Thursday, July 07, 2005

One shot, one kill

Went to get my ippt today, and thank God that I didn't fail, or drop dead, or anything else for that matter lol.

Counting the fact that I've never really exercsed since I ORDed (which was in Aug 2003), I aimed for an incentive, which is in between a pass and a silver award.

My plans somehow went crazy in the first station, when the PTI (physical training instructor) deducted 5 situps from my score. Apparently he's been screaming like mad at the us, and I didn't realise that they were directed at me, until he was right beside me and started deducting the score. Well, I don't blame him, for my technique could really have been wrong. But he certainly could've made it known who on earth was he screaming at. And I probably should have told him (albeit nicely), lest more suffer from his inexperience.

Well, at least I don't have to go for remedial training! lol.

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