Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sickened, saddened

After a day at work, things did seem to end (for the day) on a down note.

Sickened, after hearing from a colleague about how a really unscrupulous insurance agent had tricked his retiring mum into signing for a plan which she obviously couldn't afford and maintain. Though it is true that there are such people out and about still, it doesn't change the fact that it's just..sickening to hear.

Saddened, because of how I've missed on a very good opportunity to tell about the Christian: not some holy holy person who has achieved some status, but a person who has rebelled but has been forgiven. That is why we live as forgiven people.

It's already hard enough not to join in the crowd and do what I used to do wantonly, the coarse talk, the surfing and downloading of things that shouldn't be done. It's even harder to talk about why we act like weird people in this aspect.

It's no good if we live good lives, but not explain it when we can. People end up thinking that we believe that we're saved by being good people: exactly the kind of slavery we have been set free from.

May future opportunities not be missed out upon. We'd never know when it could save a life in the long run.

On a different note, my sister in law just gave birth! Heh, that makes me a "true" uncle liao eh. Really really glad for my brother too. :-)

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Emma's Daddy said...

yes yes Uncle Ray.. =)

thanks for visiting and for the fruits.. =) We pray that Emma'll be more awake the next time u guys visit her.. =)