Saturday, May 28, 2005


Was really encouraged by the sermon today on 1 Peter 4...

(1 Peter's about the new perspective Peter is trying to give to this group of christians who were facing increasing persecution in the first (or early second?) century. And these christians were being tempted to respond in various ways which were seemingly normal for a human, but apparently are not for God's saved people. This new perspective is to correct and encourage them, and definitely has many things to say, in these times also.)

It is expected when we face persecution in these last days, since the values we hold on to are contrary to what this world holds on to. But it get's really saddening when we see that sometimes the source are fellow christians...probably that's where the phrase "The worst oppositions can come from Christians sometimes" came from...

As Ronnie preached the sermon, I was also reminded of some similar incidents that I am familiar with...and also of my shamefully bad response to that which was to give up at that time.

Back then, I really didn't know...but then again, don't we all? Until more gets revealed to us.

Things have since "cooled down", but the relationships definitely has changed to something non-existent now, much to my regret, and pity...

Mistakes and their consequences, sometimes take a very long time to be rectified. And I hope it's soon in this case, by God's...errrr, plan.

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