Monday, September 12, 2005


The questions that rage on in my mind, all meet up with dead ends, not because there's no answer, but simply because I haven't come to realise yet.
Seeing the effects of sin in people's lives from talking to various people, and the kind of 'needless' pain they undergo (if only...they had heard and understood the gospel...but that's up to God's sovereignty to reveal what to whom at which place in time) from nothing but lies...saddens me no end. But I'm not God, else I'd have done as I wished...

Looking at myself, seeing no difference between my past and the pagans that are around in this world...the punishment was justified, the salvation undeserved, but yet... and the only response I can have to this massive turning point in life (being transferred from the realm of death to another realm) is Gratitude, and living a new life in the light of this new status. =)

The new life, still hard to live in the continued presence of sin, although being no longer under it's dominion...still needs many old habits still need to be weeded out (no thanks to having loved lies, and still loving it sometimes, for the past dunno-how-many-years). Still fighting sin, but still sometimes getting tripped up.

But there's also cause for joy also, for the growth and potential in the youths that have the massive priviledge of hearing the bible taught faithfully at such a young age, and the fact that they're thinking also. Great opportunities to mature them(by God's grace, of course), and great opportunities for partnerships in the ministry. And also applies for the congregation as a whole too~

Looking at it all, the work continues(with God's help also; we only continue to encourage others with the gospel, both in understanding and it's outworkings in our lives) as we await the Perfected Kingdom to arrive fully, and one (tiny) part of it starts tomorrow: the retreat to Changi Aloha, where we'll (the NTU group) be doing GBP (not exactly the same material, but the same content). =)

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