Saturday, May 19, 2007

Related to talking to Wai a few days back, and on thinking through the teaching issue:

I think one of the reasons why I need to spend more time than others in preparing bible study is because I'm not a natural teacher in itself... But if that's really the case...

I may be worse than others in this, but the fact that I currently have the opportunity to proclaim God's words to us in this manner, and the fact that I might be better at this in the future.... I should keep trying!

After all, that's exactly the mindset I had when I decided to serve by trying to teach in the CF (in a time which wasn't too long ago, but certainly feels like eons ago) - I may not know everything, but I'd want to share what I know about the glorious truth.

PS: I think I really really need to work on my communication skills =|

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