Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Project Timothy Bible Conference - God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance

Project Timothy Bible Conference - God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance

The bible con is here, from the 15th to 17th of July. Do go if you can heh heh =)


Project Timothy Bible Conference (PTBC): God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance? Can Christians all away? How sure are we of getting to heaven?

As Christians struggle in everyday life with temptations, sin and difficulties, there may be times when we despair of reaching our longed-for destination. "I'm can't stop sinning, am I going to be
disqualified in the end?" "There's no guarantee that God will accept me into heaven, so I can only do all I can and hope for the best." "What about those around me who have abandoned the Christian faith, haven't they fallen away?"

And even the comforting words from the Bible which assures us of God bringing us to our destination bring on a new set of puzzles. If God is the one who sustains us to our final goal, does that imply that Christians are ultimately mere puppets, being stringed along? What is
our part in our Christian perseverance?

These are important questions that the Christian needs to understand, with implications on our security in Christ and our perspective on evangelism. Come and examine the Bible's take on these questions and more at the Project Timothy Bible Conference 2005. Join us as we delve
into God's Word to better see how we should understand this issue and how it should impact our Christian thinking, living and priorities in a way that truly pleases God.

Speakers: Ray Galea, Peter O'Brien

Dates: 15 - 17 Jul 2005

Venue: River View Hotel, 382 Havelock Road, Singapore 169629

Highlights of the PTBC Weekend:

1. 4 Bible expositions of select passages from Romans 3 to 8 by Ray Galea, on the issue of Divine Sovereignty and Christian Assurance

2. 3 Thematic talks on what the Bible teaches about Divine Sovereignty and Christian Assurance, by Peter O' Brien

3. 1 workshop on "Principles of Interpretation" focusing on apocalyptic literature in the Bible

4. 1 workshop on "Christian Living Today: God's Fatherhood and Ours"

5. 2 workshops on "Dealing with 'Hot Potatoes' (Controversial Passages)" in the Bible that touches on the themes of Divine Sovereignty and Christian Assurance

Dates and Times:

Check in: 9 am, 15 Jul (Fri)
Check out: 12 pm , 17 Jul (Sun)

Cost and Registration:

Early Bird - Register and pay by 24 Jun: $160 (Adults)/ $100 (Student)
Register from 25 Jun - 15 Jul: $180 (Adults)/ $130 (Student)
Day Trippers (no accommodation): $130 per adult; $80 per student
No Refund after 24 Jun.

Register online at or via post with the Registration Form provided. You will be notified by email once your registration has been processed. For enquiries, please call Kevin Pang at 91870728 or email


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