Friday, August 05, 2005


Am still recovering from wilfully walking into holes, whilst thinking about it still. Pardon me if I don't make much sense here these days.

In the meantime, will be leading the first Romans study next monday (the first time since dunno how long liao) , and will have very little time to prepare for it as much as I'd want to. Hope I can explain it clearly then =S


Anonymous said...

we the people of bloomington iu fired
16,000 workers why we need jobs now
you asshole thank you in bloomington
indiana iu 47406 why do you not think
you are next ok good

Danica said...

I was browsing thru the blogs and caught yours, its pretty cool huh?...holla back anytime..

Barney said...

Interesting parable.

Anonymous said...

You changed ur blog's appearance!!


cool.. very happening, e ppl who read and comment on ur blog.. =)