Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teaching Little Ones

Teaching Little Ones is a six-year syllabus of Sunday School lessons for children aged 2-8. Developed over the past 15 years and tested in a wide range of churches, Teaching Little Ones provides everything the Sunday School teacher needs each week: lesson plans, story scripts, prayers, activities and craft ideas.

Matthias Media is delighted to introduce this new resource to churches everywhere. Written by Stephanie Carmichael (author of Their God is so Big) and illustrated by several talented artists, it offers both biblically sound and age-appropriate lessons.

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Anonymous said...


Congrats on graduation and finding a job so soon! U r really hardworking- wanna save money for wedding huh? :P Not gonna take a break 1st? U know, next time, u'll have money but to time to rest! :P So enjoy while it last. -Ming-

GunBlad3 said...


Thanks Ming Ming ;) Actually, I just signed the letter of offer and passed to them Friday (yesterday) morning.

Yeah, I know that it gets busy from now onwards, but yeah, want to try to get married in next June, God willing =)

Thanks for commenting, it's really nice to get comments here once in a while heh heh.