Monday, January 31, 2005


The ones who are able to give me the worst heartches, are those who matter to me.

Not that I like being angry, or losing control of my emotions, etc, but these few days my paitience is seriously running thin, and worse, all these are of similar characteristics.

And there's only so much that is stopping me from insane outbursts....

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Friday, January 28, 2005

The New Creation: Disease (Mark 2:1-17)

Didn't realise that we already have a glimpse into what the future will be the new creation, where sickness and death have no power over anything anymore.

Then again, I don't realise a lot of things still, so far as yet.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Been starting to slack off a lot, not only in my studies, but also in terms of my planning, and bible readings too.

Not that I'm scared of what or anything, but I'd certainly want to continue growing, studying (the bible) and thinking through.


Siong eh....

Just spent the last 4 hours taking photos non-stop, for the various groups in Hall.

Lucky I'm doing it with others, in shifts of days also....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I want to sleep.........

But yet, it's not time yet.

Monday, January 24, 2005

The letter

A letter I wrote some time ago, which I have not changed my stand. Just to share only, with a bit of editing to clarify a bit on a sentence or two. This was originally written to the exco.

I'm not trying to say anything other than what I posted here, so don't waste your time trying to guess.

PS: I'm VERY late in writing the formal letter....oops

20 December 2004

Re: Resignation from NTU Christian Fellowship Exco

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As you know, the issue regarding the FES and the five terminated staffworkers, two of which have been assigned to our gathering, has come to a point where we have to make our decision, be it individually or not, on what we will do as members of this gathering.

My personal decision is to leave the CF exco, after thinking through on this issue.

From what has happened since the sudden termination of the staffworkers up till the recent meeting we had with Tee Khoon and Dr. Toh, and even understanding what has been happening even before all these happened, I've had doubts regarding their theological understanding, and their understanding of ministry as a result. Also I find their reactions in the light of our requests especially non-transparent, and hence, their motivations for such actions suspect too. Of course, on the flipside, I do trust the staffworkers that have we've come to know, from seeing that both in their actions and what they preach are in line with each other, which also makes it hard to believe only what we've come to hear so far regarding their administrative lapses at face value.

In thinking through on whether to leave or not, wanting to be faithful to the gospel message, from what we've come to understand about ministry, and it's purpose in the God's church, I've been forced to rethink and remind myself again what exactly is the ministry that God calls us all to as christians. Of course, campus ministry concerns the students that are in the campus, with various reasons for choosing to do ministry with respect to this group of people, but it may be true that this way of doing things may not necessarily be the best way for the students in NTU now, or even that campus ministry may not be the thing to concentrate on even at this point of time, but I may be wrong.

What's the more pressing and important thing now is, that whether it's a wise thing to continue in our partnership with FES in such a manner, counting their actions and words, since the sacking incident, not even looking at what has probably happened before that, between FES and the staffworkers, I do not think that Tee Khoon is clear on quite a few issues, and hence it may not be wise to stay on within CF, counting the possibility of us growing and passing on the true gospel to other christians and non-christians alike with him as our staffworker.

Of course, there're pros and cons for staying and leaving, but what do we do(or what can we do) next shouldn't coerce or dissuade us from either decision, the principles being the main deciding factor.

As for how we're leaving, I hope that that'll be a clear indication of the stand I'm making, that I do not agree with the FES' definition of an evangelical (which also leads to what ministry is and how it should be run), and also to let the others know of such a problem that is real, whilst being fair to them and not leaving without rhyme or reason apparently. Also, I hope that we'll realise that the CF isn't the only place where we can be faithful in proclaiming Christ, although I do thank God for the staffworkers and leaders' faithfulness in guarding the gospel of Jesus Christ, by which I have been saved.

All in all, I do not know which is the better choice: to leave or stay, since I do not know the future to be exact. But whichever way we choose and deem to be the better one, from the wisdom that has been granted us from His Word, never stop actively proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ (that we've come to learn from the bible), to remind each other of the Day when He comes in glory, and rely on His grace and sovereignty that He'll be faithful to His promises, that He'll save His people by His strength.

In Christ,

(211204, 0211hrs)

Hmmm...?? Gross

Bonding rituals THRILL or TORTURE? - Jan 23, 2005

" Here are some other rituals:

- In sandwich, students in freshmen orientation camps in Nanyang Technological University stand in a line after a sweaty afternoon of activities, and pass ingredients of a sandwich to one another using their cheeks only."

Anyone heard of this happening? Gross....

