Thursday, December 29, 2005

Couldn't Help Noticing: A toilet for Christmas

“Just because something is sentimentalized does not mean that it is untrue—or even that we are wrong to layer it over with sentiment. The distaste for sentimentality begins as a rebellion against false feeling, but it finishes as a rebellion against all feeling. It starts as a plain-speaking person’s refusal to be deceived by a coat of paint, and it ends as a rude person’s refusal to use paint at all. It opens as a wise man’s ability to point out the fool’s gold, and it concludes as a fool’s inability to point out the real gold.”
Something that helped... =) May we not swing to the other extreme in response to the world's extreme(ly wrong) response to things at times.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005


It's christmas again, with the festivities all around, the partying, the gatherings, the dinners (some with some pretty errr...'interesting' conversation topics as I found out for one), the gift givings, the drinkings and whatnot happening all around the world at this period of time.

Have received some gifts from people this time, some for fostering relationships on a business basis (*ah-hem*...), some out of politeness (which is nice also), and some out of genuine giving. It's nice to receive gifts and give, for some ;), but the present that I appreciate the most was still one that couldn't be seen, given sometime back...

Christmas: the holiday declared supposedly commemorating the birth of this particular man called Jesus Christ, whom came down as God incarnate. The "Joy to the World" that we all sing about isn't without reason, for what God had promised had come true with the coming of this child: the salvation (from this) that is available to us simply by acknowledging him as our Lord and trusting in his death and resurrection.

The best part of this gift is that it can be received by all, and doesn't necessarily need to be received only on Christmas (which is why we can "celebrate" Christmas technically throughout the year, and we should actually ;) ).

Have you received it yet?

Blessed Christmas to all~ =)

PS: If there's only one present I can receive every Christmas, can it be the obedience of faith of the people around me (my family, friends, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, etc)? That certainly would make me very very happy...

Friday, December 23, 2005


Mrs. Beaver: You've been sneaking seconds haven't you.
Mr. Beaver: Well you never know if your next meal's going to be your last. Especially with your cooking. of the quotes I liked especially from Narnia, though for no reason in particular =D

Went to watch Narnia today with a few others, originally were supposed to watch with the SMUCF group, but ended up watching as a separate group, since there weren't enough tickets.

It's the second time I watched this show (the first time being when they screened the movie for Narnia on TV about 10 years back), and it's been a long time since I first (and last) read the entire chronicles of Narnia. I'd say it's a good representation of the book, and not too like Lord of the Rings (if you want something like LOTR, you'd probably won't be disappointed if you watched LOTR instead =D ).

Interesting to watch it again after such a long period of time, and to watch it with a (far) clearer understanding of the gospel. There're many parallels in the story as with the gospel itself, including of course the resurrection which is central in the Christian faith.

Seriously do hope (and pray) that this would get people to sit up and try to find out more, because it makes all the difference in this world, regarding WHY Christ had to come and die and resurrect...

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Just to share this link, hope to be able to encourage others along the way ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Structured random thoughts

I'm alive!

Know I haven't been posting of late since my exams ended, not because I've decided to abandon this blog (as if!) or anything, but simply because I've been too busy of late. Busy with "ministry": the retreat that we had, the weddingS that happened, the evangelistic christmas event, the carolling, and of course also the needed spending of time with someone precious along the way =) , etc.

Have just had my church youths' christmas evangelistic chalet over the weekend, with the turnout standing at around 30. Had a good time of playing and just spending time together, and I do hope that the people who went would be convicted by God's spirit about the real reason for the "season".

The sermon this morning came also as a very timely reminder...about the real basic need we all have, and my own shortcomings that show that need...may I be able to repent, and carry on fighting...

A lot more things to be done in the last two weeks of this year, and a lot more planning/thinking through to be done also. Which also means that my backlog of things that I wish to blog will only grow longer...

Have been hearing/reading some happenings regarding some dear friends of mine, I really do wish to be able to talk to some of them soon, and also encourage whoever I can, in the right direction of course.

If only...the holidays were longer, prob would be able to meet up with more of the pple that I'd wished I could...?