Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Something to clarify the post that was meant to clarify my other post.

Think most people (if not all) misread it...thanks to my wonderful(ly bad) writing skills?

Hope this ends this once and for all...thanks.


BGR? MWR! Got diff meh? =P

For the sake of those who cannot make head or tail of some of my posts, and are truly concerned.

(I'm considering getting into a relationship)
Yes, I am currently considering getting into a relationship.

(I'm not for revealing who the person is here in the blog)
If you know who the person is, then you know. Likewise, if you don't know who the person is, then you dunno lah. ;)

(My decision: Not to do anything, as I don't wish to rush into something that I don't really understand yet)
Am really thankful for the suggestions given by my friends, really, but after some thought, I'd rather not rush into this right now; and even if I were to regret, I'd rather not regret doing the thing that won't be helpful for the other party anyway.

(Advice can be given aplenty, but we cannot, and shouldn't, heed all without thinking, keeping our priorities in view)
It's probably easier to just decide on whether I like the person or not or even just whether I can live with the person, but being strangers in this world, there are other views and prioirities that need to be considered. Vaguely put: how we should live as God's people whilst in this world.

(Some questions that I'm asking myself whilst thinking about this)
There's many questions which I'm unsure of (and of whether I need to be sure of them in the first place), like why this person and not this other person, or more importantly is it a good decision to start trying to get to know her better now?

(A little info about her)
Time is running out (regarding her), not that she's terminally ill or anything (duh), but that the chances to even meet as a normal friend/brother-in-Christ is going to be really really slim (*ah-hem*) soon.

(About my decision, and what I think being in a relationship entails)
But till then, I think I'll need to understand more about this before I try to consider this kind of thing, since I know that what I hold on to so far isn't concrete enough for me to make a decision, to serve another person as an expression of our godliness, or for the encouragement of such growth.



The decision's been made already, hope you'll respect it, thank you =)