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Friday, January 21, 2005

Victor's Free Photo Gallery :: TheGecko Xmas Polaroids 2004

Victor's Free Photo Gallery :: TheGecko Xmas Polaroids 2004

Polaroids from the Xmas period are up (I know it's VERY late...), finally.

My latest tool: The Creative Zen Micro. Got it on wednesday, heh heh, now can start listening to stuff whilst travelling, etc. Posted by Hello

Wi-Fi security > Hackers Snatch Data From Bogus Wireless Access Points > January 20, 2005

InformationWeek > Wi-Fi security > Hackers Snatch Data From Bogus Wireless Access Points > January 20, 2005

"The technique could be potent where public hotspots are in play, such as those offering connections in coffee shops or airports. Public access points typically don't accept encrypted traffic, so users are accustomed to transmitting "in the clear.""

Those who do surf from public hotspots, do exercise discretion.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Will be starting to study in the evenings whenever possible, anyone wants to join me? Lol...

(Part of) The Fall

January 2

Genesis 2

WHAT A STRANGE WAY, we might think, to end this account of Creation: “The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame” (Gen. 2:25). Hollywood would love it: what an excuse for sexual titillation if someone tries to place the scene on the big screen. We hurry on, chasing the narrative.

Yet the verse is strategically placed. It links the account of the creation of woman and the establishment of marriage (Gen 2:18 - 24) with the account of the Fall (Gen. 3). On the one hand, the Bible tells us that woman was taken from man, made by God to be “a helper suitable for him” (2:18), yet doubly one with him: she is bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh (2:24), the paradigm of marriages to come, of new homes and new families. On the other hand, in the next chapter we read of the Fall, the wretched rebellion that introduces death and the curse. Part of that account, as we glean from tomorrow’s reading, finds the man and the woman hiding from the presence of the Lord, because their rebellion opened their eyes to their nakedness (3:7, 10). Far from being unashamed, their instinct is to hide.

This was not how it was supposed to be. In the beginning, “the man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” The sexual arena stands to the fore, of course; yet there is a symbol - laden depth to the pronouncement. It is a way of saying that there was no guilt; there was nothing to be ashamed of. This happy innocence meant openness, utter candor. There was nothing to hide, whether from God or from each other.

How different after the Fall. The man and the woman hide from God, and blame others. The candor has gone, the innocence has dissipated, the openness has closed. These are the immediate effects of the first sin.

How much more dire are the same effects worked into the psyche of a fallen race, worked into individuals like you and me with so much to hide. Would you want your spouse or your best friend to know the full dimensions of each of your thoughts? Would you want your motives placarded for public display? Have we not done things of which we are so ashamed that we want as few people as possible to know about them? Even the person whose conscience is said to be “seared” (e.g., 1 Tim. 4:2) and who therefore boasts of his sin does so only in some arenas, but not in others.

What astonishing dimensions characterize the salvation that addresses problems as deep as these.

Copyright 2004 D.A. Carson

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

3 Old Enemies of a Christian

(Courtesy of TYC)

As Christians, we profess the authority of God’s word. We vow to stop living lives our own way and begin to follow the way in which God wants us to live as revealed in the Holy Bible as we put our trust in His word. But in practice we might have 3 old enemies that get in the way of letting God’s word be spoken into each and every aspect of our lives. These 3 old enemies are experience, reasoning and traditions. These 3 things are valid authorities in lives. They are God given. We do and must make decision based on our experience, reasoning and traditions. But the problem comes when these come head on clash against God, His word and His wisdom in the gospel.

Powerful Experience

We hear people saying, "I feel I should do this." more than "I think I should do this." Most people make the biggest decision based on feeling. Example: marriage. One might say that she FEEL she should marry Joe. But 5 years from now she might not feel she should marry Joe anymore, or feel married to Joe. If we make decision purely or mainly based on experience, and in this case, the experience of pleasure, it becomes the little judge or idol in our lives. It’s no longer God and His word that empowers you to make decisions and take actions.

Victims, who were sexually abused by fathers, find it hard to accept the authority of God’s word, which reveals God is Heavenly Father. They long for a heavenly mother, or gentle free god. This shows that when person experience of pain is so great, it may shut off the voice of God in His word.

