Thursday, May 12, 2005


Brought my dog to the vet today, seems like he's falling sick from old age.

The diagnosis? Heart inefficiency leading to liver and skin problems all at the same time.

My poor dog, still has to endure being irritated by the younger one.


lagon said...

u know wat the prob is???
there is no cats in ur house.
havin a cat in ur house would cure ur dog!!!
u see ah... if u haf a cat at home
then both ur dogs can take turn to disturb the cat.
which means
1) the little dog wun disturb the older one
2) ur old dog would haf some aerobic exercise which is gd for its heart
3) ur little dog can exercise to prevent heart problems in the future
4) ur house would be much more livelier
5) u get to see the cat being killed!!!

p.s. no cats r hurt in the making of the above post. n hopefully none would ever be.


GunBlad3 said...

Ok, I'll get u to stay in my house for a few weeks to be chased by the dogs then. =P