Sunday, February 05, 2006


Born into sin, we could do nothing about it, except to continue to make God angry at us.

But after being saved by God, through believing in Christ's death and resurrection, we are fully justified in God's eyes, and start the journey where we continue to fight against sin (though we're fully free from the penalty of it).

It is hard, and at times we fall, not knowing where to put our faces when we do.

But the solution is to continue as how we started in the first place: if Christ's work on the cross solely can pay for our sins, then it should solely be the thing we turn to humbly to ask for forgiveness when we fall. After which, it's back to living our lives, trying our very best not to fall into that again.

Running the race is tiring, with the cycle of falling and repenting, and at times we want to "break out" of this cycle altogether. But God's promises still hold: if we persevere in living in obedience to Christ, He will surely save us when He comes again.

Thank God all these will end! I really can't imagine any reason to continue in this (or to do any good in the first place) if there won't be any accounting for what we've done in our lives. But that, also, is a stern reminder for us not to be on the wrong side of the judgement seat (so to speak) when Christ comes again.

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