Thursday, January 29, 2004

The sheep and the goats

Attended the briefing for the English Speaking Corner yesterday evening, with us (really) befriending the PRC scholars as one of the objectives. The passage shared then was this. So many passages that talk about showing real concern to strangers, and taking the initiative too to interact with them...

I wanna be a sheep! *baaa~~*

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


What to say? Well, I'm now 'GunBound' =P

The friendly friend

Bible Gateway : PROV 18:24

Do you want to have a friend? Fine. Be one. Do you want people to reach out to you? Reach out to them. Do you want people to like you? Show that you like them. To have a friend you must befriend!

Sounds almost critical or extreme, but really true...

Tml gotta show up for the accreditation of SCE by Engineering Acceditation Board, for some weird reason I volunteered! Well, if it helps somehow yeah? =P

Monday, January 26, 2004


Same ol' passage, 1 Cor 13:4-7, but one thing stood out, like a lot of the themes presented in the bible.

It's not seeking own rights, not about serving yourelf, but how you can serve others, the people-centeredness, the-others-ministry.

Somehow, sometime, have lost focus on that, and yeah, became so stupidly self-focused subconsciously, but yeah, with God's grace, this will be settled in a way? More things to learn (and relearn too) in the future...

Thanks guys for praying with me, and also to my CG from NTU too~

All The King's Men

Have just started reading this book, All The King's Men, by Stu Weber, dunno how it ended up in my room eons ago, but have finally picked it up and started reading..

Have not progressed very far with the book, but with every paragraph (so far), it has not failed to gnaw at my probably buried feelings/thoughts: that I need friends around, not just for the advice, or encouragement, or even company, but I guess for the fellowship that happens with it too. And sad to say, yeah, I've had friends whom have come and gone, from kindegarten all the way to army, but the only group I've come so far as to experience what I was looking for, was THE group from JC.

Really thank God for them, guess it was the good and bad times we had together, even though it was only for two yrs in JC, after which we seldom jio'ed each other out cos of other stuff, but it's a group which most of my best, and probably worst too, moments which I've shared with..

Sad to say, have not seen any other group/individual(s) whom that level has been reached...yet? I don't know...but for one I really hope that will be able to grow just as close to the CG(s) I'm in?

Nah..not stating expectations or what, probably hopes lah...but slowly lah, along the way I guess...but also brings to the point abt to have friends, you (prob?) have to be a friend to others first, and have I been doing that?

Excerpt from the book, quoting C.S. Lewis
In a perfect Friendship---when the whole group is together, each bringing out all that is best, wisest, funniest in all the others. Those are the golden sessions; when four or five of us after a hard day's walking have come to our inn; when our feet are spread out toward the blaze and our drinks are at our elbows; when the whole world, and something beyond the world, opens itself to our minds as we talk; and no one has any claim on...another, but all are freemen and equals as if we had first met an hour ago, while at the same time an Affection mellowed by the years enfolds us. Life--natural life---has no better gift to give. Who could have deserved it?


CNY hols was a good rest for me, and a lot of things learnt too =)

Hope it was good for you all out there too...time to (carry on to) face school again!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Going home for the hols, happy Chinese New Yr to all of you!

Have not been feeling too good recently, headaches (again), thank God it's more or less ok liao

Sunday, January 18, 2004


Quoting from another blogger's entry (pls dun be angry that I plagiarised tree!)


Yes, friendship is not about "because I do this for you so you must do that for me". But friendship is also not about one friend who keeps giving everything to maintain the friendship, while the other just keeping taking. Friendship is just like any other relationships, you cannot be in it yourself. And it requires effort, big or small. That is why no one should keep giving, and no one should be at the receiving end all the time.

If you should lose me tomorrow, would you regret not putting in that littlest effort to make me happy? If I should lose you tomorrow, would I regret not doing more to be a better friend to you? Have you understood what it means to be a friend?


I'm confused, really

Heck, this is starting to be a really weird thing indeed

Am starting to question a lot of the things I'm doing, why, how, what next, why why why why why... on earth did things turn out this way? If only some things can be restarted from a clean slate? But then again, I know that's impossible anyways, so have to work on from here...


Saturday, January 17, 2004


Had Bible Study on Romans today, did a very very brief overview from the first chapter and the last two =P
Have been going for quite a few lately, first on wednesday (on philippians) then today...too much free time ah...for now?

Nothing much blogworthy to write, that's y no posts; But watched Paycheck just now, quite an absurd show, I mean, apart from the sci-fi part, but the story's really really far-fetched!!

Then again, it's a John Woo film, so just enjoy it as an action show lah!

Some underlying themes about the show being real in the future? Like memory erasure? But then again, one thing: Why agree to it(having your memory wiped) in the first place?!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Night Safari

Just came back an hr ago from Night Safari outing with the PRC scholars (or students), "freshies" in a sense, but most taking the English course in NIE for now

objective was to befriend them, really had a great time there, got to know some of them, found another CE senior, got to know some more CFers from other CFs, and to know other CFers a little better, though a lot of it was a lot of suaning ah haha

Am uploading pics I took from there as I blog now

Also, went for my first run since before exams, only one round around NTU, but standard really cannot make it ah =/

Also had BS with some others, did an overview of Philippians, haven't go in depth liao but already got lessons for us to learn...Am really excited to see what the next sessions of BS and sharing will come up with man...

thank God for today! Though very very tired now, and a bit wet from rain ah... =P

Monday, January 12, 2004


The most eventful first day of school I've had, to date...

