Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Couldn't Help Noticing: You need more dating

"...So are our churches set up primarily for people who are married? Do they consistently separate out singles from the rest of the flock simply because they are single? Do singles separate themselves out from the rest of the flock because they feel like they don’t fit in and no one understands them? Do the marrieds in our midst drop inappropriate comments and hints about getting married to their single friends and do the singles ostracise them for it?

As the body of Christ, redeemed by the same blood, whether single or married, divorced or widowed, Jew or Gentile, slave or free, our beliefs render such behaviour unacceptable. Single people are not second-class citizens just because they’re single. Nor are marrieds an insular group who’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to be single. But we are all part of the bride of Christ, waiting for our final union with our loving Bridegroom at that last great wedding supper of the Lamb. God may not have a wife now: but one day he will."

A good post, and reminder, on how we're to view marriage and singleness in the church...

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