Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dr. Fish @ Ang Mo Kio

As we were walking around Ang Mo Kio area buying our stuffs, we found this interesting shopfront, along with many people inside peering at something:

Curious, we went nearer to take a look, and found that this shop was offering the use of doctor fish as a service! Seems that many spas are already doing this (Sentosa's using it as an attraction of sorts I think)

Well, we decided to give it a try, seeing how intriguing it was. Quite steep, but the package came with a back massage, a foot scrub and a drink. $28 for 30 minutes worth.

Well, it was really ticklish initially (the aunties in the shop laughed a LOT when they placed their feet in), but it really did remove quite a bit of dead skin. Might try it out again someday =) Maybe, heh.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo-realism is moot?

Check out the Image Fulgurator. Really really cool idea, like the Laughing Man in Ghost In The Shell. The device looks too much like a gun though, wonder what security-paranoid countries would think?

Vulnerability counting revisited: a hypothetical example

Quoting the article:

The lesson to take from this hypothetical example is that counting vulnerability reports is as likely to lead you to the wrong conclusion as to the right conclusion. Find more information before making a decision. Think through the implications of any metric you have available.

Don’t buy the easy interpretation just because it’s easy.


June 26 - For The Love Of God - Vol II

Just to share from the daily mailer from Christwaymedia.

Isaiah 58

HOW SELF-DECEIVED WE HUMANS ARE when it comes to matters religious. So many things that start off as incentives to repentance and godliness develop into vicious idols. What starts as an aid to holiness ends up as the triple trap of legalism, self-righteousness, and superstition. So it was with the bronze snake in the wilderness. Although it was ordered and used by God (Num. 21:4-9), it became such a religious nonsense in later times that Hezekiah destroyed it (2 Kings 18:4).

So it sometimes is with other forms of religious observance or spiritual discipline. One may with fine purpose and good reason start “journaling” as a discipline that breeds honesty and self-examination, but it can easily slide into the triple trap: in your mind you so establish journaling as the clearest evidence of personal growth and loyalty to Christ that you look down your nose at those who do not commit themselves to the same discipline, and pat yourself on the back every day that you maintain the practice (legalism); you begin to think that only the most mature saints keep spiritual journals, so you qualify — and you know quite a few who do not (self-righteousness); (c) you begin to think that there is something in the act itself, or in the paper, or in the writing, that is a necessary means of grace, a special channel of divine pleasure or truth (superstition). That is the time to throw away your journal.

Clearly, fasting can become a similar sort of trap. The first five verses of Isaiah 58 expose and condemn the wrong kind of fast, while verses 6-12 describe the kind of fast that pleases God. The first is bound up with hypocrisy. People maintain their fasts, but quarrel in the family (58:4). Their fasts do not stop them from exploiting their workers (58:3b). These religious people are getting restless: “We tried fasting,” they say, “and it didn’t work” (58:3). At a superficial level they seem to have a hunger for God and his way (58:2). The truth is that they are beginning to treat the fast as if it were a bit of magic: because I’ve kept the fast, God has to bless me. Such thinking is both terribly sad and terribly evil.

By contrast, the fast that pleases God is marked by genuine repentance (58:6-12). Not only does it turn away from self-indulgence but it actively shares with the poor (58:7), and intentionally strives “to loose the chains of injustice,” “ to set the oppressed free and break every yoke” (58:7), to abjure “malicious talk” (58:9). This is the fast that brings God’s blessing (58:8-12).

Copyright 2008 D.A. Carson

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BackTrack 3 Final

BackTrack 3 final version is out, get it at remote-exploit! More security tools to play with in a nice package! =D

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wedding and Honeymoon Pictures

Will be uploading pictures from the wedding actual day and the honeymoon, hope you guys like them =)

Wedding album (1 of 2)

Wedding album (2 of 2)
Wedding pictures courtesy of Yong How of 1950 Photography [blog], thanks! Haha, we've got a post in their blog too.


Honeymoon (to be posted)