Monday, August 08, 2005

Heb 10:24

Was embarrassed, shocked and appreciative all at the same time when a certain member of the church gave a whole bottle of vitamins, just two days after having seen the condition my eye (now eyeS) was in.

Well, even though it was quite paiseh, but I accepted the gift in the end anyway, so as not to disappoint her or to discourage her from doing likewise to others in the future.

The love of the members for each other are certainly something I've never seen before, the concern shown when a new member amongst their midst doesn't come for even one day is certainly something to ponder about...

Well, hope to be able to encourage whomever I can, in the ways that would be the best for them in the future...

(will share an article up here soon I hope, long-time readers of the Briefing would probably find this familiar?)

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