Monday, June 28, 2004

I love my dog! Posted by Hello


Accidentally deleted off ALL my pics from the dinner gathering we had on friday with the backups min STUPID/careless can I get! Lucky not too impt pics, else I'd have killed myself man lol

Initally wanted to go visit my friend's church, but was too burned and tired from sat's games day and lack of sleep, so went for 11am service instead. The student care centre kids performed an item today, pretty cute man lol. Went to meet up with my friend to walk around and talk/treat her to desserts. Pity didn't really talk much thou...

Eh...I'm bored....

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I Don't Understand

There're a lot of things I don't understand: Other than the "usual list for guys" like the opposite gender; a very good example would be my mum, or what on earth is she thinking about in the first place...for now


Monday, June 21, 2004


Continuing to read the book that I got (The Case for Christ), and was just wondering: How come some cities/areas etc get buried under 40 over feet of ground, yet some other areas are still around like Jerusalem?

What happened in between? (exclude Pompei and other volcano incidents)

Anybody has any answers? Pls comment thanks!

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Just bickered with my mum during dinner! Weird...but quite amusing too though. Wonder whether it's for similar reasons as with others, why pple start "bickering matches" =P

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Pics :: Sending Gao Lu off

Sending Gao Lu off

Pics are up! At my new gallery too, do check them out! =D

Sent Gao Lu off at Changi Airport in the evening with some CFers too. One of the guys we did our evangelistic bible study with, he's gg back to China after his exchange. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 18, 2004

The Faithful Husband pill

Faithful husbands? "alternative" to following what the Bible teaches?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Looong day...

Met P and D to pack the freshmen orientation camp pamphlets for the
student union to send out, thank God cos A who originally agreed to
help out ended up not gg, cos of his meeting to discuss abt his
exchange stuff. Packed 4000 pamphlets lor...gosh...tired leh

After that watched Harry Potter with A and P, pretty good show, though
at some parts it got a little draggy

Went to FES for corporate meeting in the evening, talk was on
Understanding Islam, very very interesting...though it also reminds us
how much are we doing to the people around us, or even the malays, to
build real relationships with them, and not to "discriminate" them in
all our little/big ways..

More things to do...yet, am still wondering abt my actions, on whether
I did what I should? Or whether I didn't do what I should
have...(regarding abt other things)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Case For Christ

Just bought this book today, it makes for pretty heavy reading, but
surely makes for a very good read, seeing that it dwells into the
apologetics of the credibility of the Bible (the writings) and Jesus
Christ, that can help reinforce our conviction in these things...

Sunday, June 13, 2004

New Gallery

Got a new place to put my pics! Hehehe....when it's up will tell at a later time... =)

For service, had this Reverend Escobar (from Chile) coming over to our church, didn't really know what he was talking abt at times...

Had lunch and joined another group's cell group discussion...on Alpha; Had a very interesting time discussing/clarifying...though I hope I didn't make any of them mad or wat...but got to know more abt them...and learnt something too: A play of words, can mean a whole world of difference to different pple

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


The more I think abt it, and the more I talk abt it, it seems that the
attitude towards this particular issue has been off...

Went for CM today, topic was on Understanding Buddhism, what it stands
for, and viewing it in the light of Christianity. Have come to know a
lot more abt what Buddhism is actually abt (the speaker was a devout
Buddhist, one who knew why he was and what is a Buddhist, etc), and
also why it's arguments are, insufficient? Half truths here, not total
wrong stuff, but not the entire truths either.

Thing that hit, was also the fact that, yeah, how we should treat
them, the same toward others, with grace, that they may know the grace
of God. Thinking abt what I'm facing now, it's like, true, there're
things that I don't agree, but that doesn't mean that shld go abt
focusing only on that point, and on the fact that it doesn't draw
everything from the Word only, doesn't necessarily mean that it's not
evangelism, cos pple can hear the Word too...only that the person
saying it, it's best to be true to what the passage actually means/has
to say..

