Sunday, February 19, 2006


No, it's not the A&E in a hospital, but rather Eugene and Amy's wedding (with the initals reversed). Went for their wedding yesterday,and also their wedding dinner this evening.

What touched my heart in particular, was how the love shown by Eugene and Amy to this particular american friend of theirs whilst they were studying in Australia, and over time as a result this person came to know the love of Christ, which was also why they could love others. Their american friend came over all the way from the US, to share both in the wedding celebration, and also his testimony/story.

This is my first time attending a wedding dinner with my local church, and although it was nothing less to be expected of them, but nevertheless the conversation topics over the dinner table ranged from mindless banter and jokes (some exceedingly cold) to proper catching up with one another (as much as was appropiate at such a setting) and things with regard to 'ministry'.

Looking forward to more fellowship and gospel growth together with these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, really..

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