Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today was a day of intensive walking for most of the day, checking out some of the possible flats for the current round of E-Sales. Although there weren't many that were both suitable and affordable for us, it was as fun as it was tiring to go to new places, and eat at new places (apparently MM likes it a lot). Hope to find some place good and affordable also before the wedding, God willing.

Today, was also a day of remembering (albeit in a really shocking way) that I've been failing over and over again in taking care of Fen. There are areas that are quite important to her in terms of how someone should be like in order to lead in the relationship, and I've been lax in being alert and loving towards her...

We renewed our commitment towards one another, to keep working at taking care of the other, and to entrust herself to such a (fallen) person's care. All this with God's help of course.

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Emma's Daddy said...

Take it in your stride. Dun fret, dun rush. ENJOY this whole process of preparation for ur impending new season of marriage. =)

btw, are we meeting sometime soon for dinner? before Emma's born.. anytime now.. heheh