Friday, May 20, 2005

Encouragement and shame

Talked to lao shi (teacher in mandarin) whilst on the train to Changi Airport today, was both encouraged, and saddened, by what kind of rubbish I have been doing more recently.

Was a little shocked initially when I realised that the way that I treat my mum at home, is certainly far from being filial, and godly is out of the question.

Filial not as in the type that just "meekly says yes to everything as obedience", but truly loving the person both in action, and in words.

Was reminded of how ministry is not just some official thing we do only when in a church building, but how we live our lives in a godly manner which is how we should be living as believers, both as a testimony to others and also as an encouragement for people to trust in Jesus Christ in every part of their lives also.

Was really saddened by how much some of these truths have slowly become more and more distant in my reasoning, but I guess it is also expected, when the rubbish that we get in this world is not being constantly checked and corrected by the only source of absolute truth.

I pray that this will change, now that I've realised it....and that this will be one less unnecessary problem that has to exist in a sense.


yifen said...

Take heart! Glad that you were encouraged. Press on in applying the truths in your life. Don't forget we have a family in Christ. :)

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

As Proverbs says, a timely rebuke is always good (though not pleasant at the time (Hebrews 12)). It will hopefully cause you to grow in greater godliness and Christlikess, as (Proverbs also says) that the wise take rebuke to heart and change :)