Thursday, November 24, 2005

Open Source!

From Romans 12 - 13, part of our response to God's mercy shown to us is in obedience to (correctly functioning) authorities, which we do so also because of the return of Christ to judge (What will the verdict be for us, when we stand before the judgement seat? It's not only belonging to the realm of Christ made possible by his death and resurrection accepted by believing, but just as important is how we live our lives here on earth from that point onwards, whether we reflect that fact or not)

One implication is not having any software/songs that we don't rightfully own (if the RIAS/BSA has any right to prosecute us, we probably have stuff that should be removed), and not downloading any more of these without buying at least.

For those who want seriously want to stop using software that you don't own (unless you want to buy), here's a list of software alternatives that can be considered, since they're free to use (amongst other things that can be done based on the open source license).

As for OSes, I think can try Ubuntu amongst the 6523498 different useable linux distributions. If you want to install one, can ask TYC for help. =PPP

As for myself, "Operation Cleanup" is coming...

Carlsen and Janice's new place

Victor's Free Photo Gallery :: Carlsen and Janice's new place

Some of the pictures I took, with my (sub-standard) camera on my Nokia 3230. ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

3 more papers to go

Finally...the exams are about to be over~ ^^

But a lot more things to be done: doing up the BTPC website, prepping the 2 Tim talks for the retreat in the week after, and moving out of hall, etc.

Do pray for me, ok?

(Just some of the insanity that happened today: 20-pieces of nuggets with SIX kinds of sauces, but in the end stayed 'faithful' to the curry sauce, since it was the nicest anyway =P )

Friday, November 18, 2005

By Grace Alone

Ever tried answering this question? "I am saved because..."
What was your answer? What is our (personal) answer to that today?

Gotten from here: Stronger Church: Three Implications for Grace Alone! Today. Check out the pdf link for more details on what the sermon (preached from Eph 2:1-10) was about, a very good reminder that dead people (us all) can't save themselves; no, not even cling on to any life-buoy that's thrown to them.

Some of the implications (shown by contrary examples) are mentioned, am not saying that any group of people in particular are like that, but rather that in all our various circumstances, at different points of time, it certainly is also very possible for us (evangelical or not) to become like that. If it were ever to be so, let us remember God's grace, that it's only by this grace we can be saved, and not be conceited.

While evangelicals would certainly affirm the essential nature of Grace, sometimes our behavior betrays that we really don't practice what we say we believe. I shared three indicators of this kind of thing: (interested parties, should there be any, can read the entire sermon at, and also listen to it at

1. We show that we don't understand "grace alone" when we present salvation as something that is the result of what we do. We've developed our own vocabulary in relation to the Gospel that lacks biblical root. As a result, when we ask people how they know that they are saved, they are likely to respond with something that they did: "I prayed a prayer" or "I went forward in an evangelistic meeting" or "I turned my life over to Jesus," etc. Semantics? I don't think so. If it were just sematics, there wouldn't be so many people questioning their salvation because they aren't sure that they "really meant it" or "really understood it." Sadly, security for some is in their response.

2. We show that we don't understand "grace alone" when we depend on marketing, techniques, having the right tools, etc., to reach people and help them grow. Our pragmatic approaches to ministry may be popular, but faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. People are not saved because of our cleverness.

3. We show that we don't understand "grace alone" when we think that our access to God is based on how well we're performing.

Monday, November 14, 2005

180° about turn

Excerpt from "the holy book" (A Sinner's Guide to Holiness), page 31:

What is repentance?

{...} Repentance is not, at its core, simply a sense of sorrow--feeling sorry for something. Sorrow may accompany true repentance, but it is not the essence of it. A person may be genuinely repentant and yet not feel much sorrow at all, or indeed any deep emotion. On the other hand, it is possible to be full of sorrow and sadness, but not to have made a single step towards repentance. The person might simply feel sorrow over having been found out in a compromising situation!

Repentance must be understood, rather, as a complete change in direction. It is an about-face with regard to God, and with regard to the way we relate to him. In the past we may have ignored, disobeyed and even argued with God. Now, however, the repentant person has turned away from this behaviour and has decided to serve God in a way which is pleasing to him instead. {...}

Was listening to 'Get Ready For The Coming King' (Introducing Jesus, Term 3, 2005) earlier today, and PJ also talked about true repentance being a change in the way we live our lives, not just the emotions that may accompany the realisation as shown from the Word that we've been living out our lives against God, be it in a particular area or in many areas.

Having been "burned" many many times in my first two years of uni (2003-05), and almost every time Wee Seng opened the bible with us (Derrick, Shaun and myself), it was both a really depressing time of heavy-heartedness, but also a time of grim determination/decisions to live life the way God wants us to (with some progress, thanks be to God). I'm certainly thankful for the many chances to hear and to repent (although it didn't really feel good then). =)

(The problem did come also after that: the emotions did happen so often that for a while after that I was struggling with whether I was really repenting, when I didn't have the experience of being "killed".

Ah... maybe if I had heard or read this then, then I probably wouldn't have to go through that last part, but then again that's not what this post is about. =P )

Back to the topic, it certainly is a good reminder of what repentance is, and I hope (and pray) that I'll continue in true repentance, not just the emotions part only, as I continue to study the bible. Not only that, but also for the reader, that all may come to repentance, be it for the first time in your life, or for the 5928th time in your life here on earth as a Christian.

(Keblakang pu~~~seng!)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

IP over Avian Carriers

IP over Avian Carriers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For those who're just about to go mad from studying on IP networks, here's an "alternative implementation" of Internet Protocol to show/warn you how truly mad/bored people can get...

(Hail to the Crazy Computer Engineers!)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hell (Week)

Have been busy of late, trying to rush finish my revisions for my upcoming exams amongst other activities/commitments... of which the only thing I look forward to being relinquished of
are these exams*.

More studying to come...but yet...
Anyways, as for the conclusion for the polls (okok, sorry for all the shredded towels), the points are simple:

- as with the curious/'skeptical'/sober/realistic nature of us here going to find out the truthfulness behind the claim of "Fire!", the claims of the bible (from which christianity came about) demand similar attention: of the origin, the source of the problem, the BIG problem, the only solution to it, the results of the solution, and the choice/response that's demanded.

- for those who're already out of the 'burning house', remember that the 'house' will not stay burning forever, and that the result will certainly not be we see the importance of helping people out of it? Or do we simply can't care less as to what happens to everyone else?
Heaven is real for sure, but upon realising the reality of hell (a partial glimpse of what it's like's in Romans 1 already, only that the real one is far worse), one can only be put back in place in viewing God as not just some lovey-dovey old man who rescues 'cute and loveable' humans, but someone who truly has every right (and power) to sentence us to that place, and in partially understanding the mercy that has been shown to some of us all so far.
It's really sickening to see the kind of untruths that bog people down in their understanding as seen in many ways, and the only thing we can do is to continue to ask God to have mercy on them too, and continue to pass on the urgent message that everyone needs to hear.

(*: edited)