Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Crash Course Dummy

Suddenly, I've got a job.

Not that I was really looking for one, but didn't really want to find one, so that I can learn something new in my free time.

But got an offer from a friend, and now tyc, hq and myself are together doing a project.

And to top it off, it's in php, so will have to learn something new first, and in a really short time also. (which also means I'll have to postpone learning some css crap to revamp this blog)

For some reason unknown to me, I'm quite excited to do this, although this is something we die-die must be able to deliver.


hamster said...

Need any help? Ask Yongjie for my email address or phone number. I've coded in PHP for my first 2 jobs. It's quite easy to pick up... :)

GunBlad3 said...

=) will remember you when we need the help thanks!