Sometimes, evangelical Christians are quick to point fingers at other Christians for how their experiences of tongues, visions and a personal word because their authorities in life as they based their Christian life on these experiences. But many evangelical Christians allow the experiences of pain and pleasure to get in the way of listening to God speaks His word into every area of our lives. We live in a world, which increasingly idolizes and worship the trouble-free, pain-free and happy live. And anything to do with pain must be bad and is not from God. More people firstly leave Church, and then Christ altogether because of pain, especially relational pain. It usually starts with anger sin, dispute over the speech sin. Brothers and sister hurts each other in actions and speech. Everybody gets lumped in this relational brokenness and pain and these whole anger and speech sin just destroy us. How are we different from our formal gentile way of life and from non-Christians around us? We are of no different.

Eph 4:31 ESV Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

Eph 4:32 ESV Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Notice the word ALL. It is only those who live in the kingdom of God who should be so absolute.

How will we walk? Will some personal experience, especially those of relational pain, be the number one authority? Will we make decision based on the authority of God’s word or on the experiences of pain and pleasure? The world says, “I feel I should live this way because of my experiences of pain.” We should say, “I know I should live this way based on what God has done for us in Christ.”

Popular Reason

Cultural argument goes along this line: Part of the bible teaching is culturally binding and hence is out of touch with our progressive and contemporary cultures.

When a denomination voted last year to ordain a practicing gay pastor in Australia, they proclaim the volt as a new work of the Holy Spirit in our journey of spiritual progress from conservative evangelical Christianity. This shows that our human reasons and popular cultures is very contrary to God's word and is a very attractive Trojan Horse in the matters of our sexuality and men women relationship.


Church embrace homosexual as valid lifestyle less we are deemed sexually old fashion by our progressive cultures. It is different to accept a repentant homosexual like we accept repentant adulterer, greedy people, idolater, and we MUST accept them, but it is another matter to accept practicing homosexuals who justify their lifestyle based on the bible.

Eph 5:3 ESV But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints.

Which voice will we listen to in the matters of our sexuality, the voice of popular culture that declares God and His words to be old fashion and repressive or the voice of God’s Word that declares God?

Men and Women Relationship

We are tempted to accept that women-submission in home and churches is relationally oppressive and old fashion. But the message of God in Creation in Genesis 2 and the message of New Creation in Christ is that we are equal in creation and salvation but we are different. Husbands are to lead and love their wives sacrificially and wives are to submit to husbands as to the Lord. This is true to Christian household and Christian Church as there’s no different between the Christian household and Christian Church. The world shouts equality at all cost. The bible shouts complementary at the cost of Jesus dying on the cross. What God purpose, harmonious men women relationship, the man leading by sacrificial love, the woman helping by submission, is jeopardized by sin. Christ redeemed by his cross and continues to effect by his spirit.

Which voice in conduct of men and women relationship, the voice of popular culture or God’s word, which is so contrary to our world?

Binding Tradition

Tradition is a body of belief and behaviour that is handled down from one generation to another. We might regard many traditional Asian religions as pagan worships but actually all of us have sinful weakness keeping tradition in our lives. Anything can become a non-negotiable tradition in our Churches and it becomes our confident in our walk with God

Traditions of songs: Some Churches deems that true Christians only sing hymns, chorus, or only songs from a certain producer.

Version of bible: Some Churches deems that true Christians only read NIV, KJV or ESV.

Ways of worship in songs and prayers: Some Churches deems that true Christians only worship a certain way, which they usually define by their own denominations.

Practices of freedom: Some Churches deems that true Christians do not read Harry Potter. Some Churches deems that all Christians must do Quiet Time, must fast, must do one to one bible study or must evangelise at least once a week and the list goes on.

And all too soon our gospel traditions become gospel truth as our adherences to traditions and more decide if we are true Christians.

Col 2:23 ESV These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism and severity to the body, but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh.

Hence, as Christians we have these 3 old enemies that enslave us as they stand in the way of us living a Godly lives. We will do anything to get our own ways in life. And we will use these 3 enemies to simply not trust God and listen to His words to live Holy lives. Many Christians have no problem professing the authority of God's word but the practice is another matter. Which authority rules in our Church, family, married and personal lives? When God’s word often challenges, and is contrary to our powerful experiences, cultural reasoning and entrench traditions, which will have the first and indeed the final say, God or us?

When we do bible study, God is not asking us for our opinion of his word. That would make us god sitting in judgment of Him and His living eternal word. Rather, when we do bible study, God is demand our obedience to him and not expecting our opinion of Him. Even if experience, reasons and tradition tell us other wise, we must obey God's word, above all other authorities. That would be truly recognise God as God.

Will we give God His worth, and His word, it due in every aspect and time of our lives. The sincere answer to these questions may reveal who’s really God in our lives. If we are idolaters of selves: our experience, reason and tradition or we are true worshipper of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Taken from sermon, "A New Start" by Pastor Chris Chia from ARPC)
(To listen to the whole audio sermon, click here.)
(The link of the sermons can be found here.)

