own also only. Don't worry friends, though I don't reply or leave comments much, but am still reading and praying with you all

(My mum) just found out that my brother's been promoted to Major liao! (he's serving his bond in army) Hwah....

Surprisingly, my mum started talking again today, though most of it is still her usual noise again, but am keeping in mind what pple have told me abt this so far, and keeping that in perspective, thanks tree and S!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

This is the day, that the Lord has made (along with the week)

Thank God for birthdays man

Thanks guys, for those who msged me, and encouraged me: Your lives are
already a great encouragement for me to continue striving to pass on
the one true gospel to pple, alongside with you all

Thanks shifu, for the cheesecake (the slice of it! =P ) and avie, for
the gift you gave

Thanks guys, from HOPE, for celebrating together too

If birthday wishes really really came true, my wish is for my
(immediate) family to be on talking terms again, the relationship's
there, the unity in Christ too, but everything else somehow doesn't
seem to be there, and that, doesn't help in any way for us to
encourage each other...and I (still) am worried for my mum

FOC had been really good, some learnt new things, got a glimpse of
what gospel-centered teaching can really be like too, some got
reminded of truths (like myself), we all made new friends, all got to
know more brothers and sisters in Christ who're all partners in the
gospel, some learnt more about what running a camp is really like, all
got to know more about some espressions of godliness is like; and even
though there were many hiccups in the camp, but this ministry is God's
and thank God, that His hand was behind this too all the way

Am really really encouraged by the freshies and seniors alike, dun
think words can describe it, but seeing them makes me want to continue
to work toward helping pple along this journey of life, whilst already
in God's kingdom (or to show them how to come into it), until Christ
comes again

Friday, July 09, 2004


Came back from orientation camp, really tired, as we (the committee)
had to work really hard, but have been reminded of things that I
should remember, but have forgotten...and also have been v v
encouraged by the pple there, everyone! Thanks for making it a
success, even with the hiccups that occurred during the camp.. =P

Wonder wat I'm gonna do tml...hmmm...

Really really tired...think will have to crash soon, will blog more
another time...

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Whatever Happens

Whoever reads this, do pray for us if you can, both the OGL/AOGLs, and the committee members involved in the orientation camp, that:

1) We'll be able to handle the (probable) sudden influx of participants in the camp administratively

2) We'll continue to do things in perspective of why we're doing this for

3) Am feeling damn insecure abt a lot of things, I don't know why, but it certainly isn't helping, not trusting others around me, both in doing things, and what they're thinking

4) And whatever happens, that I(/we)'ll conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel that has been entrusted to us

And pray for me and my mum too, not talking completely, which is good in the sense that totally no avenue for quarrels whatsoever, but I know this isn't the state things should be in

The theme of the camp's "Whatever Happens", and will be away from 6-9th July

(PS: Pics from zoo outing's out, for those who're interested to see)

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Can I Give Up?

What does it really mean to rely on His strength other than your own?
Or is it really not the correct way to think abt it in the first place?

A mum who has crazy thinkings which can't be verified, getting
stressed by all the wrong pple supposedly, a whole lot of things to do and to be done, it'll be great if I don't crack or go mad by the end of this holidays, thank God for those whom have been working together so far, else would've really DIED by now.

Know that ministry entails suffering, but in these ways? From such
unlikely sources so to speak? But aren't we all supposed to encourage one another? Unless I (most probably) am being oversensitive to the way pple react, esp when they're tired and all that, and am expecting too much otherwise, and worse, am not helping them as I should be.

This is crazy, and sharing with my mum is impossible, as it had been
since primary school, and now that she's having crazy thoughts, and is crying murder for some of the things which I don't even know why yet, and of course am not on good terms with so to speak, that, certainly is an avenue which is far-fetched to even begin to start trusting enough to share the crap. And since a very very long time ago, when I've made some very wrong (and stupid) social choices, basically now there's nobody to gripe to properly; but then again, who the hell listens to guys gripe abt their stresses anyway?