Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weird: The mind and the feelings

It's weird.

Funny how I hold true to some truths regarding some things, but yet feel things differently at times still.

Either the outworkings of the (still) sinful self (for now, till Christ returns), or the indication that I have not come to be clear on what implications these truths have.



junz said...

yoz.. how was the music camp? ahahaha.. i need help.. looking for materials to do for a music workshop specially for the music ministry..

hamster said...

I blur what U talking about. If you mean that we don't feel right/good about doing some things that ARE right... well you're not alone. :) If you mean that some things that we hold true don't seem to be right after all... you're not alone either.

Anonymous said...

i share your sentiments..

confused and still confused.. guess only Christ can clear our heads... =)

GunBlad3 said...

Junz: It was good learning, from the bible ;) Learnt some technical skills too from the camp. If you want the notes I can try to type them out or smth.

Hamster: I mean some things are true, but we still feel otherwise (that it's not true) at times..

Anon: I guess when Christ comes again, I'll be freed from this body of death...