Picasa: Photo management software, free from Google. Find, edit, share photos.

New photo management and editing suite, I think it's good, although I've not tried it yet ->Picasa

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The thing about comm(unication) skills

This is not good...

It's one thing to make a boo-boo of yourself when trying to communicate with people.

It's bad when miscommunications occur, for any reason.

And it's a totally different thing when it's important things that are involved.

Not good...not good...

Self regeneration


Computer systems that repair themselves... DARPA Information Processing Technology Office: "Self-Regenerative Systems (SRS)"

A minefield that "repairs" itself almost immediately after you try to clear a path through it... :: Self-Healing Minefield :: Program Information

Sounds like science fiction huh? Guess what? They're real programs in development, and the self-healing minefield technology actually exists already.

Scary... =S

PS: Yes, I'm very bored right now


So many things I need to do, but really don't feel like it...

But if I did things only when I felt like it, or felt not, think it makes me no different from an animal haha.

Back to reading...maybe I'll type the letter later...and those that I want to talk to are not online, oh man...haha.


Creative Zen Micro

After some planning, and looking through some of the relavant stuffs, have decided on getting this, as a replacement for my spoilt mp3 player.

Maybe I'll get it by this wednesday, if things go well...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sad, but very true! But that's at least for now ;) Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 16, 2005 - Indian car designer tailors vehicles for the physically challenged - Indian car designer tailors vehicles for the physically challenged

Playing chess

Last sunday, I overslept, and ended up joining my friends in the afternoon only.

Today, I overslept again, missing my visit to my friend's church.

Goodness, I think I play too much chess with Zhou Gong...

Friday, January 14, 2005

New desktop

My new desktop, courtesy of TheSphere XP. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Hehehe...I think I'm really WOLS man.

Didn't come to my mind that I can use the ERS to pay for the MM.

May be able to go after all!! =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The green green grass of the other side

Am currently taking Principles of Marketing, as a start of my business minor.

I think it's a lot more interesting as compared to the lectures in my major (Computer Engineering), for two reasons:

1) The lecturer, although he's only reading off the slides virtually, but at least he CAN do a good job at that even, as compared to a lot of the lecturers who do not explain properly. (compounded by the problem of bad lecture slides)

2) I can finally see where some of the ideas of people come from (be it subconsciously or consciously) when they plan for things, in the churches around also. (not that they're all bad, but I can't say that they're all good either)

With an interest in social studies, and business topics and such now, it sometimes sounds like a joke, that I'm now in computer engineering! =D

Monday, January 10, 2005


Sometimes, I really feel like dying, so that all this nonsense will not have to be faced with or tolerated anymore, from whichever circle of people I'm in contact with, under the respective circumstances that I've come to for each of them.

But I can only remind myself of the objective reality that God has painted for us, both as humans, and as people who don't belong to this world anymore technically already.

I can only prepare what I'm going to say for all places, and pray that be it whether misunderstandings occur or not, that all these things work out for God's rescue plan to be effected in His sovereignty.

But still, it really sucks, and from my puny naive short-sighted subjective human viewpoint, I can only sigh, when I looks at the circumstances surrounding all of us.

(PS: I do NOT have any suicidal intent here, so please....thanks....)

Friday, January 07, 2005


Too many 4-5am nights with my hall mates, due to this.

It's time to stop this nonsense already.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ministry Matters

Who wanna go?? =) =) =)
But it's 90 bucks....hmmm........

The link -> Ministry Matters Conference.

Courtesy of Project Timothy Singapore.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Speak up!(?)

Met up with BB today for dinner, really thankful for the chance to talk, and to see what on earth we're thinking.

Looks like I may need to speak up more often, but....

Am still surprised about some of the things he talked about also, hmm...

Tsunami survivor rescued after nine days in miracle at sea - Tsunami survivor rescued after nine days in miracle at sea



Blah blah blah...

Yeah, I don't really feel like blogging tonight... =P

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

More photos

Still am not able to find that much time to settle a lot of the things I need to do, so have to make do with a few not really processing the photos to my liking.. =/
Anyway, here they are:
- Pacnet's Just Love That Look Contest - Sook Ming
- PRC SU Camp 28-29 Dec 04 (I took very few this time anyway)

Monday, January 03, 2005


Many changes are coming I think...

Some that I don't like, but will nevertheless will have to do perhaps...

Others that I hope to change, for the better.