Sunday, September 18, 2005


Went for the SUO over the weekend as a participant with my friends from PLMC, and it surely was a new experience for me, for actually joining in a competition for ultimate frisbee as opposed to playing for fun only (although we sort of played for fun there also anyway lol), and also to see the tip of the iceberg in how many people actually play this game.

It was certainly nice to see a few of my friends around there also, and to have a short chat with one of them there. Also with more visitors joining in our team, we ended up with more peope, which meant that we didn't get ourselves tired out so fast as compared to the team without the additional people (like the PE teachers heh heh ;) )

At the end, it was a bit sad that we couldn't/didn't join the rest of the people there to get to know them better as friends too (a beer party/dinner probably isn't the best place to try to get to know people), but what disturbed me more was the kind of 'true colours' that showed in the duration of the games.

In the duration of the games, many heated words/espressions were exchanged (mainly in the form of shouting and screaming) amongst the team (including myself) probably due to the heat (stress) of the game, but most weren't really considerate of the person's plight that he/she probably was really tired, or just disorientated, and had been trying his/her best the end, D blew his top at one more of such a comment being directed at him. In the end, things were patched up: an apology made in front of everybody, and just as quickly as it blew it disappeared from sight (or the minds seemingly) as if it never happened.....

I think BS (the one who apologised) was really brave then...but it also showed me how stubbornly proud I still am in wanting to save face in front of others there and then, for what I've transgressed against others was no different from what he did, only difference was that no one was visibly affected by it (nothing 'bad' came from it so to speak).

(It's one thing for a person to realise that he's proud, but it doesn't mean that he/she'll be humble for sure from then on.)

This may or may not be the best place to do so (or the best timing), but to those whom I've done wrong against in one way or another (including CL) during this weekend, I'm sorry.

Hope that I'll be able to change this, with God's help...but this one won't be easy for me personally.
Whatever the case, I hope to be able to make good use of the precious little time I have with them on sunday evenings, whilst enjoying the ultimate frisbee games =P

(PS: for those who've read up till here and are still wondering how on earth does the subject title link to this post, you can stop now: there is no link)
(PPS: kena sunburn'ed from the weekend of sun, if you're wondering what (part of) my msn nick means)

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