Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Write a composition about your worst day in 400 words or less"

Don't know how many things can go wrong in a day, but today's one of them where quite a few did.

>Woke up late
-> as a result didn't give the wake up call I was supposed to
-> and didn't go for the event I agreed to go to
>Mum and bro quarrelled (some things are postponed, and my mum naturally wasn't really happy)
>Made an idiot out of myself leading songs lol...probably is from the lack of practise, or just that I'm not really cut out for this

Then again, what more can go wrong with humanity in real trouble due to sin?

But on the flipside, if even that is solved by Christ on the cross, there is really nothing more important to worry about...

But not to say that I'm not concerned though..

(PS: the subject topic has absolutely nothing to do with the content.)


Anonymous said...

hey.. i wasn't angry when u did not wake me up this morning.. so dun need to feel bad abt tt.. and yar.. u had actually done quite a good job in leading the songs... it's just that no one said thanks to u only.. so erm.. thanks.. =p heez..

lagon said...

u need to learn how to slp man
a gd gauge is to go slp when everyone else is aslp
(do not include those crazy ppl who dun slp n play dota wif u)

n u always make an idot out of urself wat so nvm lah...

*the cat is a bit hyper cause its on drugs...*

GunBlad3 said...


Thanks HQ...

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Sounds like an interesting thing to write on! Feel free to email it to me as I'd be interested to read it.