Sunday, February 12, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts since monday, the week had been hectic with things: things related to "work" (my IA), and things related to the church of Christ.

Looking back at the week, it had certainly been insane (and worryingly congested), with much of my processor time being taken up by the tsunami that happened.

In conclusion to filtering and thinking through about things, I (personally) certainly need to repent of some things, like not caring enough for others where they are, and also going to the opposite extreme in wanting to treat ladies with purity, especially sisters in Christ. Praying that God will allow me to repent in action, since counting the things already declared, there aren't anything else that needs to be said, but done.

Looking at the many things big and small that happened, I can only thank God: for saving us in Christ from our future judgement, for the giving of His Spirit that enables us to understand the scriptures and to obey Him in loving others, for not leaving us alone in this world but granting us relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, for the status of marriage which I'm able to work toward currently with someone dear to me, and for her herself also.

Thanks also, to those who've helped me to think and have shown love in your concern, it was much needed and appreciated, really...

Am not sure how things will turn out from here on (then again most things are uncertain, except for Christ's return to judge this world), but whatever happens, we can only trust in God's sovereignty as we all make the effort to live our lives the way we should be, as God's people.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for encouraging us through His Word and His people always, especially during the time of that 'tsunami' you mentioned. Looking back, we can only give thanks to God for His grace in many ways. I thank God for His Spirit who convicts you. May you continue to respond in obedience and be found worthy of your calling as a Christian. :)*pat on the back*

In partnership in many ways ~*