Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The "Slack" Day

Hwah....ended up sleping at 4 am last night, then waking up at 11 plus....gosh, feel like a pig man!

Had the first lecture for one of the weirdest modules (I feel), EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: PRINCIPLES & METHODS, so weird! Anyway it was quite fun, got to have "ice-breakers" with the tutorial group, then discussing on communications barriers, using that as an example...lol, anyway hope to be able to get to know the rest of the group soon? And that....that....that........

Went to the Chrstian Fellowship welcome tea too...hehe...I think I more or less confirm join them liao lor....lol

By His stripes we are healed...?

Hwah...had a terrible headache in the day, don't know why or how it came about anyway, it's gone liao! Haha...after praying abt it and not really thinking abt it too much actually...?

1 Kings 11
Faithless in Love
"I WANT TO do God's will--if only I knew what it was," the young woman said to her pastor. "God has brought Bill and me together, and he has created a great love between us. Bill wants to marry me, but I'm not sure."

"But has Bill given himself to Jesus Christ?" her pastor probed.

"No, not yet," she hesitated. "But I think he will--perhaps after we're married . . ." Her voice trailed off under her pastor's firm gaze.

"God has already shown you his will, I think," her pastor replied. "You know Paul's writings to the Christians at Corinth: `Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.'"

God's laws may seem harsh, but they are less harsh than the results of living by our own guidelines. God seems to know what works. Solomon had occasion to discover this truth.

Deja vu? Almost...

Looking at the youths that I now talk to, am really proud of them, at their age they're already CGLs, helping out in the junior sunday school ministry, and whatnots, hwah...am really encouraged by them, but at the same time, sometimes I do get this weird feeling that what have I been doing during those times? Lol, know that we're all serving the same God, and that everyone has a role to play, but it's funny that looking at them (I feel OLD), and encouraged, yet I do get a good kick in the butt(literally) too! Hahaha...

One of the worst thing in life is to lose your father, what more is it to lose your Spiritual Father? May this never happen in anybody who has already found Him.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Soooo touched.....

Praying Our Discontent

"THE ROOM IS too cold. Why were we seated way back in the corner? You'd think a restaurant like this would have more selection on the menu. When is our food going to get here? I don't even think this waitress deserves a tip . . ."
Perhaps you've had a meal with a person who complains like this. Some people are never satisfied with what they are given. Such people are tiring to be with. In contrast, the person who is aware of God's never-ending good gifts (and a person who seems to have comparatively less) is a joy to be around. Where do you fall on this spectrum?

Think it's quite a simple yet important/effective truth? Cos instead of having a big problem, what about having a big God instead(who can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in His power to give you only the best)?

Today finally started lectures...hehe...not really started lah, the lecturers mainly talked about the course syllabus and admin stuff, only 2 out of 3 taught today, and from one of them can tell that a lot of people are going to zhao a particular subject?(not saying that I want to or will lah!!) Lol...poor thing...

Had a prayer meeting for my church this eening, and the things that happened? Hwah... Played guitar for the short worhip session, but within those 3 songs, think I screwed up quite a bit(or at least I thought?). Then started to become so kan-cheong....so paiseh, started to sweat like mad...haha...but thank God, 1) I survived, and 2) at least we still did worship in the end!

Anyway after that, a friend of mine (anyway I think of her more as an elder sister in Christ than anything else) gave me a lift, originally to a train station along the way back to my campus, but ended up she decided to send me back all the way to my hall!(which is at the OTHER end of the island?) Wah....so touched, and shocked actually, but she just said that she's just blessed what, so just passing it on lor =)

Another weird thing today though, along the way, she gave me exactly the same piece of advice as she did 4 yrs ago before I went into junior college? Well, think God's trying to tell me something through all these things (and was...)too? Especially when it now is along the same line as the things I get from the book I'm reading noadays, in a nutshell: I'm not ready yet! =)

Yay...my lectures' are gonna start soon...haha

Hehe...finally, my lectures start tommorrow? And though I think that this will show the extent of which my brains have rotted, I'm STILL excited at going back to school again, at the thought of living school life, and LEARNING...haha (pls don't scold me!!!)

Anyway, think God's really amazing here, saw a few of my ex primary and secondary school friends around the campus today? And was quite surprised to feel absolutely NO anger whatsoever? Chatted with one of them on the way back, learnt that he's become Christian after we all separated in secondary school, don't know, but first impression's was that he's changed... =)

Hehe...am wondering whether THAT was a prayer answered? Think so...


Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Musings in lala-land

Just another slack day...ZZZ...no lessons...yet!

