Sunday, July 24, 2005

The end of the busy period

Somehow, the pattern has been the same over the past few years: in the holidays, I end up being more busy than during the semester.

But thank God, this holidays wasn't wasted: learning (or should I say experiencing from the job) about how sinful man can be, being reminded of how sinful I AM before Christ did what was needed to me, learning about my basis of reassurance of my salvation, catching up with a few brothers and sisters in Christ, getting to know (for a start) more people in hall, learning a bit more about how this world's fatherhood comes from God being the Father, and how that should translate into family life, and much more.

The holidays have ended! And the many new beginnings start in these few weeks along with the new semester. Although I may be a little unsettled by some of these, but the god we call Father is still in control, and I'm very sure that he still is in control, giving us only what He deems as best for us: that we mature in Christ, till the day we're presented perfected in Him. And that what we should do, is to carry on in this faith that God has brought us into. What else is more important?

I thank God for the shadow of heaven that we can see right now, for the faith and the growth that He's granted to the people around, the body of His church, even though we still live in the reality of sin. And I simply can't imagine what the real thing would be like come judgement day, to be in the new heaven which had been prepared, really...

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