Sunday, January 15, 2006

ARPC Music Camp

Went for ARPC's music camp over the weekend at the NACLI campsite. It was a good weekend of being reminded of and learning the biblical theology behind music, and also on learning some basics related to music (and bass, for myself).

Many of us from the music groups in BTPC went, most of whom are related to/in the youth group.

Didn't really have much time to interact with the other particpants of the camp there (whom were all from ARPC: the bands, TNYF, etc) although we got to play with some of them during our breaks. Hope to be able to keep in touch with encourage them as fellow partakers of the hope that we all have.

Many of the biblical theology behind music taught there was a good reminder of what we've learnt before, but one of the implications would need more thinking through: in response to the churches' overstressing of people's emotional responses especially through music, (some?) evangelicals have gone to the other extreme of being totally emotionless during our services, etc. Well, I certainly do think that way at times (even though I still do feel, little as I realised it), would be good to think through about what I say, and what I do pertaining to the "cold hearted" Christian.


Will be starting my Industrial Attachment at DSTA tomorrow, it's exciting to see what's coming in the pipeline (not because only of my IA), but at the same time I do FEEL like giving up altogether at times, but remembering the sacrifice Jesus Christ gave in his love for us, I think it'd be far better if I continued to labour on for the sake of the elect.


Anonymous said...

As we learn from the book of Ruth, we are reminded that there is so much to give thanks to God for, especially in his kindness towards saving His people. In response to that, may we serve Him and His people faithfully in the ministries He has entrusted to us and be found faithful on that Day. :)You are not alone. :)

In partnership in various ways... :)

GunBlad3 said...

Thanks 'anonymous', in more ways than one =)