Friday, August 19, 2005

"The Son of God" is coming to Suntec City

It's known that in these last days (between the first coming of Jesus Christ 2000 yrs ago, and His coming again in glory), there'll emerge various false prophets (intentionally or not) and various false/half-true gospels, all of which are not a faithful representation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, if at all.

Even so, it was completely shocking to hear that a particular category of people (who claim to BE Jesus Christ themselves, but are definitely not from the things they say/do) still exists today, reading in a forwarded email about this guy.

This person (Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy) is coming to singapore, and no joking about it, he openly proclaims that he's the son of God in flesh in his website, with (implied new, other than what has been proclaimed in Jesus Christ) "divine revelations from the Father".

Be aware, and do be discerning in what you hear/read, even from this guy.


taiyongchieh said...

we need a torch..

beat said...

MAD MAN!!! =(

Skyva said...

Hi GunBlad3,

I have been searching for websites that show the other story about Pastor Apollo. Do you know where I can find any?

I'm asking this because I don't want to simply believe what I read in the e-mail about what he claims. I want to hear what the other side has to say before deciding on my own. But his website is apparently down.

GunBlad3 said...

Hi skyva,

It's good that you want to find out at least a bit more before making a conclusion. I didn't really believe it initially but after going to his website and reading around, that conclusion isn't really hard to make, that he claims himself to be the Son of God come again in flesh, but along with claims that contradict with what the gospel of Christ Jesus has already shown to us, he's definitely proven himself to be a fake, whether on purpose or not.

Of course, Jesus Christ will come again, but we will need to know what he'll be like, lest we fail to recognise him (in a sense) like many pharisees (and many others) did when He first came. How will we know? It's by learning for ourselves what God's like as revealed from the bible. There're other topics on how do we read the bible and what do we know about His second and final coming but I won't go into that for now.

His website is down as you have said, and I can't seem to access any other cached pages of that website for now, and I can't seem to find other sites that represent him, but I can keep a lookout and let you know if it comes up again.

If you're interested, do contact me via email or msn. My contacts are there in the main or archive pages' sidebar.