Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Once upon a time, there was this cat. It was a blur cat, belonging to an owner who saves stray cats from their predicaments.

One day, as it was walking along the road it usually walked, it noticed that the sewage cover it passed by often was cracked, and it was in danger of falling into the hole if the cover ever gave way.

Although the cat knew that it was probably not good to walk that path anymore, it closed one eye to that and carried on walking the same route everyday. And true to the danger, the cover gave way and the cat fell into the hole.

Falling inside, it became both dirty and smelly, and as a result gave the other cats in the family a bad time.

Although soon after, the cat was cleaned, it truly regrets having done such a thing, and hopes for fogiveness from the other cats as it resolves not to do the things that aren't good for them.

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lagon said...

tats my copyright!!!
ur copyright is MOO onli!!!
no matter how many M or O u put i dun care. just dun touch my MEOW

somehow u know...
or is it a lucky guess???
or u not tokin about me???
i dun know.
gropein in the dark now...