Worse, just clam up when there could be opportunities to tell the
truths, and just keep thinking on how it's not true to the Word and different is that from a Pharisee??!

Can only hope and pray that will be able to react to pple in a more
edifying way...and to my buddhist friends too, now knowing a little
more abt their beliefs...

Gg back with A + G + P after the corporate meeting, A drove us back,
but felt bad in sort of making him send us back cos of the assumption
that he drives, and that he lives near us, when he had to go back
fast, cos he had things to do...dun really think shld force him like
that in a way...but was a little irritated with the way he really
carelessly drove, guess he wanted to reach home fast, but it certainly
wasn't safe for anyone at times..

Another long day, another long train of thoughts, yet I'd rather not
be back to the "old" life, cos now we have hope, not like old times...

Monday, June 07, 2004

The day

Had a very long day today...

Had been thinking a lot (too much?) lately again, and being troubled
by them too...

Today had service, met up with my bro L for lunch, and J + G joined us
too at macs, had an interesting time catching up and talking abt
stuffs (mainly air force things), though I wished that could've spent
more time talking to him abt more personal stuffs, missed talking to
him and a lot of others too, and catching up. Next to go is C & R I
guess, must try to make time.

Went for a game of frisbee after that, the game was more "civilised"
and friendly today I felt, and really felt good playing, though
everyone clustered like mad again (12 v 12!), and we had a draw game
only in the end, but what matters is that think in our characters,
it's also part of our ministry too, the living it out part; and of
course, we enjoyed ourselves, and "We've done our best, no regrets" =D

(Another) G gg for SG Idol auditions today, haven't ask her how'd it go.

We went to Gerald's place (for most of them, again) after frisbee for
dinner and things after the game, really loved the place there, the
condominium didn't look like a condo, but a resort/chalet!
Gosh...being in there really brings in the holidays mood man! Didn't
manage to spend much time there thou, left at 10pm, so had to stop our
game of taboo.

One of the main things (to me) though, was the fact that had talked to
HZ quite a bit abt stuff, but also abt things that were bothering me
(we were the only ones who went for a short swim before gg to the
jacuzzi for abt 45 min, the rest abandoned us!!) regarding church.
Though didn't really "solve" the problem, but was good to share with
someone in church, somehow it's diff from sharing with someone from
CF, but not saying that it's not good or which is better lah! Hope I
didn't stumble her though with my sharing though, know it's
disturbing, but, somehow, that happens to be the crap that's inside my
head right now.

Weird thing too though: A small comment to W abt how's my holidays,
can also spawn (another?!) talk, this time at the coffeeshop
downstairs, guess his social work subjects really paid off huh
lol...but though it was a bit tiring to share the same things again in
detail with him (another one that I do trust too), him being the
thinker type, and the social worker (lol), had offered me some
viewpoint, which in my musings, have totally forgotten: in all these
problems, how am I responding to it/others? Weird, but encouraging,
is that he prayed with me, for us, before we left, right in the
coffeeshop! =D

The gospel is not to comdemn, but to save; But in all these
misconceptions we all have, or had before we knew thru the Word,
spoken or studied, we still interact with others with grace, but yet
still standing up for what we believe in the Gospel...

It's been a long day...but somehow I'm really glad

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Talking to pple who have gone through similar circumstances, have
realised how fearful I am of rejection even when there's opportunities
to share the gospel with people.

But even so, am encouraged by them, that it's really a good
opportunity to share the gospel with them, and that not only knowing
that ministry doesn't come with suffering, but also keeping in mind
what a glorious gospel we've been entrusted with, that it's only
obeying and proper to preach it!

Thanks for the encouragements, you know who you are =)

CGLG + Exco meeting

Tireddddd....just came back from overnight CGLG (CGL's gathering) and
exco meeting...learnt a LOT from letter of Colossians, and planned
initial plans for upcoming yr...

More to come...really tired...ZZZzzzzZZzzZzz

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


WWII plane dug up in London - MAY 31, 2004

Another classic example of bravery, forget the movies like ID4 =P