Haha...anyway, today had a talk with a friend? I dunno abt the people readnig this, but, I believe God was trying to dig out one of my issues which I thought I've buried so long ago: The forgiving of my (pri & sec) school mates, which I so conveniently tried to forget with the passing of time, but, I KNOW that isn't right, only thing is that I see the need, not feel the conviction/need (meaning, I don't think I'll be able to to it whole-heartedly now?)...

And also, abt all of this bgr thingy and getting married and blah blah blah, I don't know whether I want it too much? True, it's ok to want to get married (someday!), but wanting it too much...I fear may only hinder me instead of letting me grow?

Sad when you know people are separated from the Father, and that they need Him, but don't know how to bring them to Him?...

Monday, July 21, 2003

The new room

Haha, haf jus moved into my new room last night, and finally settled in my new room! yay...haha

can't wait to start studying, though my friend says i'm mad...lol

but on a more serious note, think God's trying to help my friend out, don't think it's a coincidence that so many things have happened in the span of one day, all relating to the samy type of issues? But i can only hope that this dear sis in Christ will grow through all this man...

Gosh, yesterday's sermon, one thing hit me really hard, it's really weird that even though we all declare the Bible to be the most important book in our lives, but over the years, not many has actually tried to read the whole book, not that it determines our relationship with the Author (thank God!), but....you know what I mean

lalala....uni days are starting... =)

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Clean clean clean, study study study

Today nothing spectacular happened, only that I got my room keys (finally) and cleaned my hostel room?

Wah, but really the excitement of starting school's mad man, am really excited to start uni next week, not only because I wish to study again, but also for The One I'm studying for too lor...dunno, either I'm somehow psycho, or something else?

Wah, didn't know that subjects registering is THAT bad man....but hey IceGal leave it in the Lord's hands ok? I'm sure there's a reason for whatever the outcome of this "madness"!

And hey Avie, cheer up!

Friday, July 18, 2003

To be edifying...?

Wow, the book I'm reading now, Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris (my birthday present! haha), am getting more and more revelations as I continue to read? Wow... And think a lot of insights in there are sound, biblical and applicable in our culture too lor, though some others are really American in context too.

Gosh, my friend's feeling down, have read her blogs, she says that they're an outlet for her? Think it is for some who write that, wonder whether they should be really taken THAT seriously? Probably not as she says, but then again, should we at times too? Especially when they need it? Clarification for anyone spying on me: I CARE for my friends? Not like them when 1) they're female and 2) I show concern for them?!

Have been thinking about one thing as I read the book, wonder how a courtship can be edifying? Godly I know, but edifying? Hmm....

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The BORING day



Doncha laugh at this, cause it's true! Lol

Had a walk with my friend down the Esplanade today evening? And it was like very windy, so my friend commented that it'll rain, but I said that it's just windy, so it's good.

Anyway, shortly after it started to rain a bit, so I being the lazy one who has not taken my umbrella out from my bag since the Sydney trip, got my umbrella redy for use, saying "Wait the umbrella take out then the rain stop, then it'll be so crap", and really, the rain stopped at that very moment lor, so continued walking? Think after a few metres, my friend looked at the lamp post, and said that it's still raining! And at that moment the rain started to come down through the tree-tops, so went for shelter

Later, had commented jokingly to my friend to be careful for what you pray for, cause you may jolly well get it, like the rain (laugh...), so my friend challenged me to stop the rain, so in the same jest, prayed out loud "God! Please stop the rain!", and in 2 min the rain really became a small drizzle! Was then that my friend had nothing to say...hehehe

But on a more serious thought, if we can "play with the weather" just like that, imagine what we REALLY can do with the faith "the size of a mustard seed"...I wonder... (can't remember the verse though, I still suck at memory verses...haha)

The feelings within

ohmygodohmygodohmygod...this is sooooo crap...the person that I feel most at ease around is also the person that causes me the most pain when I see my dear friend at times!!!!

ouchouchouch...God...if this's not from You, PLEASE take it away!! Crap....

But all these, I let You do Your will...? So please.......

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The (Ex-)Youth

Hehe...soooo happy today...then again I smile too much? (someone told me that I'm smiling too much, even when playing the role of a very oppresed person during a skit)

Gosh, have been thinking abt the trip, mean, still wondering whether people were just tired, or....they really had other "bad" agendas that conflicted? And also some things cropped up for a person even during the trip, probably that's y he was not that happy that day...but God even used that to show His grace, I mean, he had to rush back to Singapore before our R&R, and he lost his passport at the Sydney Olympic Park!! But our guys managed to get it from the lost & found (a passport!), and managed to rush to the airport y cab just on time for the emergency flight back home!

