Thursday, September 15, 2005

A taste of heaven


Came back from the 3 day/2night retreat with my NTU group yesterday, and it was a good time of both getting to know one another better, to talk about things both regarding christianity and not, and also to teach them/learn together about the overview of the entire bible. Am really glad that the whole group went, even though none of the people outside of our group came and joined us in the end =( (except for Yifen who joined us for the last talk and dinner)

Personally, having to teach the thing meant that it also made us (TYC and I) understand this more, and also the fact that I had my first chance to give a few talks/workshops this time. Am glad that it didn't go way too awry and that they did manage to catch the geist and learn, although I do have room to improve on my presentation for sure.

Unlike my dog who has to stretch like mad to get a taste of the grape, we certainly are blessed in having the priviledge of building one another up whenever we meet, all by God's grace and not by our own merits.

(will post more pictures when I can in Flickr)


taiyongchieh said...

BoOm! Good job bro!

lagon said...

u r such an asshole for doin tat to ur dog man.
imagaine someone hold a coke and u end up having to can see cannot touch... sadist...