Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trusting by obedience

The sermon on Ruth 3 last sunday was on trusting in the kindness of God by obeying Him.

That was clearly shown in Ruth 3 as Ruth never went after the younger men of her own age (v10) and that she didn't take things into her own hands even though she was without a family, and that after a few months the (barley) harvest's almost over, yet the redeemer whom she met has not done anything as yet.

The simple implications of us trusting in God by obeying Him (not acting according to what we perceive as best, contrary to what the bible has revealed) was there too.

With the tightening of my wallet due to the extra spending during the holidays, I've totally stopped giving to the church in terms of money, actually thinking that my own sustenance is more important than contributing to the church in this manner. Most probably will rebudget my spending for these few months, keeping in mind to still contribute, that the gospel work can continue being adequately funded.

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