Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Found this (click on picture to view larger version) as I was browsing through St Barnabas Anglican Church's 2005 sermon site, notice any name familiar? ;) Or am I slow in knowing that he's there? =|

Wonder how his preaching is like, have never heard him teach before.

PRC Camp '05 Newton group pics

Pictures for (mainly) my group are up here.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trusting by obedience

The sermon on Ruth 3 last sunday was on trusting in the kindness of God by obeying Him.

That was clearly shown in Ruth 3 as Ruth never went after the younger men of her own age (v10) and that she didn't take things into her own hands even though she was without a family, and that after a few months the (barley) harvest's almost over, yet the redeemer whom she met has not done anything as yet.

The simple implications of us trusting in God by obeying Him (not acting according to what we perceive as best, contrary to what the bible has revealed) was there too.

With the tightening of my wallet due to the extra spending during the holidays, I've totally stopped giving to the church in terms of money, actually thinking that my own sustenance is more important than contributing to the church in this manner. Most probably will rebudget my spending for these few months, keeping in mind to still contribute, that the gospel work can continue being adequately funded.

Couldn't Help Noticing: You need more dating

"...So are our churches set up primarily for people who are married? Do they consistently separate out singles from the rest of the flock simply because they are single? Do singles separate themselves out from the rest of the flock because they feel like they don’t fit in and no one understands them? Do the marrieds in our midst drop inappropriate comments and hints about getting married to their single friends and do the singles ostracise them for it?

As the body of Christ, redeemed by the same blood, whether single or married, divorced or widowed, Jew or Gentile, slave or free, our beliefs render such behaviour unacceptable. Single people are not second-class citizens just because they’re single. Nor are marrieds an insular group who’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to be single. But we are all part of the bride of Christ, waiting for our final union with our loving Bridegroom at that last great wedding supper of the Lamb. God may not have a wife now: but one day he will."

A good post, and reminder, on how we're to view marriage and singleness in the church...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weird: The mind and the feelings

It's weird.

Funny how I hold true to some truths regarding some things, but yet feel things differently at times still.

Either the outworkings of the (still) sinful self (for now, till Christ returns), or the indication that I have not come to be clear on what implications these truths have.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

ARPC Music Camp

Went for ARPC's music camp over the weekend at the NACLI campsite. It was a good weekend of being reminded of and learning the biblical theology behind music, and also on learning some basics related to music (and bass, for myself).

Many of us from the music groups in BTPC went, most of whom are related to/in the youth group.

Didn't really have much time to interact with the other particpants of the camp there (whom were all from ARPC: the bands, TNYF, etc) although we got to play with some of them during our breaks. Hope to be able to keep in touch with encourage them as fellow partakers of the hope that we all have.

Many of the biblical theology behind music taught there was a good reminder of what we've learnt before, but one of the implications would need more thinking through: in response to the churches' overstressing of people's emotional responses especially through music, (some?) evangelicals have gone to the other extreme of being totally emotionless during our services, etc. Well, I certainly do think that way at times (even though I still do feel, little as I realised it), would be good to think through about what I say, and what I do pertaining to the "cold hearted" Christian.


Will be starting my Industrial Attachment at DSTA tomorrow, it's exciting to see what's coming in the pipeline (not because only of my IA), but at the same time I do FEEL like giving up altogether at times, but remembering the sacrifice Jesus Christ gave in his love for us, I think it'd be far better if I continued to labour on for the sake of the elect.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Struggling? Good!

"A struggling Christian is a healthy Christian"
Something that was brought up during today's Romans 7 bible study, an apt reminder...

Something I wanted to write in here last week: Funny how I don't expect people to be able to make time for me to talk to/be accountable to especially in the areas which I need help in, when I'd certainly make time for anyone who asks to meet up to talk about anything serious. One thing to change as part of being serious in dealing with sin itself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What a man should know about a woman

Interesting sermon from PJ as


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hee Hee Hee

(Will be sharing more of my thoughts more often again, in the hope of encouraging whoever reads, or simply letting people know what's happening in and around my life)


Had a gathering with the youths, and some of the newcomers from the christmas evangelistic chalet last month came too. Originally were supposed to go to Pulau Ubin to cycle, but with the torrential downpour the past few days and the intermittent showers today also we decided instead to spend the day at the Parns'.

After meeting up, we played a game (planned by Wai and Maria mainly) where we went around a bit of Singapore, and after having lunch at Marina Square we went back to the Parns' and played more games, including seeing who can stuff more marshmallows in their mouth and saying "I'm a chubby bunny", and the much feared Polar Bear game.

We played till almost 6pm, when Fen and I had to leave for our respective homes. But before that, the situation did get a bit too rowdy I think..

On the afterthoughts, have been wondering whether being so laughable-at is really such a good thing for ministry or not, I mean that it's good that I can 'help people to relax' in different settings, but it's really quite detrimental for honest sharing of lives if the conversation topics never go beyond the superficial and are always on things that do not matter ultimately.

With the particular combination of additional 'crazy people' around it does exacerbate the problem somewhat, but on the other hand it could just simply be me: in not really knowing how to show it when it's time to be really serious? Or worse, not knowing at times when I should be serious.

Whichever the case, it would be good to continue working on the seriousness issue since it has already been brought up a couple of times to me before already, and the growth of those under my 'care' (can't think of a better word yet) is a whole lot more important than me being a clown.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too

Interesting article..What do you think?

Read more here

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bethany Trinity Presbyterian Church website

The webspace and the domain's been secured! The basic site should be coming up in a couple of days... =)))))

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Many thoughts to blog about, but...

Maybe they will come up someday, or somehow...