Thursday, July 28, 2005

Who, and what do we pray for?

In the light of the horror of the London bombings, and all the terror that these proprietors had attempted to inflict on the world, what God has to say to that is certainly shocking...

Taken from here: (click on the words "mp3" to download the sound clips respectively)

Prayer For London

On Sunday, 10th of July, a special service to pray for London was held. Dean Jensen spoke on Ecclesiastes.

1. Bible Reading - Ecclesiastes 3:1ff - mp3 (0.5 mb) - Prime Minister John Howard
2. Bible Reading - 1 Timothy 2:1ff - mp3 (0.5 mb) - U.S. Consulate General Sydney
3. "Prayer For London" - 10/07/2005 - mp3 (6.5 mb) - Phillip Jensen

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