And to the guys who got my present, "THANKS a million!", really loved the watch man =)

A comment by a friend has been popping up in my mind, (probably it comes from being with the youths), that they look to me as a "role-model" (of sorts), that I should be helping out in the particular ministry too? Hmm...makes me really wanan live my life right for Him, but also to serve as an encouragement (and be an encourager) for the rest of the younger people I'm in contact with? lol

And thanks to Avie for commenting..hehe....

Monday, July 14, 2003

I'm back!

After a week of an un-imaginble experience, finally touched down at the Changi Airport at about 9 plus, came out at 10-ish, to see my mum, and brother (later). Only saw my family, but heard that supposed to have a few others coming to pick me up? (*touched*), but end up cancelled last minute! Hahaha....good lah, I left quite fast after saying bye to the rest, afterward the "welcoming party" miss me there ah lol...

The week, at Sydney for the Hillsongs Conference, was AMAZING man....can't believe how much God has taught me during this time, there were "good" times (mostly) and a day of "bad" times, when I felt totally down and alone, but that turned out to be a lesson for me, or a reminder from Him?

The Hillsongs Conference was electrifying man, really warmed my heart to see people so passionate about the Lord, in addition to the people (Ausies) being naturally generally friendly too, and also to see so many people in a single place, all for the conference!

Think most of my personal objectives were met (they told us to set three personal objectives before going, which should be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Reasonable, and the Time-frame, acronym's SMART,,,pretty neat huh?), 1) To learn more about vocals, and how I can use my voice to serve, since that's the workshops I'm supposed to be going for? 2) To get to know the rest more 3) To rekindle the fire for God within me, and more that it'd never be snuffed again...

The first one was not fulfilled, cos the vocals training was just teaching things we already knew, so I ended up going mostly for the worship leader related stuff hehe...

Seond one's not really fulfilled to the level I wished, but I's reckon that I'd get to know the rest more when more interaction's possible?

As for the thrd one...THAT, was fulfilled...really, can't describe the process man, really was too indescribable lol

But one of the greatest things that came to my attention was this: I lost my conference pass (which I needed to go into the main area with) on the last day of the conference (Friday), along with my bus/train/ferry ticket, in the morning, so naturally was quite disturbed by that, but the thing was that in my impression, absolutely NO ONE seemed to care about that, and continued along with their chatting and programmes for the rest of the day without even offering to help (it seemed?), well, to cut a long story short, was alone for the whole day, until the evening, when they finally got me in using somebody else's pass who was already inside? And worse, the entire day, kept having the impression that people are ignoring me? (can talk to them, then they stare at you, then look away, then you get their attention, they look back, then ignore you again!!!) End result was not pretty, felt like crap for the whole day, and didn't really know what to do? But that evening after the night rally, I was better.

Thing's not the incident, but the things it set me to thinking, what were my "hidden" agendas for going there? To get attention? Or jus to know the people more only? To be served in a sense? Or to serve? Was scared by the fact that I actually hated some of the people there for what they have been doing during the trip!

Think I'll have somemore sorting out to do...? But till then, I'll want to focus on serving the Lord, and also see how can help improve the ministry back in church

Wow....it's 3am....time to sleep?

Sunday, July 06, 2003

'Cause I'm leaving...on a jet plane....don't know when I'll be back again...

Hahaha, except for the last part lah...anyway gotta go soon...cya next sunday!

Had a very happy day today, jus a normal lunch with the youths...dunno y either

Anticipation for the trip's unbelievable man...Sydney here i come!

The Last Supper...

Gosh, soon will be the time for the flight liao (erm, actually it's abt 3/4 of a day more), bt nevertheless still very excited abt it...gonna have a bite first before I turn in perhaps?

Hehe, today actually got up a webpage, am quite surprised, cos, so long nv do, actually gave up a long time (long long time ago...before your time...)

Anyway I thank God for His graciousness to me so far the 21 years of my life, think each and very one of us has a story to tell, but seeing how He manipulated the circumstances to let my family know Him, was amazing man now that I think abt it...?

And gosh! I'm celebrating my 21st birthday in Sydney! Not that I'm really celebrating? Cos no one knows from there I think... Awww, oh well, at least I got half my birthday present from my good friend yesternight, so am contented? Arghz

Saturday, July 05, 2003

The Hill(songs)

Tml am going to Sydney for the HIllsongs Conference...can't wait for it sia...

More so, can't wait to see how my life changes after that...coming back to start moving to my hostel and start my university life...woohoo...

Creation of a new world

Hello World!