Just came back from CG, after being stuck in the lift with the rest of the CG (from NTU) for almost an hour

First time being stuck in a lift thou, but thank God it's with them, cos we really had a great time crapping and sharing in there (irony was that we were probably all quite uncomfortable with each other and didn't really open up in the beginning of the CG), and also talking abt stuffs, and from the bible too

Well, anyways, when we were "rescued", the thing that got us stuck there? A piece of toilet paper that was on the floor somehow got wedged in between the doors, which also caused the doors to open a little, the same gap that gave us air, and light =)

Thank God!

New lease of life

Reformatted my comp and reinstalled my comp last night. Too many distractions on it ah, and it's getting a bit siao liao


Today's the first day of school!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

What is this? Again?

Another day ending in (another) I-Dunno-What-Am-I-Feeling-Right-Now-But-It-Sure-Feels-Like-Crap moods, and the best part? I don't even know why am I feeling like this, or what made me like this...

Had to shut myself up, at times, for fear that whatever was on my mind would spill out in words, something I knew that I'd regret saying later.

Yet again, no one to talk to abt this at that point of time, except pray on the way back to hall. Well, at least for sure there's One who never fails...not saying anyone though, so pls don't be offended in any way. Anyway now okay liao, for now I guess...but one thing I'd like to know, though the process may not be nice, is why??

Went to one church (Emmanuel Assembly of God) for the night rally, the opening to their conference tml for young adults, esp those who're going overseas to study. One of our guitarists played for them, and agree with him, it's really United Live style (Christian rock). Wonder whether their service always like that one anot.

Mum's still wanting to leave the centre, says that it's really tiring and all that, but she'll tentatively wait for them to find someone else to take over first, which (from a logical point of view) I told her that if she can't take it herself, what more a new person by him/herself? Then was saying that wait see if they can (or will?) get somebody to help her too with the cooking, since they may need to get another teacher even, but even so she's still quite unwilling...well...leaving it to God to settle, but will still talk to her abt this till we somehow know...and many good things have come out of this I know, so why stop her ministry due to health reasons? ......

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

CGL Retreat

Went to the CGL's retreat (no, I'm not a CGL...yet? Dunno...) at SG's place for the past two days, had a really good time of learning and fellowship with the CFers from both NTU and NIE too, slept very little last night (attributed to the stone-ness the next morning...not good...) too..

One thing that esp. hit me was the fact that the Bible actually has instructions on choosing leaders too, and probably even organisations too (though we didn't touch much on that). Studied the epistle of Titus, on the qualities a leader should have: summarised to must 1) believe in and preach the gospel (for what it is, in it's context, etc), and not anything else, 2) live the life that shows the implications of the true gospel in one's life, that it itself may be a testimony too and 3) be one who rebukes against false teachings.

The first two, every Christian should have anyway, but the third point...hwah...not even sure whether am up to THAT? As in, don't mind learning abt these things and all that, but being able to (and daring to) point out and correct false teachings like that...dunno whether up to that or not...even as a CGL, no need to say about considering ex-co even?

Played Cranium (the cards without the board) and Pictionary, then truth or dare...fierce ah...but the truth or dare they very friendly one, don't really kill pple one...except for the few who ask really difficult qns? lol...but got to know some of them a bit better lah

Came back home to my mum saying that she wants to quit the job at the student care centre, saying that the workload's too stressful (she now has to cook for 80 over people, meaning she cooks and cleans non-stop from the time she reaches there at 7 am in the morning till 2 or 3 plus, everyday), and it's pretty bad too, cos she's the only one who cooks for them there, meaning that there's no one to take over, or take shifts with her, and that she's also falling sick because of this, but I don't think it's only that reason....think she also has work related problems with some of the staff? And she doesn't know how to resolve them properly...praying for her...

Monday, January 05, 2004

GunBlad3's Photos! @

GunBlad3's Photos! @

Just dumped some photos online, go take a look

more to come~

Saturday, January 03, 2004

WB's house

now in WB's house =)

went out with my best friend from jc today, long time nv see her liao, really enjoyed the day, thou was really stuffed with dim sum during the day! lol..

am starting to have lots of conflicting (or is it called confusing?) thoughts again...hard to describe, cos i dunno wat i'm thinking abt now, and generally, i feel, confused?

just to let you guys know that this fellow is still alive (and kicking)

school starts soon, and strangely, i AM looking forward to it, amongst the many reasons, i feel that i'm starting to die from the holidays, end up couldn't do most if not all of the things i wanted to do, like work out? got course, end up tired and all that, then barely had time to meet up too...but, yeah, i wanna study~anyways it's inevitable that sem starts wat, so might as well look forward to it, makes it easier to be "joyful"? yeah... =)

call me mad or what, but sorry, this is my blog, and these are my thoughts (a part of it thou), yeah

anyways, ups and downs, happiness and depressions, thank God for 2003, and the things it's brought into my life, (and taken away? some perhaps? or all? shld be all i know, but i can't see that far into the future...) so yeah, wonder what '04 has in store?

anyways, for those who wonder, or want to know, or wanna ask for the heck of it, as i told my friend today, i've already fuilfilled my new year's resolution liao, and that is to not make any resolutions! lol...wanna keep on improving on things that i realise and learn? hehe...personal opinion lah, but for those who have any resolutions, will be glad to help them to keep it!

blessed year ahead guys~