Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's the day where I've been made the angriest at work to date. The previous (and first) time was when there were these people particularly uncooperative and rude at an audit.

For this time, though the person(s) are from the same department, the roles are different, and the situation's different too. They're not the ones being audited this time, and we're working (supposedly) in the capacity as external security auditors, with that person as the main point of contact for that department.

The thing was that even though that person doesn't seem to know well what a security audit involves, he's questioning our requests in a way that's unseeming of our roles this time. Even with explanations of why these things are needed, he seems to fail to understand.

There's no need to write all the details of what happened, but everyone's temper became short today. And I nearly lost control of my tongue.

The thing is this: counting his position in the company, is he working with another mindset? It might be legit for him to make sure sensitive information isn't released unnecessarily, and that he's just trying to do his job this time.

The other possibility is that he's just trying to be difficult. There has been a history of tension and unhappiness between departments, and this could be a factor in the way he's acting.

So which is it? Wrong frequency? Wrong mindset? Or both? I can't tell at this point in time.

The thing to do now is to pray, to keep working hard at not saying things that I shouldn't be. To not act just based on my feelings. No matter how bad things may seem at that point in time.

Meanwhile, need to find out why they're like that, and how can we work together when need be (if at all possible).


Unsub said...

I lagi sian, go in and take pay cut. Honestly speaking, the work is not that interesting. Be glad you still find the stuff u do is thrilling to a certain extent.

I look at the state of the co., the standard here quite low in comparison to where I came from. Still very far from a product company...

GunBlad3 said...

Well, I'm not disappointed at the company/person/department, only thing is that it certainly gets on your nerves when such things happen eh.

True, I certainly have my current job scope to be thankful for, it's more exciting than I've expected by far. Though we need to be careful not to break the law =D