Sunday, May 30, 2004

No wrong ideas
No false impressions
No misleading actions
No regrets
No not edifying others

Friday, May 28, 2004

Q&A: Dilemma

Running an evangelistic program with your cell, but I'd be lying if I
said that I agreed with everything said there for the sessions, and
also having different doctrinal beliefs from the rest, but yet not to
dispute/quarrel/discuss there, just keep quiet, cos not the correct

How how how how how?

1) Carry on joining them, since it's evangelistic...but something's
not right here either...not really the "true" gospel in some ways?

2) Stop joining...but would come back to the qn of why am I in this
church in the first place then

3) Or what?


It's weird when pple come to your "rescue" when you're feeling down, but yet, when others are feeling down all you can do is listen


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bukit Timah Hill

Went hiking today!

Met G, Y and J at Clementi in the morn for breakfast before buying stuffs and setting off.

Though we holland'ed a bit, and ended up walking pretty much longer than we expected, but had a pretty good time talking to them and just walking around.

Ended up with a lot of "monkey" business...when the pics come out you'll know ah, but then again, EVERYONE knows that there're monkeys there!

Monday, May 24, 2004

PTT #2 : Lost Jeans

I lost my jeans on the desaru trip!

Realised that on the bus back to the ferry terminal, so couldn't really do anything abt it...

Was my favourite (of my only 2) pair of jeans, along with the belt I got from Australia when I went there for the Hillsongs Conference...

Sad....oh well... *shrug* but damn sian'ed then, and now still even as I think back abt it


New template, but not much new ideas...any comments anyone?

PTT (Post Trip Thoughts) #1

Having rested from the trip, now am more ready to continue to do the stuffs I need to do

Though the trip as really really fun, we started to get tired/bored out on the second day, though we did crap a bit, but was really a little hard when pple started getting tired, then it cascades into other things too

Was almost looking forward to gg back when was really really very sian'ed out, but when we boarded the ferry, felt that the trip was too short, that was sort of dreading to go back to the island, back to work, etc, I guess I wasn't alone in this too

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Just came back from Desaru, tiredddd.....and a bit dreary of gg back to the "normal" life back coming up asap I hope

Friday, May 21, 2004

Been busy of late, meeting up and stuff like that...with the people who mean more and more to me each day (amongst the rest lah! :P ) Posted by Hello

Broadband! I miss u!

Sm having such an agonising time uploading my pics from home over DIALUP! Man oh man oh man...I'm starting to truly appreciate the broadband we get at school....

So slowwwWWWwww~~~

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Went to school (in "lala land") for meeting before gg to a wake (friend's grandfather)...

Thing's that the grandfather had apparently accepted Christ before he passed away, but the other relatives (the majority) have refused to acknowledged that fact, saying that he wasn't in the right state of mind and blah blah blah, thus the wake, and the rites for the funeral to come, have all been done in accordance to the religion which they thought rightly so..

Hence the headache comes, my friend and her mum, have been utterly confused as to which rituals to follow them through (and trust me when there're a LOT), which would be "correct" for their faith. Thing is that 1) the rest of the relatives would be prodding them to follow them in the rites and 2) a lot of the rites have no "proper" meaning apparently, more of superstition probably..

The real pressures that they face amongst others... -_-::
Didn't really know what to think of it at that moment either, but may God's peace be upon them, and the rest of the family too somehow..

An afterthought of these things, someone said before that all these rituals to respect the dead, can't hold a candle to properly respecting the person when he/she is alive (and more so to guide the person to the faith too)...which I'm reminded once and again, I've not been exactly nice/polite/respectful to my mum these few dad's already not around, and I bu4 dong3 shi4 then, but what abt now? I dunwan to regret....damn

Sunday, May 16, 2004


Went for a day and a half of training with the CF Exco, and others as well, abt 2 Tim and Eph 4, on the body of Christ, and that ministry is inseparable from suffering, amongst other things

Joined the rest for ultimate frisbee in the evening, in our new shirts. Weather was very very hot, and now cooking in my room, and just got a headache

Ouch...oh well, not thinking straight now, shall go sleep soon, have a busy week ahead

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Vroom vroom

Moving hall
Vroom vroom
Bukit Batok
Later Clementi

Time to pack my hall room... =)

Monday, May 10, 2004

Lazy Bum

Been bumming around these few days:
Newbie photoshoot at Marina Bay
HiFly Carnival
High tea at Pan Pacific, Mothers' Day

Ahh...only drawback's that no internet access thou =(

Oh yeah btw, will be moving back my stuffs from hall to home on Thursday (13 May), anyone wanna help me at my place there to unload the stuffs? ;) a van to drive that day...will be renting...and am (certainly) looking forward to it! =P

Friday, May 07, 2004

What the?!

Cabby who ferried bomber convicted - MAY 7, 2004

Crap...and the next thing you'll see is the florist selling the fertilizer to the bomber being convicted also


The past two days of rest, felt like I've stopped studying for weeks lydat...pretty surreal that some pple are still having exams even lol..

Oh well, most of my friends' exams either end tml, or has already ended too liaozzz

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

End of exams (D+1)

First things first:

All the best to those who are still having papers!

Okay okay, can don't read beyond this point liao, not good for you all =P you've been warned...
For the rest who've no exams... ;)

V from our church is in labour! Wonder how's all of them...heard the news in the afternoon, but no news afterward...

Watched Hellboy in the afternoon, then Jersey first movies in dunno how many MONTHS (other than the screening of the Passion by my church sometime back), Hellboy was so-so lah, interesting story, but predictable, and the ending was some really bad anticlimax...Jersey Girl was nice (sweet? hmmm...) but v long nv watch this kinda movie liao ah, not too used to it =P or prob it's just the fact that I've not watched a movie for so long liao...didn't even know that Timeline was not screening liao =( darn...I thought that it's a good story, so want to watch...

Brought some "supper" back from JP for Eu and G, and for XZ too

Lunar eclipse tonight! More photo taking to do! And great opportunity to test out my tripod =D
Details are as follows:
Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 1:50:53AM
Partial Eclipse Begins: 2:48:20AM
Total Eclipse Begins: 3:52:07AM
Greatest Eclipse: 4:30:16AM
Total Eclipse Ends: 5:08:27AM
Partial Eclipse Ends: 6:12:15AM
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 7:09:36AM

Okok shall not bore you all any longer with the boring details of my life anyways duhhhh

Monday, May 03, 2004


Why? Cos'.....

1) Exams are over!

2) Went with my friend to walk around, he got his Nikon D70, I got my tripod, the SLIK U 9000 (finally!)