Sunday, February 26, 2006


Gal 3:1 - O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified.
We're currently studying the book of Galatians in BTPC. The Galatians have been called "fools" and "bewitched",and all because they have lost their focus: having started off by believing in the gospel for their salvation (faith), they have deserted the gospel and have trusted in works to bring them to the goal of their christian lives.

The problem for them wasn't in lawkeeping as a result of being saved, but rather lawkeeping as a means to attain the goal of glorification in Christ, now that they've started off on this journey by believing in the message of Christ for their salvation (Gal 3:2).

We do have the tendency to rely on works to bring us to God, even as Christians who've started off on the right footing. The thing comes when some of the "Christian" things we do become a must for us to do personally, or else our salvation seems to be at stake, things like going to an established church("You don't attend a church in a proper building? Maybe you're not really christian.."), singing songs in a particular manner, serving in a "frontline ministry" like in the band, or as song leaders, or even as bible study leaders!

On another note, I've been an absolute fool, bewitched by nothing other than my own stupid thinking, in persisting in living my life in ways that seriously go against godly living and also in not trying to live my life the way I should be. All these done with the full knowledge and understanding of the consequences of such behaviour (we came from there) and of what Christ had come down to this world to do, saving us from our past wretched state, for a restored relationship with God and others.

With this,what words can describe myself? Not just a fool who thinks that there aren't any consequences to sin, but rather an obstinate fool who persists in doing such idiotic things! And an unrepentant one at that, not living for the good of others..

I have not loved enough(ask the people who are closest to me, they can definitely attest to that), and I have not been fully obedient. I can only pray to God and beg for forgiveness in Christ, whilst asking him to enable me to live my life the way I should be, for if we couldn't start on the journey by our own effort, we definitely cannot finish the course entirely by our own effort either.

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lagon said...

hey dude...

lead a bit more balanced life lah. i see that sometimes u pratically wake up in front of a computer, eat in front of one n sometimes even slp in front of one.

balance your life bit by bit, n slowly also. sometime when we move to fast got a lot a dust would rise n block our view one.

just my 2 cents worth.

thinking of changing my "meow!!!" to "woof!!"

*Reading CAT N DOG THOELOGY now. sometimes i hate it when my cell leader passes my this type of book... haha*