Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On today's bible study on Matthew:

It doesn't cease to amaze, and challenge me, how blatantly the bible puts suffering together with following Christ: as disciples/followers, we will not be spared from what Jesus himself went through. Simply because this was what he went through, and the world at large today still hates God/Christ/Christians.

I'm thankful though, that where I live we have the great luxury of (relatively more) security and stability. And as such, much of the persecution from others isn't physical, as compared to those living in muslim countries for example.

Will write (and quote) more on this again.


Jym said...

"and the world at large today still hates God/Christ/Christians"

We must first understand and explore why the world at large hates an invisible being, the chosen one and the people who claimed to be His disciples.

GunBlad3 said...

I think that if we understand what the (entire) bible's main thrust is (i.e. saving people), we'll see that humanity has been rebelling against God, starting from the first guy in existence.

(With this rebellion, there comes consequences, and the need for accountability: either we face the consequences of what we've done, or someone else pays for it.)

With that, it's not hard to see that the world would (still) be largely against this invisible being, and anyone/anything related to him.

I'm assuming a lot in this comment: like the Christians in question are those behaving truly as Christians should, not those who live wantonly differently from what the bible teaches.